Cleopatra | Season 44 Episode 2

Cleopatra (Cecily Strong)

Isis (Awkwafina)

Becky (Kate McKinnon)

Xerxes (Kenan Thompson)

[History channel intro playing]

Voiceover: You’re watching the History channel. At 8, it’s World War I. At 9, it’s World War II lost in New York. But now we return to The Hidden Tales of Egypt.

[Cut to Empress Cleopatra, her messenger, and two servers inside an ancient Egypt castle]

Messenger: Empress Cleopatra, your beauticians are here.

Empress: Send them in.

Isis: Hi. Oh my god, I’m sorry we’re late. Got stuck for hours in pyramid construction.

Empress: Excuse me?

Isis: Okay wait, sorry. Call me because I just came in here with like awful play.

Hi, I’m Isis. Normal name. I’m going to be doing your make-up today and these are my assistants. [Cut to Xerxes and Becky] Xerxes and Becky.

Xerxes: What’s up you duddy horses?

Becky: Hi. I love the look you vibe in here. [Whispering] I’m lying.

Isis: Ignore her. Becky’s whole thing is like she’s a nightmare. So what are we thinking for tonight?

Empress: I’m a queen. I don’t concern myself with matters of appearance.

Isis: Okay. I am down for a natural look but for me, and I’m a fan, I walked in here and thought ‘Oh god, she looks like a hot Mesopotamia’.

Xerxes: [Cut to Xerxes and Becky] Yes, give us something. Anything.

Becky: Yeah, I want to be like “Yes queen”, but now I’m kind of like “Mah  queen”.

Empress: [Cut to Isis and the Empress] You forget who you’re speaking to.

Isis: No, all I’m saying is you’re going to go out tonight and your face is going to be painted on, like a thousand vases, right?

Xerxes: [Cut to Xerxes and Becky, Xerxes showing her paint on a vase] Yeah, this was you last week at the [unintelligible 01:32]?

Empress: [Cut to Isis and the Empress] No. That’s me? Oh, I look horrible. Delete that. Delete that!

[Cut to Xerxes and Becky, Xerxes drops the vase on purpose to break it, reacting to the empress asking to delete it]

Isis: [Cut to Isis and the Empress]Look, you trust me right?

Empress: No.

Isis: Okay funny, are you a cat? Because I worship you. Come over here. [Isis holds the empress’s hand and takes her to the makeup table] Let’s try something new with your make-up.

[Cut to Isis brushing the empress]

Becky: Wow, [Cut to Xerxes and Becky] send me to a vomitorium because I’m gagging.

Xerxes: Ah, if we were hieroglyphs, this would be us right now. [Xerxes and Becky biting their tongues out]

Isis: [Cut to Isis and the Empress,]Okay, what do we think?

Empress: Wait. Me?

Isis: I love it. Bury my organs in lots of little jars because I am dead.

Empress: Wow, Okay. I could get used to this.

Isis: And we’re on our roles. Xerxes, let’s prop the hair. [Xerxes comes to the empress]

Xerxes: Okay, how do you feel about extensions?

Empress: Oh, not for me. No.

Xerxes: Okay, good. Because it’s a full wig. [Becky comes to the empress with a wig]

Empress: Wait, is that my hair?

Becky: You’re welcome.

Xerxes: Yeah. And just so you know, I work with with her and not for her.

Isis: And what do you think?

Empress: Wow, amazing!

Xerxes: I am officially perfection.

Empress: Okay wait. So is this my look everyday?

Isis: Yes, this is everyday. This is errand. This is brunch. This is executions.

Empress: Well I love, okay? Thank you.

Emperor: Well babe, been waiting in this chariot forever.

Empress: Get out. I’m getting ready. What do you think?

Emperor: About what?

Empress: My hair, my make up.

Emperor: Why, is it different?

Empress: Yes.

Emperor: It’s good, I guess.

Empress: Shut up, you spoil me. Let me get dressed.

Emperor: Um, Megan, snap me. We got Rezzies.

Isis: Okay, you guys are cute.

Empress: We fight but the sex is insane.

Voiceover: [Ending intro playing] This has been the Hidden Tales of Egypt.


Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on the Mid-Term Elections | Season 44 Episode 2

Host…..Colin Jost

Eric.….Alex Moffat

Donald Trump Jr…….Mikey Day

[Starting the news with Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Now, with midterm elections a little over a month away, many Republicans are turning to the Trump name to help bolster their campaigns. Here to comment are first sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

[Camera slides to Eric and Donald Trump Jr.]

Donald Trump Jr.: Thank you, Colin. It’s good to be back here at SNL, Saturday Night Liberals. Haha… [Eric leans towards Colin laughing] Okay, that’s

Colin Jost: How were your summers, guys?

Donald Trump Jr.: Ooh, busy. For me it was running the Trump Organization, breaking ground on a new Trump Property–

Eric: And I had swim lessons.

Donald Trump Jr.: Yeah. Someone got his ducky badge.

[Cut to Eric showing his ducky badge under his jacket collar]

Yeah, baby. Yeah.

[Cut to Eric and Donald Trump Jr., Eric very proud]

No longer a tadpole bud. But midterms– midterms are next month, and that’s why my father has called for all Trump hands on deck. He asked me to stump for Republicans on the campaign drill.

Eric: And he asked me not to do that.

[Mimicking President Donal Trump] “Stay home, Eric.”

Donald Trump Jr.: Yeah, that’s right bud. You get to stay home and watch all the action on TV. Right? Fist bump, blow it up. Boom.

Eric: Ah! [Scared]

Donald Trump Jr.: Oh. It’s not a real explosion, just made a noise with my mouth. All right buddy? [Eric looks at Donald’s hand in a distrustful manner] It’s not magic in any way. It’s just a fist bud. Look, my father’s confident that supposed blue wave isn’t making landfall anytime soon, which I’m sure makes everyone sad here at SNL, Saturday Night Liberals– I’m sorry I’m teasing. [Cut to Eric, Donald, and Colin] I had to do it again. What do you do? Hey, we’re on fire. Maybe we should take over for Jost and Che buddy. I got some jokes I can tell.

Eric: Me too. What do the gay black jews–

Donald Trump Jr.: No, don’t tell them. No! You can’t tell that joke.

Eric: But dad does.

Donald Trump Jr.: No, he does not. No, he does not.

Eric: Yeah. He does. And he does all the voices.

Donald Trump Jr.: Respectfully. He does a very respectful gay voice.

Colin: [Cut to Colin, Eric, and Donald] I’m sure, yes. Now this week, the New York Times reported that President Trump set up Sham Corporations to disguise millions in gifts from his father to avoid taxes.

Donald Trump Jr.: Look, okay, yes. [Cut to Eric and Donald] Our grandfather gave our father gifts over the years, but it wasn’t to avoid taxes. It was to–

Eric: Evade taxes.

Donald Trump Jr.: No Eric. You want to play with your puppet? Got him a puppet. Here you go bud.

Colin: Oh, that’s great.

Donald Trump Jr.: Play with that. Collin, when the left is backed into a corner– don’t just stare at it. Don’t know how a puppet works? Look! Look, put your hand in here, right? Then you can make the mouth move. Look, [speaking as the puppet] “Hello Eric, I’m King funny face.”

Eric: Damn, he knows my name.

Donald Trump Jr.: [speaking as the puppet] Yes. Everyone knows Eric’s name. He’s such a good boy.

Eric: Where do you live?

Donald Trump Jr.: [speaking as the puppet] Oh, I live in a castle.

Eric: I live in a tower.

Donald Trump Jr.: [speaking as the puppet] Oh.

Eric: King, can I ask you a question?

Donald Trump Jr.: [speaking as the puppet] Um-hmm.

Eric: What did the gay black jew–

Donald Trump Jr.: No, okay. We’re done. Thank you, pal.

Colin: [Cut to Colin, Eric, and Donald] Eric and Donald Trump Jr. everyone. Thank you so much.

Weekend Update: Florida Voting Rights Initiative | Season 44 Episode 2

Host 1…..Micheal Che

Host 2…..Colin Jost

Michael Che: [Michael Che with a picture of Florida inside the prison with a tag ‘FELON VOTING RIGHTS’ in the right top corner] A new initiative is on the ballot in Florida this November that would restore voting rights to people with felony convictions. I think this is a very important issue, especially when you consider the millions of black and brown men that have been unfairly incarcerated and should have the right to vote. Now, if you disagree with me, let me remind you, [top right corner picture changes to Donald Trump with a tag ‘SCARY TIME’] it’s a very scary time for young men in America. You can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. See, it’s a good line.

[Cut to Colin Jost with a picture of Arizona and cake with a tag ‘FIRE DAMAGE’ at top left corner]

Colin Jost: And Arizona fire that caused millions in damage began when a father at a gender reveal party used a high-velocity firearm to shoot a target that exploded. So we don’t know the gender, but we do know who’s getting custody.


[top left corner picture changes to a goat with colorful horns with a tag ‘PARTY GOATS’]

A popular new trend in Los Angeles are Party Goats which are goats that are brought to parties and jump on people’s backs. Meanwhile, in China, a popular new trend is studying math and science.

Michael Che: [Michael Che with a picture of a white bottle of whiskey with Game of Thrones theme with a tag ‘NEW WHISKEY in the right top corner] The makers of Johnny Walker are introducing a series of whiskey inspired by Game of Thrones. The whiskeys are so strong that you’ll forget she’s your aunt.

[Cut to Colin Jost with a picture of barber seat with a tag ‘ 8-YEAR-OLD BARBER’ at top left corner]

Colin Jost: An eight-year-old in Pennsylvania has become a barber and now gives free haircuts to kids in the neighborhood and guess what? [top left corner picture changes to a picture of a young girl cutting a young boy’s hair messed up] They suck.

[top left corner picture changes to a picture of two penguins with a tag ‘ABDUCT BABY PENGUIN’]

A zookeeper in Denmark reported that a gay penguin couple abducted a baby penguin while his parents were swimming. [top left corner picture changes to a screenshot of grandma’s email] This according to an e-mail from my grandma titled “FW: FW: FW: What Obama Did.”

Michael Che: [Michael Che with a picture of a Starbucks logo with a tag ‘BARISTAS COMPLAIN’ in the right top corner] Starbucks baristas in Seattle are saying they are being forced to dispose of hypodermic needles left behind in the stores every day by drug users. Meanwhile, over at 7ELEVEN, [top right corner picture changes to a picture of 7Eleven coffee being stirred by medical needle] they’re using them as stirrers.

Baby Shower | Season 44 Episode 2


…..Heidi Gardner

Janet…..Aidy Bryant

…..Leslie Jones

Carrie…..Cecily Strong

…..Melissa Villaseñor

[Five ladies are sitting inside a room for a baby shower]

Heidi: Who got me this? Janet was this from you? It’s a little bib that says ‘Hot Mess’.

Janet: [Cut to Janet sitting holding her baby] Yes, yes, there is this store that puts gay talk on baby things and I can’t get enough.

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi] That’s so cute.

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie] Hey, what’s the door code?

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi and Carrie] 343, why?

Carrie: Oh, my girl Deedee just got here.

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie and Janet] Your girl? What do you mean?

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie] Oh yes, I invited my dog walker to come.

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi, confused] To my baby shower?

Janet: Why?

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie] Because she’s cool and we’ve gotten very close through texts and she’s like somebody I want to be more like.

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi, confused] Okay I guess.

[Deedee comes through the door with a pizza slice on her hand]

Deedee: Oh hey, what’s up? I’m Deedee, Hi.

Carrie: Deedee, hi, come sit down next to me. [Carrie pushes away her friend Tina who was already sitting next to her]

Deedee: Hi, cool party. Looks like I’m the youngest one here, pretty dope.

Tina: [Cut to Tina] I guess so. Do you need a plate for that?

Deedee: [Cut to Deedee and Carrie] I mean pizza’s a plate right?

Carrie: Pizza’s a plate. Haha, that’s Deedee.

Deedee: So who’s the baby shower for?

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi raising her hands] Me. Oh my go, I can’t believe my due date is so soon.

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet] Aww, don’t be nervous. We’ve all been through it. You’ll be fine.

Tina: I’ve had three.

Janet: Yeah, and I’ve had my Joshua.

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie and Deedee] Well, we don’t all have kids. I’d need to find a boyfriend first.

[Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet laugh out loud] [Cut to Carrie and Deedee looking at them laugh]

Deedee: Excuse me, why did everyone laugh?

Janet: [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet] Well, she made a little joke.

[Cut to Carrie and Deedee]

Deedee: Is it a joke? I mean Carrie doesn’t have a partner or anything, so is that the funny part?

Carrie: Deedee, it’s fine.

Deedee: Is it fine? Because I think they’re being rude knowing your situation.

Carrie: I know they are, okay? But this is what I’m used to, okay? It’s not like I can say something. [Carrie speaks with a crying voice, then storms out of the sofa]

Deedee: Carrie, where are you going?

Carrie: I’m going away.

Deedee: Carrie, look at me.

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie and Janet] What’s happening?

Janet: I don’t know.

Deedee: [Cut to Deedee and Carrie] If you leave right now, they win. Is that what you want?

Carrie: No, I just like– I don’t need to be reminded of not having a boyfriend, you know? [Deedee starts to stare at them angrily] Like, honestly. I’ve always been the cutest one and I’ve had the best personality [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet looking at Carrie in disbelief saying all these negative things about them] and none of these girls even dated in high school. I did. So where’s my baby?

Tina: [Cut to Tina and Leslie] Hi, why don’t we just go back to opening gifts? This one’s for me and my triplets.

Deedee: [Cut to Deedee and Carrie] Okay, nope. New plan. You’ve upset our friend Carrie. So we’re going to get rid of all the baby crap in this room.

Janet: What?

Deedee: Everybody get up. We’re getting all the baby stuff out of this room. We’re not doing this to Carrie. Up, up, up. Hey prego!(pregnant) Up!

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie] Thanks for being on my side. [Deedee goes to tear the posters and throw the balloons]

Tina: Hey. What–? No, don’t! Don’t rip that down. This is a baby shower.

Heidi: My baby shower. What? Hey!

Deedee: Can you stop talking about yourself for five seconds or what? Carrie just opened up her heart.

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet] She said she was prettier than all of us.

Tina: And had a better personality.

Carrie: That’s all you heard? And now you just have to stand here and stare at your baby.

[Cut to Janet confused]

Deedee: Hey, um, put that baby in the bedroom.

Janet: Uh, no.

Deedee: Because I’m asking you nicely, you put that baby in the bedroom or I will.

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet] Oh my go, you need to calm down.

Deedee: [Cut to Deedee and Carrie] I will tear this place apart if that’s what it takes to get you to care about your friend.

Tina: [Cut to Leslie, Tina and Janet] Carrie, you have never mentioned wanting a baby.

Carrie: [Cut to Deedee and Carrie] Because I haven’t. I just thought about it right now.

Deedee: I have asked you three times to put that baby in the bedroom.

Janet: Okay. [Janet stands up and Deedee walks towards Janet] Oh my god. [Walking away from Deedee] Come on Josh.

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi] Carrie, I didn’t even know you were looking to date anyone. Why don’t you go out with my friend Reggie? He think you’re really cute.

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie and Deedee] Wait what? He does? What?

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi nodding her head] Yes, I emailed you that.

Carrie: [Cut to Carrie and Deedee] You did? When? It must have gotten to my junk. Oh no, I threw it out. Look at Reggie, oh he’s cute. Yeah, I guess. Like, yeah. Cool.

Deedee: All right, well this seems good. Feel better?

Carrie: Yeah.

Deedee: Good. I just want you to remember you’re better than them looks-wise and personality-wise. Don’t let them bully you anymore, okay?

Carrie: Thanks girl.

Deedee: All right, what are we doing? Shots? Presents?

Heidi: [Cut to Heidi] Presents, thank you, but should we go tell Janet she can come back?

Leslie: [Cut to Leslie and Tina] No, she’s been having nervous gas this whole time.

Tina: How do you know it wasn’t the baby?

Leslie: What does the baby have to be nervous about?

So You’re Willing to Date a Magician | Season 44 Episode 2

Host…..Leslie Jones


Marconius Wilde…..Kenan Thompson

…..Pete Davidson

…..Mickey Day

…..Kyle Mooney

[Intro of So You’re Willing To Date a Magician]

Host: [Host and Tracy standing on the stage] Welcome back to ‘You’re Willing To Date a Magician”. We have four bachelor magicians hoping to cast a spell on our constant Tracy. Tracy, why do you want to date a musician?

Tracy: Well, I just got out of a two-year-old relationship with a DJ, so I’m not feeling that picky.

Host: Ah! Well, that’s fine. Now let’s meet our four single magicians.

Voiceover: [Cut to Marconius Wilde’s pictures on cool video effects] Marconius Wildd. There’s a slide of hand magician who divides his time between Las Vagas, Nevada and a parcel of land just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

[Cut to Marconius enters the stage from the door with a deck of cards]

Marconius: Tracy, tonight I’m a king [showing a card, King of hearts] and I’m hoping that you will be, Tracy check your pocket.

[Cut to Tracy and the host, Tracy checks the pocket and shows the card Queen of Hearts] [Tracy is not excited, but the host is very much excited]

Host: Oh my god, it’s a queen of hearts. You’re going to want to keep that.

Marconius: [Comes to Tracy and takes the card back and leaves] Yeah, I need that back. I appreciate it.

Host: All right then. Yes, next is Henry Van Dazzle.

Voiceover: [Cut to Henry Van Dazzle’s pictures on cool video effects] Henry calls himself an Artisan of Amazement on his LinkedIn page.

[Cut to Henry enters the stage from the door with his hands cuffed]

Henry: Charmed my lady. I always said no shackles could hold me [uncuffs himself as a trick] until I met you.

Host: [Cut to Tracy and host] Whoa, that’s impressive right?

Tracy: Yeah, it’s a cool party trick.

Henry: [Cut to Henry] If only one could be invited to a party.

[Cut to Tracy and host]

Host: Okay, next is Dante Raven.

Voiceover: [Cut to Dante Raven’s pictures on cool video effects] Dante is described as a body endurance artist and the prince of self-inflicted pain.

[Cut to Dante enters the stage from the door]

Hey Tracy. I’m the guy for you. I once snorted a billiard ball to impress Valderrama but enough about me, I better hold my tongue. [Literally holds his tongue and pierces it with a long dagger] [Cut to Tracy and the host disgusted]

Tracy: No, please. Not again.

Host: Why Dante, why? She don’t like that Dante. That’s not magic. That’s not magic.

Voiceover: [Cut to Justin Bird pictures on cool video effects] Finally we have Justin Bird from the Brother and Sister team, Byrds of Prey. Fans say their act violates the laws of time and space.

[Cut to Justin enters the stage from the door with his sister dancing]

Justin: HAHAHAHA. Indeed. And those are only some of the laws my sister, and I have violated.

[Cut to Tracy and the host]

Tracy: Yeah, he’s nice, but it’s weird his sister is always with him.

[Cut to Justin and his sister]

Justin: Don’t want my sister around? Well, I can easily make her disappear. Vanessa! Vanessa! Oh, I thought I lost you.

Host: Okay Tracy, you are asked to go on a date with each of our bachelor magicians. Let’s start with Marconius Wilde.  [Cut to Marconius staring at them] What did you do with him?

[Cut to Tracy and the host]

Tracy: He said he’d already eaten so he too me to a bookstore where we browsed for three hours until he accidentally found a book he was mentioned in the thank yous.

[Cut to Marconius]

Marconius: It’s an intriguing title called “Houdini’s Mistress.” Check your pocket, Michelle.

[Cut to Tracy and the host]

Host: Wow, he signed it. That’s so—

[Marconius comes to the host and takes the book back and leaves]

Marconius: Yeah I need that back.

Host: Really? All right then. Let’s go to Henry Van Dazzle. [Cut to Henry] HenryHow was your date with him?

Tracy: [Cut to Tracy and the host] A little weird. He took me to this Burlesque show that they do a month in pickle factory in Brooklyn.

Henry: [Cut to Henry] Oh, Burlesque, the thinking man’s erotica.

Tracy: [Cut to Tracy and the host] Yeah, I guess he thought that made it okay and fun fact, I saw his ID. He’s 55.

Henry: [Cut to Henry] That ID is merely an illusion I use to get senior discounts at Denny’s.

[Cut to Tracy and the host]

Host: Okay dude. Let’s get over to Dante Raven. [Cut to Dante] How did that go?

Tracy: Dante said he was going to take me on a freaky [Cut to Tracy and the host] journey inside the mind. We actually went to a very modestly priced Italian restaurant. [Cut to Dante teasing Tracy]

Host: Nice.

Tracy: [Cut to Tracy and the host] Later when they brought the check, he asked if he could pay by running a sewing needle through his testicles and they said no.

Dante: [Cut to Dante] But I did it anyway for I’ve mastered my pain. [Hits his own head with a bottle and breaks it] [Cut to Tracy and the host]

Host: No Dante. No. How about Justin Bird? [Cut to Justin and his sister] Where did he take you?

Tracy: Oh, we went to Chile’s [Cut to Tracy and the host] which would have been fine but his sister kind of stared at me the whole time. Kind of like that. [Cut to Justin’s sister staring at Tracy] [Cut to Tracy and the host, host is shocked] It also got awkward when our waiter came.

Host: Why is that?

Henry: [Cut to Henry] Because it was me. Waiting tables is my side hustle. My lady.

Tracy: [Cut to Tracy and the host] It’s his main hustle.

Host: Okay Tracy, if you’re willing to go on a moonlit cruise with one of these guys, we’ll pay for it.  Who will it be? [Cut to Marconius acting weird] Marconius? [Camera moving to Henry, Dante and Justin, and his sister] Henry? Dante? Or Justin?

Tracy: [Cut to Tracy and the host] Oh man, it’s so hard to pick one. Would it be possible to pick nobody?

Host: Well that’s what happened last week. So let’s do it again. When we come back, we’ll tell you—[Dante comes close to Tracy in the cut] Why Dante, why? [Dante leaves] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

Travis Scott: Skeletons/Astrothunder Medley (Live) | Season 44 Episode 2

Musical Guest…..Travis Scott

[Picture of Travis Scott]

Awkwafina: [Cut to Awkwafina on the SNL stage] Ladies and gentlemen, Travis Scott.

[ CHEERS AND APPLAUSE ] [Travis Scott on the stage with his band on the right side and a girl on a rotating wooden horse on the left side] [Playing song Skeletons by Travis Scott]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh
Feels like slow motion,

we’re floating at the speed, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Louder, louder
Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher, yeah, higher
It’s like standing in the ocean

We just rocked Coachella, I gave her half of the check
It was good sex, honorable mention to the neck
Didn’t pass the loud, that was out of respect
Afterwards, pass the towel, I was out of Kleenex
If you take your girl out, do you expect sex?
If she take her, do you expect checks?
First visit, I gave her a pearl necklace
Next visit, I’ma need your girl naked
Took a church visit, you know, ’cause the world hectic’

Like floating, if I can’t be in time
I don’t know, I don’t know

wash on me, wash on me, yeah
if I can’t be loved
I don’t know a sound
Standing in the ocean, standing in the ocean, Ooh
Bad memories like waves echoing

[Playing the song Astrothunder by Travis Scott]


Seem like the life I feel
Seem like the life I feel’s a little distant, yeah
Seems like the life I need
Seems like the life I need’s a little distant, yeah

Light the remedy, yeah
Sit back while I watch, repeat
Do it on repeat-repeat
Sins controllin’ me, yeah
Angels, halos over me
I can’t even give that D
You been out the streets, yeah
Wilin’ out on me and my Gs
We been rolling for a week
Now you wanna peak, yeah
Hands up, why they tryna reach?
I can’t even get that deep
Told you I don’t teach, yeah
Practice, oh, no, never preach
Practice, oh, no, never preach
Infiltrate the enemy, moving in on them randomly

Feels like the life I need’s a little distant, yeah, yeah
Feels like the life I need, yeah
Feels like the life I need’s a little distant, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Cheers and applause]


Travis Scott: Sicko Mode (Live) | Season 44 Episode 2

Musical Guest……Travis Scott

[Picture of Travis Scott]

Awkwafina: [Cut to Awkwafina on the SNL stage] Once again, Travis Scott.

[Cheers and applause] [Playing song Sicko Mode by Travis Scott]

 Astro, yeah
Sun is down, freezin’ cold
That’s how we already know, winter’s here
My dawg would probably do it for a Louis belt
That’s just all he know, he don’t know nothing else
I tried to show ’em, yeah
I tried to show ’em, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Goin’ on you with the pick and roll
Young La Flame, he in sicko mode

[Travis Scott appears on the stage on the booth with ‘ASTRO WORLD’ written on it]

Yeah, made this here with all the ice on in the booth
At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose
Yeah, Jump Out boys, that’s Nike boys, hoppin’ out coupes
This way too big when we pull up give me the loot

(Gimme the loot!)

Was off the Remy, had a Papoose
Had to hit my old town to duck the news
Two four hour lock down, we made no moves
Now it’s 4 AM and I’m back up poppin’ with the crew
I just landed in, Chase B mix this pop like Jamba Juice
Different colored chains, think my jeweler really sellin’ fruits
And they chokin’, man, know the crackers wish it was a noose

Some—some—some, someone said

[Cut to stage decorated with colorful lights that says ‘ASTRO WORLD’]

To win the retreat, we all in too deep
Pl—pl—playin’ for keeps, don’t play us for weak (Someone said)
To win the retreat, we all in too deep
Pl—pl—playin’ for keeps, don’t play us for weak

[Cut to Travis Scott]

Yeah, way too formal, y’all know I don’t follow suit
Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain’t got a clue
All of these o’s I made off records I produced
I might take all my exes and put ’em all in a group
Hit my eses, I need the bootch
‘Bout to turn this function to Bonnaroo
Told her “Hop in, you comin’ too”
In the 305, bitches treat me like I’m Uncle Luke
Don’t stop, pop that)
Had to slop the top off, it’s just a roof,
She said, “Where we goin’?” I said, “The moon”
We ain’t even make it to the room
She thought it was the ocean, it’s just the pool
Now I got her open, it’s just the Goose
Who put together? I’m the glue (Someone said)

Shorty FaceTimed me out the blue
Someone said
Pl—playin’ for keeps
Someone said, —someone said
Don’t play us for weak

[Cut to the DJ]

Yeah, yeah
Tay Keith,

She’s in love with who I am [Cut to Travis Scott playing an instrument on the stage]
Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance (yeah)
Now I hit the FBO with duffles in my hands
I did half a Xan, thirteen hours ’til I land
Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy

[Travis Scott takes the stage]

Yeah, passed the dawgs a celly
Sendin’ texts, ain’t sendin’ kites,
He said “keep that on lock”
I said “you know this, it’s life”, yeah
It’s absolute (yeah), I’m back reboot (it’s lit!)
LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah
We back on the road, they jumpin’ off, no parachute
Shawty in the back
She said she workin’ on her glutes, (oh my God)
Ain’t by the book
This how it look
‘Bout a check
Just check the foots
Pass this to my daughter, I’ma show her what it
Baby mama cover Forbes, got these other shook


[Travis Scott sits on the stage] [Cut to Travis Scott breathing heavy] [Cheers and applause] [Cut to Travis Scott breathing heavy]

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Kanye West | Season 44 Episode 2

Host…..Colin Jost

Guest…..Pete Davidson

[Colin Jost on the News table speaking]

Colin Jost: Last week Kanye West performed on the show and afterwards gave an unplanned speech to the audience in support of Donald Trump. Here with his reaction to Kanye Speech is Pete Davidson.

[Cheers and applause, Pete Davidson slides into the cut on a chair]

Pete Davidson: First off, [Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost] a lot of people thought Che should be the one to talk about Kanye but we discussed it, you know. [Cut to Michael Che] Che is black, but I’m crazy [Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost] and we both know which side of Kanye is at the wheel right now. [Cut to Pete Davidson] So off to a good start. So speaking strictly for myself, what Kanye said after he went off the air last week was one of the worst, most awkward thing I’ve ever seen here. And I’ve seen Checy chase speak to an intern. And we all had to stand behind him and here’s what it looked like.

[Cut to Kanye West with his Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ red hat saying “That inspires me]

So I’m on the left, I’m like, “Oh God!” [Everything is darkened out but Pete Davidson trying to hide from the camera] And then I’m like, “I want a career”, [Cut to many people on stage and focusing on Pete Davison hiding and leaving the stage] so I leave. [Cut to Pete Davidson on the news table.] [Crowd Laughs]

No, not necessary.

So Kanye was wearing a MAGA hat (Make America Great Again). That’s what it’s called. It’s stupid. Yeah. And he started by saying people backstage tried to bully him into not wearing it. He wore it all week, like, nobody told him not to wear it. I wish I bullied you. I wish I would have suggested that you know, it might upset some people like your wife or every black person ever. You know? I wish someone bullied me into not wearing this hat. [Cut to a picture of Pete Davidson wearing a pink hat on the streets] [Crowd laughs] [Cut to Pete Davidson on the news table]

Can you imagine that that t-shirt was the second stupidest thing I was wearing that day?

[Cut the same picture of Pete Davidson wearing a pink hat, the t-shirt says “BATHING APE”] [Crowd laughs]

Then Kanye said that Democrats broke up black families with welfare and that slavery is not real. You know how wrong about politics you have to be for me to notice? You know how annoying that is? Kanye is a genius but a musical genius. You know, like Joey Chestnut is a hot dog eating genius. But I don’t want to hear Joey Chestnut’s opinion about things that aren’t hot dog related.

Colin Jost: [Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost] Yes, there you go. I agree.

Pete Davidson: Thank you.

[Cheers and applauses] [Cut to Pete Davidson] Thanks, guys. Like Kanye, I know you’re like, “Yo, this is the real me. I’m off the meds.” Take them! There’s no shame in the medicine game.  I’m on them. It’s great. Take them. There’s nothing wrong with taking them. If I ever got on the plane and the pilot said, “I just want all of you to know, this is the real me flying,” I’d jump out. Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass, okay? I’m quoting my therapist, my mom, and my mailman. Sorry, Carl.

But no, seriously, one time I stopped taking my meds, and I bit my mom. No, it’s all good. I bought her a house.

Colin Jost: [Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost] All right. So is there anything Kanye could do to win you back?

Pete Davidson: Yeah, there is, and I’ll tell you the way that Kanye understands. I made this. Make Kanye 2006 again. [Cut to Pete Davidson wears red hat that looks like Trump’s MAGA hat, but it said “Make Kanye 2006 Again”] We want the old Kanye.

Colin Jost: Pete Davidson, everyone. Drop that album. Where’s that album?

Michael Che: I’m Michael Che. Where’s that album?

Awkwafina Monologue | Season 44 Episode 2


[Starting the show on the stage with a band playing music]

Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, Awkwafina.

[Awkwwafina walks out onto the stage in front of the SNL band and waves to the audience]

Awkwafina: [Cut to Awkwafina] Thank you. Thank you. I’m so stoked to be hosting Saturday Night Live. My name is Awkwafina. Thank you, guys.

Yeah, I was going to come out dressed like a water bottle, but apparently, someone did that last week. Just right out at the top, I want to say Hi to my grandma, “Hi Grandma,” who’s watching at home in Queens. She thinks the show is called “Comedy Central.” so she might definitely be watching  a rerun of “Tosh Point.O” right now. Grandma, but either way I love you and this one is for you.

It’s been a really cool year for me. I was in a movie called “Crazy Rich Asians.” [Crowd cheers and applauds for Awkwafina]

Yes, and if you don’t know me, I’m just your average Asian trumpet player turned rapper turned actress, very stereotypical. But people still make all these assumptions about me. Like for example, some of my friends are like, “Oh, your movie is out dude. You must be loaded”, which is not true. I am not a crazy rich Asian. I’m more like a ‘rebuilding my credit’ Asian. [Crowd laughs] I’m not buying private jets. I’m splashing out on economy plus with a light room. So it’s like an extra appetizer red lobster. You know? Like, I buy my underwear in packs of 12 at CVS. That’s me. Thank you. That was a- I love that underwear pack joke.

I’m actually from New York. I grew up in Queens. [Crowd cheers] Whoo! Queens. My dad still lives there. My dad! People assume my dad has an accent and he does. He sounds like Donald Trump because they’re both old guys from Queens. So whenever I go home, he’s like, “Sweetie, I love you so much. Never forget, your family is from China”. Very rattling. Thank you. [Crowd laughs]

Very unsettling. No, but before we start, I just want to say, and this is a true story, back in 2000 I came here to 30 rock and waited outside when my idol Lucy Liu hosted SNL. I was a kid. Yes. I was a kid, and I didn’t have a ticket, so I knew I wasn’t getting in. But I just wanted to be near the building. And I remember how important that episode was for me and how it totally changed what I thought was possible for an Asian-American woman. Standing here tonight is a dream I never thought would come true. So thank you, Lucy, for opening the door. I wasn’t able to make it in the building back then, but 18 years later I am hosting the show. [Crowd cheers and applauds for Awkwafina] So I love you, Lucy. I love you, Lucy Liu, be my friend. We got a great show, Travis Scott is here. Stick around; we’ll be right back.

Weekend Updates: Weekend Update: Senate Confirms Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court | Season 44 Episode 2

Anchor 1…..Colin Jost

Anchor 2…..Michael Che

[Intro video of Weekend Update playing]

Voiceover: It’s Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che.

[Cut to Colin Jost and Michael Che sitting on the News Table]

Colin Jost: Thank you very much. Thank you. Good evening everyone.

Michael Che: Welcome to weekend update. I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Collin Jost.

[Cut to Collin Jost with a picture of Brett Kavanaugh’s picture on the top left corner]

Colin Jost: Just hours ago, the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court with a vote of 50-48. 50 is the lowest number of votes. The lowest number of votes for a justice in history, but keep in mind it’s also the most yeses Kavanaugh has ever heard.

Listen, even if you look past Dr. Ford’s testimony which many people seem to have no trouble doing, Kavanaugh did a bunch of disqualifying just this past week. He basically lied under oath at a job interview to become a judge. That’s like cheating on your wife during your wedding. And then after he went full “Do you know who my father is?” at the confirmation hearing, he had to publish an apology letter in the Wall Street Journal [The picture in the top left corner changes to The Wall Street Journal article] which is something AA calls Step Nine. In that OP-ED, Kavanaugh vowed he would be a quote “Open Minded Judge.” I actually think he will be open-minded because you’ve got to be pretty open-minded to try a devil’s triangle. [The picture in the top left corner changes to White House with a tag ‘LIMITED INVESTIGATION’] And this is all following an FBI investigation which honestly didn’t seem super thorough. He’s what a law and order episode on this investigation would look like.

[Cut to two detectives inside an investigation room talking to a suspect]

Female Detective: We found your fingerprints on a handle of the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink.

The suspect: [Cut to the suspect denying the accusation] I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Female Detective: [Cut to the female detective] Well you’re free to go.

[Cut to Credit screen with only one credit, ‘Executive Producer – Dick Wolf]

Michael Che: [Cut to Michael CheYeah with a picture of Brett Kavanaugh with a Department of Justice logo and a tag ‘FBI INVESTIGATION’] Yes, that FBI investigation was quite ridiculous, but my question is for the five out of six Republican women that voted for Kavanaugh. [The top right corner picture changes to five republican females] So are you all like, hostages? This feels like one of those horror movies where white ladies in love with the monster but doesn’t know it. And all the black people watching are like, “Oh Megan, you’re about to get ate.” This is not good for any of us. And I say us because if these Republicans don’t care about you, oh they definitely don’t care about me, if a white lady in tears can’t get justice then there’s no hoe for my black ass in Jordans.

Colin Jost: [Cut to Colin Jost with a picture of Brett Kavanaugh on the top left corner with a tag ‘DEMOCRATS CALL HIM “EVIL”’] I’m also angry at Democrats like Cory Booker who came out and called Brett Kavanaugh evil when his nomination was first announced. Then when he was accused of actual evil they had nowhere to go.

[Top left corner picture changes to a picture OJ commercial] It’s like seeing OJ doing a Hertz commercial in the 80’s and saying this is the worst thing he’ll ever do.

Michael Che: [Cut to Michael CheYeah with a picture of Donald Trump with a tag ‘SCARY TIME’] I heard the president say on TV that quote, [Cut to the written quote] “IT’S A SCARY TIME FOR YOUNG MEN IN AMERICA WHEN YOU CAN BE GUILTY OF SOMETHING THAT YOU MAY NOT BE GUILTY OF.”

[Cut to Michael CheYeah with a picture of Donald Trump with a tag ‘SCARY TIME’] I don’t have a joke for that. I just thought it was hilarious. Come on! Old rich white dude telling us it’s a scary time in America. That is pure comedy. And I will be stealing that line.

Colin Jost: [Cut to Colin Jost] Republicans are now planning to use the liberal opposition to Brett Kavanaugh to stoke anger among the GOP base ahead of the midterm elections. But if that doesn’t work, they can always fire up their base by saying any of the following things.

[Cut to lists of things they can say, the list – Hillary, Immigrants, Pelosi, Black Lives Matter, NFL, George Soros, Gay Frogs, Puerto Rico, Lady Ghostbusters, Male Nurses, MS-13, MS-14, UP-40, Diversity, Gender-neutral, Kaepernick, LeBron James, Catheter discomfort, Mexico, Obamacare, Starbucks cups, Maxine Waters, The Last Jedi, Barbie dolls with careers, Lena Dunham, Jeff Sessions for some reason] [Punk Rock music playing on back ground – We’re not going to take it. No, we ain’t going to take it. We’re not going to take it anymore.]

[List goes on after a small pause, the list – Black Panther, Black Santa, Brown Himilton, Vagina hats, “farm-to-table”, Fuel economy, Debra Messing, “Happy Holidays”, Michael Moore, Climate change, Mueller, They don’t tell you hit the quarterback anymore] [Punk Rock music playing on background – We’re not going to take it. No, we ain’t going to take it.]

Colin Jost: [Cut to Colin Jost with a picture of the President Donald Trump top in the left top corner with a tag ‘TRUMP TAX SCHEME’] The New York Times uncovered that through out his life Donal Trump received a $413 million inheritance from his father, but Trump said what he was inherited was actually not that big. It was more toad stool sized. The New York Times also published a report accusing the Trump family of cheating the government out of $500 million in taxes. Personally, I think the IRS should just seize all the money the Trump family hid and gave it to Puerto Rico. Or better yet, they could make Trump’s biggest nightmare come true and let a bunch Puerto Ricans come live in his buildings.