SNL Transcripts: Robert Downey, Jr.: 11/16/96: Delicious Dish

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  Season 22: Episode 6

96f: Robert Downey, Jr. / Fiona Apple

Delicious Dish

Margaret Jo McCullen…..Ana Gasteyer
Teri Rialto…..Molly Shannon

[Establishment shot, Radio Station NPR ] [Introduction music]

Margaret Jo McCullen: Hello, I’m Margaret Jo McCullen.

Teri Rialto: And I’m Teri Rialto.

Margaret Jo McCullen: And you’re listening to…

Both: The Delicious Dish.. on National Public Radio.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Now.. Teri… today we’re going to be talking about some really exciting things in the world of food.

Teri Rialto: Sure Margaret Joe.. Now, some of you have written to let us know, that you’d like some off-beat and adventurous approaches to food.

Margaret Jo McCullen: So buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Teri Rialto: Sure is…[laughs]… gonna be bumpy… Now.. Our first dish is really gonna make your tail spin, we’re talking of course about..

Both: Corn chowder.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Now, Teri, I’m a real fan of Corn chowder.

Teri Rialto: Me too ..

Margaret Jo McCullen: Who isn’t… [laughs] and when I’m making this classic, I really like to stick to the basic.. that of course is: corn, cream, and spices… those will really add some extra hump.

Teri Rialto: And speaking of hump, we’ve really taken some liberties with this classic…

Margaret Jo McCullen: We sure have.

Teri Rialto: We have… I sometimes like, a more exotic chowder so sometime I add carrots.. then potatoes.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Oooooh potatoes [laughs].

Teri Rialto: Those will give it some kick, and some color.. and it’s also fun for your guests to look at.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Neat.. fun.. fun..

Teri Rialto: Yeah.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Fun ..

Teri Rialto: That’s a lot of fun.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah that’s really fun.

Teri Rialto: It’s a fun thing to do.. .

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah.

Teri Rialto: Good times.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Good times.

Teri Rialto: Good times.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Good times.

Teri Rialto: Yeah…[laughs] Hey look we’ve got a call..

Margaret Jo McCullen: Delicious Dish, you’re on the air.

Caller #1: Hi! I just wanna say that I think your show is terrific… you know I did making Corn Showder for years and I’ve never ever thought of putting carrots or potatoes in it.. where do you come up with these ideas?

Margaret Jo McCullen: Well, we both keep dream journal….[laughs]

Caller #1: Can I ask you a question? Are you ever gonna do a show on “SALT”?

Teri Rialto: Sure, we’ve actually got a two part that’s coming up in December…

Margaret Jo McCullen: That will be great.

Caller #1: I’ll cancel my trip!

Margaret Jo McCullen: Good…

Both: Thanks for calling! Thanks for calling!

Margaret Jo McCullen: That was fun getting a call.

Teri Rialto: He sounded [laughs]… He sounded like a really nice person.

Margaret Jo McCullen: He sure did…. he’s neat…

Teri Rialto: yeah… he sounded like a nice man.

Margaret Jo McCullen: He sounded like lot of fun…

Teri Rialto: Yeah…

Margaret Jo McCullen: Good time, fun…

Teri Rialto: Yeah…

Margaret Jo McCullen: … Well, Our next dish, is really one of our unsung heroes of the breakfast table, he’s a familiar friend we really take for granted…

Both: The English Muffin!

Margaret Jo McCullen: Now, Teri, I know you’ve done a little homework on the history of our old friend, and I’m dying to hear all about it…

Teri Rialto: Well Margaret Joe, I did some research and I boy did I found out some startling facts…

Margaret Jo McCullen: I bet…

Teri Rialto: Did you know that the English Muffin was created by Sir Thomas Bassthak, and dates back to the year 1832 ?

Margaret Jo McCullen: Really I’ve could have sworn it was invented in the 1840s…

Teri Rialto: No, a lot of people think that, but it was actually 1832…

Margaret Jo McCullen: I’ll be darned.. I’ll be darned..

Teri Rialto: 1832…

Margaret Jo McCullen: Fascinating… interesting… interesting…

Teri Rialto: A fun thing that I like to try, it’s to top English Muffin with a little Tomato Sauce, add some Cheese and make—

Margaret Jo McCullen: HOP I think I see what’s coming here….

Teri Rialto: That’s right a MINI pizza..

Margaret Jo McCullen: Or what I like to call it :” Pizza for One”… Or you can also call it… [laughs] Or you can also call it… “a little small pizza”…[laughs]

Teri Rialto: That was funny…

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah.. that’s fun, it’s fun to name things.. [laughs] that’s a lot of fun…

Teri Rialto: I like coming up with names for things ’cause it’s fun.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah that sweet, that’s a fun.

Teri Rialto: It’s fun to do that.

Margaret Jo McCullen: That’s a fun thing to do..

Teri Rialto: Ho…

Margaret Jo McCullen: Hey we got another call!

Teri Rialto: Ho great! Delicious Dish you’re on the air.

Caller #2: Oh Hi! I’m Marianne from Tarzana, and when you were talking about unsung heroes of the breakfast table, I was about on the edge of my seat, eh, ’cause I was sure you were gonna say crab crackers!

Margaret Jo McCullen: Hoooo.

Teri Rialto: That’s funny… That was our first runner-up.. [laughs]

Caller #2: Well at our house, what we like to do is fresh’em up and eat them,.. hem with milk.. like cereals!

Margaret Jo McCullen: Hey you could have invented Golden Grahams! [laughs]

Teri Rialto: That was funny for you to say that.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Ho thanks!

Teri Rialto: That was funny

Margaret Jo McCullen: Thanks!

Caller #2: Well thanks so much I really love your show.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Sure.

Both: Thank you!

Margaret Jo McCullen: Neat!

Teri Rialto: She seemed like a like a fun.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah she really did, she seemed like a fun fun person.

Teri Rialto: Yeah.

Margaret Jo McCullen: That was neat neat neat fun!

Teri Rialto: It was a lot of fun.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah..

[Ending music starts]

Margaret Jo McCullen: Ho-ho Teri that’s all the time we have on our show today.

Teri Rialto: Okay be sure to tune in next week – we’ll meet a very special guest, Bob Phibowl who will be sharing some thrilling new secrets about..

Both: Yeast!

Margaret Jo McCullen: That was really fun for me I had a nice time!

[Fade out]

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