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  Season 24: Episode 10

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January 9th, 1999

Bill Paxton



Tina Fey

Paula Pell

Lorne Michaels

Debbie Matenopolous

James Cameron

Mac's Bar
Summary: Bob Livingston (Will Ferrell) can't believe he got the worst of things following President Bill Clinton's (Darrell Hammond) sex scandal.

Recurring Characters: Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich, President Bill Clinton.



Bill Paxton's Monologue
Summary: After prattling on about his close friendship with Sissy Spacek, the cast and crew douse Bill Paxton in pig's blood.

The View
Summary: Barbara Walters (Cheri Oyeri) and the girls are relieved to be rid of Debbie Matenopolous.

Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Joy Behar.

The Culps
Summary: Marty (Will Ferrell) and Bobbi Mohan-Culp )Ana Gasteyer) perform a medley while trapped by a blizzard at O'Hare Airport.

Recurring Characters: Marty Culp, Bobbie Mohan-Culp.

Summary: In James Cameron's original ending, old Rose (Cheri Oteri) receives a savage beating.

Recurring Characters: Gloria Stuart.


Fat Albert: Behind The Music
Summary: Fat Albert (Tracy Morgan) recalls the downfall of the Junkyard Gang.


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
Summary: Elizabeth Dole (Ana Gasteyer) announces the wild candidacy plans she has for the 2000 Election.

Recurring Characters; Elizabeth Dole.


Beck performs "Nobody's Fault But My Own"
Also Performed: 96j, 99g, 02l, 04q, 06d.

Summary: Numerous graphics cover the screen at once during important news reports.


KCF Shredders
Summary: A teenager (Jimmy Fallon) touts the hip lettuce snacker for his generation.

Note: Repeat from 10/02/98.

Pick Your Postal Service

Fantastic Voyage
Summary: Scienstists embark on a miniature journey through President Clinton's penis.

Beck performs "Tropicalia"

Extreme Hunting
Summary: Ted Nugent (Bill Paxton) loves to hunt, especially when he gets to use Prince (Chris Kattan) as a target.

Recurring Characters: skeeter, Prince.


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