Virtual-Reality Books

Virtual-Reality Books

Spokesman…..Michael McKean

Spokesman: The book. Simple. Uncomplicated. Almost primitive. In an age of fiber-optics and laser technology, books have just been left behind. That is, ’til now. Introducing.. Virtual-Reality Books. where ordinary books stop, Virtual-Reality Books begin. Because, with Virtual-Reality.. you’re a part of the story! Strap on a classic, like.. Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”.. and prepare to be blown away!

[ Spokesman puts on Virtual-Reality helmet and glove, as view reveals the Virtual-Reality experience of a typical suburban living room ]

Welcome to the ultimate reading experience. Look left.. [ view angles left to virtual lamp ] There’s a lamp. Look right.. [ view angles right to virtual endtable ] endtable. Look up.. [ view angles up to virtual ceiling ] Look down.. [ view angles down to virtual floor ] Your journey begins as you turn the page.

[ Spokesman extends Virtual-Reality arm to turn page of book, revealing slow materialization of the words “Call me.. (more)”. Spokesman tuns the page to reveal slow materialization of the word “Ishmael”. ]

It’s like reading a book in your living room – only better!

And you’re Virtual-Reality experience doesn’t end with “Moby Dick”. In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, you’ll travel by raft down the mighty Mississippi, in a journey you’ll never forget.

And, when the kids are asleep, try an adult literature simulation so real, you’ll swear you were making love to one of Jackie Collins’ “Hollywood Wives”. [ view shows virtual book on virutal table, with title “Hollywood Wives on the cover ] Oh, yeahh.. oh-ho-o-o yeahhh!

Virtual-Reality Books. The only limit is your imagination – and ours.

The next generation of reading is here!

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