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  Season 38: Episode 21

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May 18th, 2013

Ben Affleck

Kanye West


Jennifer Garner

Amy Poehler

Steve Jones

Carrie Brownstein

Kim Gordon

J Mascis

Aimee Mann

Michael Penn



Politics Nation with Al Sharpton
Summary: Rev. Al Sharpton (Kenan Thompson) is skeptical that the IRS is unfairly targeting the tax records of Tea Party members, and equally skeptical that he's lost weight if he's still huge.

Recurring Characters: Al Sharpton.


Ben Affleck's Monologue
Summary: Ben Affleck's entrance into the Five-Timers Club passes quietly because all the honored celebrities were just here for Justin Timberlake.Instead, he sets the record straight on his Oscar acceptance speech and asks wife Jennifer Garner to back up his comments.


Bengo F#*@ Yourself
Summary: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Fred Armisen) stars as Ben Affleck in his own "Argo" retaliation film.

Recurring Characters: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings
Summary: Heterosexual guests are only able to make it through the over-the-top proceedings at a gay summer wedding if they're heavily medicated with the new Xanax product.

Depression Scene
Summary: In Depression-era 1930's New York, homesless dirtbag Edward Bing (Bill Hader) has lofty aspirations when a businessman (Ben Affleck) offers his a menial labor job.

New Beginnings Camp

Kanye West performs "Black Skinhead"

Weekend Update with Seth Meyers
Summary: Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler ask "Really!?!" to the IRS' recent targeting of Tea Party members' tax records. City Correspondent Stefon (Bill Hader) lists an inappropriate Spring tourist destination, then storms off to marry Anderon Cooper over Seth's objections.

Recurring Characters: Stefon, Girl, Arianna Huffington, Ann Romney, David Patterson, Jean K. Jean, Jacob, Drunk Uncle, The Devil.


Greg Pulino's Funeral

Hermes Handbags
Summary: Vacuous ex-porn stars Brookie (Vanessa Bayer) and her frind (Cecily Strong) submit a commercial for free Hermes handbags, with the help of former porn actor Girth Brooks (Ben Affleck).

Recurring Characters: Brookie, Friend.


Kanye West performs "New Slaves"

Shauna's Engagement

Ian Rubbish and the Bizarros perform "It's a Lovely Day"
Recurring Characters: Ian Rubbish.



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