Downton Abbey Trailer – SNL

Mikey Day

Beck Bennett

Alex Moffat

Cecily Strong

Kate McKinnon

Aidy Bryant

Bowen Yang

[Starts with a man riding a motorcycle towards a castle.]

Mikey Day: Is this Downton Abbey?

Beck Bennett: Yes.

Mikey Day: A letter.

[Beck Bennett opens the letter and gets shocked]

Beck Bennett: Wow.

[Cut to Alex Moffat reading the letter]

Alex Moffat: The kind and queen are coming Downtown.

Cecily Strong: Here? But this is a castle.

Kate McKinnon: Well, we’ll never pull this off.

Narrator: The beloved television show is now a feature film. And it’s mostly cleaning.

Beck Bennett: We only have 80 servants. Butlers, underbutlers and valets. It’ll never get done in time.

Aidy Bryant: How long do we have?

Beck Bennett: A year and a half.

Narrator: Were the stakes in the show always this low? I guess they were.

Woman: Your hair is so modern.

Cecily Strong: Do you like it?

Woman: Yes. “Exciting for the people who like the show”, raves the “Boston Globe”.

Bowen Yang: Miss, we found mud.

Cecily Strong: Where?

Bowen Yang: At the bottom of the lake.

Alex Moffat: Good. That’s where mud goes.

Narrator: “I absolutely love this film”, say all moms.

Cecily Strong: I need your help.

Beck Bennett: No–

Cecily Strong: Hah?

Beck Bennett: Problem.

Narrator: “So soothing I was on the back of my seat”.

Aidy Bryant: We’ll serve bread. Long breads. Butter. Chicken meat. Slurpers. Nibbles. Little bad cakes. Twice murdered pigs. And of course Chicago style deep dish pizza.

Narrator: “Feels like watching the sun set on white people as a whole”.

Woman: I’m happy.

Cecily Strong: Blimey.

Beck Bennett: Blimey.

Alex Moffat: Your majesties. Welcome to Downton Abbey.

Narrator: This has been an ad for ‘The Joker’. It’s not perfect but at least stuff happens. In theatres now.