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  Season 18: Episode 20

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May 15th, 1993

Kevin Kline

Willie Nelson

Paul Simon

Jan Hooks

Dan Aykroyd

Christine Zander

Tom Davis

Bonnie Turner

Terry Turner

Lorne Michaels

Tom Schiller

Bob Dole Visits the White House
Summary: Bob Dole (Dan Aykroyd) gets into a scuffle with Hillary Clinton (Jan Hooks) while visiting the White House.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole.



Kevin Kline's Monologue
Summary: Kevin Kline takes it easy backstage while Kevin Nealon masquerades as him on Home Base, but the Audience McGee (Adam Sandler) is wise to the scheme.

Recurring Characters: Audience McGee.


Jean Carlo's Flatulence

How to Find Financial Freedom
Recurring Characters: Don LaPre.

Willie Nelson & Paul Simon perform "Graceland"

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon
Recurring Characters: Bennett Brauer.

Hub's Gyros
Recurring Characters: Hub, Helios.


Dr. Frankenstein's Re-animation Theory

Willie Nelson & Paul Simon perform "Still Is Still Moving To Me"

"Criminal Encounter"


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