Rain - the Miniseries

Dad.....Will Ferrell
Mom.....Cheri Oteri

(still picture of a tornado)

VO: You were blown away by "Twister"

(shot of molten lava)

VO: You were devistated by "Dante's Peak"

(shot of meteor)

VO: You were annihilated by "Asteroid"...

This May--nature unleashes her ultimate fury--right in your own backyard!

(cut to family in living room, as the Dad tries in vain to get the TV to work)

: That's funny--the cable's out!

Mom: Guess we'll have to call the company...(thunderclap) what's that noise?

(Dad goes to the window to investigate)

Dad: Oh, God no...

Daughter: (frightened) Daddy?

Mom: Hank, what is it?

Dad: It's everywhere...

Mom: What is it?

Dad: Carol--get the kids into the closet! (family remains rooted to the floor) Do it--NOW!

Mom: Oh, my God! It's...IT'S....

VO: ...RAIN (shot of titlecard)--they said it would never happen---"never" is NOW!

(cut to Mom and Dad, as their ceiling starts to leak)


Mom: (hysterical) It's in the HOUSE!!!!!


(Mom grabs a bucket and holds it under the leak. Dad rushes to grab a pot, the kids--still in the closet--grab cereal bowls and hold them under the leaks. A leak springs right over the cat's head)

VO: Imagine, billions of droplets of pure water--and scream! (cut to "Rain" titlecard) RAIN--The Sky is Falling--On You!

(house is now dark--the power has gone out. Mom, who seems to be in shock, is rocking back and forth, singing to herself in a baby voice:)

Mom: "Rain, rain..go away....."

VO: RAIN (thunderclap) this May, there's a 50 to 60% chance--of TERROR

(cut to mom and dad at the window)

Dad: Oh, my God!

Mom: (crying) Whaaat?

Dad: Grandpa's still out there--he's got a suede suit on!!!

Mom: Nnnnoooooooooooo!!!!!!

VO: Rain--the Miniseries, coming in May to NBC

Thanks to Shawn for this transcript!

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