Kevin Hart’s Son

Kevin Hart

Leslie Jones

Marcus… Jay Pharoah

[Starts with Heinz Hall]

Kevin Hart: Thank you Pittsburgh, goodnight!

[Cut to Kevin Hart entering his dressing room]

Goodness, gracious.

[Cut to inside the dressing room. Leslie is sitting on the sofa.]

Leslie: Good show, Kevin. You’ve come a long way.

Kevin Hart: Ah, thank you. Who are you?

Leslie: You serious? You don’t remember me? [Cut to Leslie] You were the MC at Sweet Cheeks about 20 years ago at Linux city. And I found you after the show. We went to my place and it went down. It didn’t take long though, about 3 minutes. Then I took the blanket and you rested at my breasts right here.

[Cut to Kevin Hart and Leslie]

Kevin Hart: Stop. Stop. I swear to god, that’s a lie.

Leslie: It was magical. [Cut to Leslie] And now, I wanted to introduce you to your son. Marcus!

[Cut to Kevin Hart]

Kevin Hart: I’m sorry. What? Wait, wait, wait! My what?

[Cut to Leslie. Marcus enters the door.]

Leslie: Your son.

[Marcus is wearing exactly the same outfit as Kevin Hart]

Kevin Hart: Who?

[Cut to everybody]

Wait, who is this?

Leslie: He’s your son, Kevin. And I don’t want anything from you. I just wanted you to know.

Kevin Hart: Lady, listen to me and you listen good, okay? This man’s about 6’2″. Now, here’s the thing. [Kevin Hart snaps and claps] There’s no way he’s my son.

[Cut to Leslie and Marcus]

Marcus: [snapping and clapping like Kevin Hart] Yeah! Here’s the thing, ma! Let me explain. [He’s talking like Kevin Hart] First of all, this is not my dad. It’s a waste of my damn time. That’s what it is. Okay, this man wasn’t my dad back then, he ain’t my dad now. Pow, pow, pow. Hmph! [laughing like Kevin Hart] [Leslie points at Marcus]

Leslie: There you go. You still think he’s not your’s?

[Cut to Kevin Hart]

Kevin Hart: Absolutely not!

[Cut to Leslie and Marcus]

Marcus: Listen, absolutely not! That’s right! Ma, I’ll tell you why. This is what happened, pow! Right there, see? Pow! First of all, look at his face. Man looks nothing like me. He looks like a damn Teddy Graham. That’s what he looks like.

[Cut to everybody]

Kevin Hart: Listen to me. He’s right, we look nothing alike. Okay? Look at this. [Kevin Hart walks to Marcus] I mean, come on! This doesn’t even add up. [Kevin Hart snaps and claps]

Marcus: You damn right it doesn’t add up! [Marcus snaps and claps like Kevin Hart] Listen, coz there’s nothing to add. Okay, this man, right here, [claps 20 times] not my dad! Umph!

Kevin Hart: I couldn’t agree any more. [Kevin Hart snaps and claps] No relation.

Marcus: See? [Leslie snaps and claps] No relation at all.

Kevin Hart: Don’t need a paternity test for this.

Marcus: No need to go on. Pow!

Kevin Hart: Case closed! Pow!

[Cut to Leslie]

Leslie: So, y’all don’t hear each other at all? Y’all not hearing what I’m hearing?

[Cut to Kevin Hart and Marcus]

Kevin Hart: Okay, [Kevin Hart snaps and claps] you listen, you listen good. What I’m hearing is two complete strangers okay?

[Cut to everybody]

You got no proof, no records, no paternity test, no video, [cut to Kevin Hart and Marcus] no nothing. Appreciate you coming by, but unlike you I got things to do. [Kevin Hart snaps and claps] Okay?

[Kevin Hart tries to leave but Leslie holds and carries Kevin Hart.]

Leslie: You get back here.

Kevin Hart: Oh!

Leslie: You have always been a knucklehead. And you still stupid now. Listen to him. [yelling] Listen to him, okay? You think I like going to the movies and see and think like a man and hearing my son’s voice in a sex scene? I don’t, Kevin! I hate it.

Kevin Hart: Okay, alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. You know what? I do kind of remember that grab. Now, I don’t want to be nasty but I swear to god girl, you just hit my spot.

Leslie: Oh yeah, I remember your spot.

[Cut to Kevin Hart, Leslie and Marcus]

Kevin Hart: Marcus, huh? Now, you seem like a handsome intelligent young man with a very sexy voice. Come here man. Oh, my god. I might have a son.

Marcus: Oh, my god! I might have a dad.

Kevin Hart and Marcus: Oh, my god! We might be a family.

[Kevin Hart and Marcus hug]


[everybody laughing]

Leslie: This is so nice. It’s rather annoying, but, ah!

Kevin Hart Monologue

[Starts with SNL monologue intro.] [band is playing music one the stage]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Hart.

[Kevin Hart walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

Kevin Hart: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. God, it feels good to be back. It feels so good to be back in New York. Honestly I’m coming back a different man than I left. I’m engaged now. I’m about to get married, people.

[cheers and applause]

Yes, I’m about to get married. I told my lady. I said, “Baby, we can’t get married till we get a new house.” It’s not that we don’t like the house we hvae now. I just don’t like the area that we live in. I don’t want to live in Hollywood staying around all the Hollywood stuff. So, I moved out to the suburbs. I messed around, moved around a bunch of wild life. Okay? Here’s how I know that I live around stuffs that I’m not supposed to. When I first moved in, I walk in my dog. I got mini doberman pincher. Right? I’m walking my dog. While I’m walking my dog, out of nowhere this old lady pokes her head out the window and goes, “Hey, you better watch your dog. Don’t let them eat em’ like they did mine.” I said, “Wait, what? First of all who is them? That’s the first thing. Second of all, where did you go?” She just left. So, I started looking around area, I noticed I live around some wild animals. I have mountain lions, rattle snakes, coyotes, all types of wild spiders. Currently, I have a raccoon problem. Not raccoons. It’s one raccoon. This raccoon is a bitch. I don’t like this raccoon.

Listen. I have glass doors at the back of my house. So, I’m sitting in my living room. I can see out of my living room into my backyard. A raccoon walks up to the glass doors but not like a raccoon should. He wasn’t on all fours. Raccoon’s on two feet. He’s walking, right? Strolling, strolling, strolling. I’m not lying. I’m not lying. He gets to the glass doors. He’s looking. He trying to look into house. Here’s what scared me. [mimicking peaking through the glass with a hand above eyes.] He put his hand on a glass and start doing this. So, I’m looking. I’m like, “Oh, my god! Raccoon is looking in the house.” When he saw me, he started laughing. He was like, “Ahah! Ahah!” The raccoon started jiggling a lot, right. When he saw he couldn’t get in, [mimicking gun shots] he pointed his fingers at me and he shot at me. He was like, “Bang, bang.” And then he disappeared into the dark.

I’m scared. I’m scared as hell. My lady comes home. I say, “Babe, we got to move. We can’t stay in this house. A raccoon just tried to break in. He jiggled the handle. When he saw he couldn’t get in, he shot at me twice. Bang, bang!” My lady said, “Why are you lying so much? What do you get out of lying?” I said, “Who the hell makes up a lie about a raccoon jiggling a lock and going bang, bang in the house?” She said, “First of all Kevin, I know you lying. You know how I know you lying? Coz a raccoon can’t jiggle a lock or go bang, bang coz raccoon don’t have no thumbs.” I said, “Well, maybe raccoon was doing this. You don’t need thumbs need to scare me. The bottom line is we got a thug raccoon running around outside.”

I said, “Look, this is why I don’t like going outside.” I said, “This is why I don’t like taking out the trash.”

Understand something. For me to take out the trash in my house, I gotta walk out of driveway. I don’t have any lights in my driveway. It gets real dark in my driveway. The reason why I don’t have any lights is because I turned down the option to get lights in my driveway because I thought the contractors were trying to take advantage of me because they knew that I had money. That’s what I thought. To be honest with you, that’s what I thought. He was like, “Mr. Hart. It gets pretty dark in this driveway. You want to put some lights in here?” I said, “You don’t think I know what you’re trying to do? Huh? You don’t think I know what you’re trying to do? It’s a driveway. You drive in, you drive out. What the hell I need lights for?” I was wrong. I need lights. I can’t see a damn thing.

I don’t like being in my driveway coz it get real dark. And I’m like, hearing animal noises when I can’t see which animal it is. Hearing stuff like this, “tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk” or like, “Khrrrrrr”,  I don’t like that. Because when you get scared and you can’t see, you just start negotiating. Like, “Hey, what do we gotta do to make this right? If it’s money you want, money I’ll give you.” I don’t know. I told my lady I’m not doing it anymore. I said what I’m gonna do is start making my son take out the trash. It’s time for him to become the man around this house. He’s seven years old. He doesn’t do enough.

That’s beautiful thing about being a dad. You do what you want when you want. I go upstairs, I wake my son up. I say, “Boy, get up and get that trash out. Matter of fact, didn’t I tell you to get the trash out?” Complete lie. I know I never told him. The beautiful thing was to see his confused look on my son’s face. “What? No. You never said that.” “You calling me a liar? Get that ass out your bed and get the trash out.”

Private schools are messing my son up. Here’s how I know. This is what my son said to me when he got up. “Alright, alright. Let me get my flops.” “Your flops? Boy, if you don’t get your back white ass down these damn steps and get that trash.” My son goes down stairs, grabs the trash, he goes outside. The first thing he said before he walked outside was, “Dad, it’s dark. Can you come with me?” I said, “Absolutely not. This is your journey. It’s about you becoming the man, son. It’s not about me.”

My son walks out there to take out the trash. I could tell when he got scared coz he started looking around real fast. I could tell. He puts the trash in the trash can. He starts coming back. Out of nowhere, my son takes off running. He’s running, right? I get scared coz I don’t know what my son’s running from. I can’t see what he’s running from. Depending on what he was running from, was going to determine if I open up the door for him when he got back to the house. I would hate for it to be something crazy because if it was I would have just put my hand on the glass and say, “Son, touch the glass one last time. I love you.”

More importantly, that’s my biggest fear. My biggest fear is seeing somebody I love get attacked by animal that I can’t beat. My lady, she got mad at me. She goes, “Hey babe, so you telling me if you saw me get attacked by animal, you wouldn’t help me?” I said, “Well, it depends on what it is. If it’s a raccoon, I’ll come kick the raccoon. But if it’s a mountain lion, you on your own.” She said, “Are you serious? Like, you wouldn’t come to help me?” I said, “I’m dead serious. You gotta understand I’m being honest with you right now.” She said, “Well, if I saw you get attacked by a mountain lion, I would come out there and help you.” I said, “That’s sweet, but I think it’s stupid. I don’t think you’re thinking the situation through. Here’s why. If you get attacked my a mountain lion, you’re not coming out of that attack the way did you went into it. something’s going to be different.”

I’ma be honest with you all. I don’t want to save her because I don’t know if I want to be with the woman that survived the mountain lion attack. Hey, you can call me a jerk, you can think I’m a jackass. Let’s say he get her good. Let’s say he bite all this off, like this piece and her shoulder. I’ma tell you all straight up. I can’t be with no woman that don’t have no shoulder. I can’t! I can’t be with a woman that can’t do this. [Kevin Hart raises his both shoulders.] I can’t be with you. I can’t be with you. If you can’t go [Kevin Hart raises his both shoulders again] I don’t want to be with you. Do you knwo know how many times you use shoulders in a day? Think about it, if you don’t have a shoulder, you can’t be cold. Ain’t nobody gonna believe you if you shivering with one arm. “What’s wrong with you?” “It’s freezing out here.” “You lying. You only using your one arm.” If we get pulled over by cops and you only got one shoulder, we going to jail. You know why? Coz ain’t no cop gonna believe no person with one shoulder. When he says, “Hey, you know why I stopped you?” And you go, “No.” [raising his one shoulder] “Okay, get your drunk ass out the car.”

Ay! I’m in New York city and I’m excited. We got a great show for you. Sia is here, everybody. Stick around, we’ll be right back.

Funk by James Brown

James Brown… Kevin Hart

Dave… Kenan Thompson

Steve… Taran Killam

Robbie… Bobby Moynihan

Ricki… Beck Bennett

Kyle Mooney

Jay Pharoah

Samantha… Sasheer Zamata

[Starts with a band on a stage in 1971]

James Brown: Hey! Yeah, I wanna get up and do my thing.

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: I wanna get up and do my thing.

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Can I count it all?

Band: Count it all.

James Brown: Can I count it all?

Band: Count it all.

James Brown: One, two, three, four.

[band starts playing music.] [singing] Get up

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Get up

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Stay on the scene

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Like a sex machine

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Hey, now wait a minute. Should we get all funky?

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Ay! Ah! I said, should we get more funky?

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Now, before we get funky, I need to hear from each person individual.

Dave: Why?

James Brown: Well, I just wanna make sure I’m making the right decision, you know. Hey! Should we get more funky, Steve?

[Cut to Steve, Robbie and Ricki playing their instruments]

Steve: Yes!

[Cut to James Brown]

James Brown: Hey! Yeah! Okay, that’s one. What about you, Robbie?

[Cut to Steve, Robbie and Ricki playing their instruments]

Robbie: Yeah!

[Cut to James Brown]

James Brown: Ha-ha-ha, fantastic. We’re halfway to funk-town people. Ay! Ricki, should we get more funky?

[Cut to Ricki is nodding his head yes.] [Cut to James Brown]

That’s not good enough, Ricki. I need a verbal commitment.

[Cut to Ricki]

Ricki: Okay, yes.

[Cut to James Brown and Dave]

James Brown: Thank you. Ay, Dave, should we get more funky?

Dave: I don’t know.

James Brown: You don’t know? What don’t you know, Dave?

Dave: I don’t know if I wanna get more funky than this.

[Cut to Kyle playing bass guitar]

Kyle: Yeah, I think we’re pretty good. We’re at funk-wise.

[Cut to Robbie.]

Robbie: Yeah, man. I mean, this is fun right now.

[Cut to James Brown and Dave. Jay is playing drums at the back.] James Brown: Okay, so wait a minute. Hold on. Hold on. So, y’all don’t want to get more funky?

Dave: I mean, should we get more funky?

James Brown: Wait, what are you doing? I ask the questions.

Jay: Ay, I got a question

James Brown: Wait, what did I just say?

Jay: Hey, how come you’re the only one that get a cape?

Dave: Yeah, why don’t we all get capes?

James Brown: Coz if we all get capes, who’s gonna bring out the cape?

Dave: Maybe Samantha can bring out the capes.

James Brown: What? Samantha! You wanna bring out the capes?

[Cut to Lorraine and Samantha rocking her body to the music.]

Samantha: I’m not bringing out no damn capes.

[Cut to James Brown, Dave and Jay]

James Brown: Well, that settles cap thing. Hey!

[singing] Get up

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Get up

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Stay on the scene

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Like a sex machine

Dave: You don’t know

James Brown: Ay! Now, should we take it to the bridge?

Band: Yes.

James Brown: I said, should we take it to the bridge?

Band: Yes.

James Brown: Steve, bridge?

[Cut to Steve]

Steve: No!

[Cut to James Brown and Dave]

James Brown: Wait, just a flat no? Okay, I just heard you said ‘yeah’ with everybody else. What about you? Ay! Lauren, should we take it to the bridge?

[Cut to Lorraine and Samantha]

Lorraine: It’s Lorraine.

James Brown: Lorraine? Since when?

[Cut to Lorraine and Samantha]

Lorraine: Tuesday. I got married. [showing her ring] [Cut to James Brown and Dave]

James Brown: You got married and you changed your first name? Hey! Hey, well, you know what? I don’t want to take it to the bridge no more.

Band: What?

James Brown: Yeah, I don’t wanna. This song says three words for about 20 minutes. You know what? I’m hungry. You guys hungry?

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Should we get the chicken prawn?

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Hah! So that’s 10 chicken prawn.

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Lorraine, you want the chicken prawn?

[Cut to Lorraine and Samantha]

Lorraine: With mustard.

[Cut to James Brown and Dave]

James Brown: With mustard? Who wants mustard on a chicken prawn?

Dave: I do.

James Brown: Okay, fine. So, that’s 10 chicken prawns with mustard.

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Hey, now can I hit it to quit it?

Dave: I don’t know, James. Can you?

James Brown: May I, okay. May I hit it to quit it.

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Wait, so if I stop singing, you all gonna stop playing?

Band: Yeah!

James Brown: Coz I don’t wanna stop singing, then you all keep playing. Then one thinks I made a mistake.

Dave: That’s not gonna happen dude.

James Brown: Okay, hit me!

[the band stops playing] [still singing] stay on the scene…

Dammit! I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry. That’s my bad. Chicken prawn.

Chocolate Droppa’s Listening Party

Chocolate Droppa… Kevin Hart

Harry… Pete Davidson

Roy…Jay Pharoah

Caren… Leslie Jones

Mark… Bobby Moynihan

Carl… Beck Bennett

[Starts with Chocolate Droppa with his friends in the studio]

Chocolate Droppa: Yo! I just want to thank you all for coming to my listening party, man! It means a lot to me, you know that? Finally finished my first album. I’ma be honest man, I couldn’t have done it without my crew.

Harry: Yo, we love you Jamiel!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: No, no, no! Yo, yo, yo, yo! Drop the Jamiel stuff, y’all. It’s Chocolate Droppa now, man! That’s my name. I came up with it yesterday. Y’all like it?

[Cut to Royand Caren]

Roy: Ha-ha-ha. Sort of.

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Well, listen. Before I play this song, man, I just really want y’all to know that you guys, was the inspiration for this track. You know what I’m sayin? You’re my crew. I got you back, man!

[Cut to Royand Caren]

Roy: Ah, man! Respect, dawg!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Ay! Look, I got the hook already but I really ain’t laid down vocals yet. So, what I’ma do is, I’ma sing the song live for y’all man.

[Chocolate Droppa’s friends clap for him] [Cut to Royand Caren]

Caren: Alright. Let’s hear that thang!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Yeah! Yeah! Ay, look. Buckle up. Let me tell you something. Droppa’s about to spit it, you hear me? Alright, ay! [Cut to everybody] I’ma about to set it all for you, alright? [Chocolate Droppa plays the beat] [rapping] Here I go, all day, let’s get ready, let’s go
pop-pop, pop-pop, gunshot sound
coz I’m shooting at everybody
pew-pew pop-pop gunshot sounds

[Cut to Royand Caren]

Roy: Yo! That hook is super hard bro!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Ay! It ain’t even started yet! Watch, yo!

here it go
I’m tight with my crew
we tell each other everything
I know all their secrets
so here’s a song about their secrets

[Cut to Harry looking confused]

Harry: Wait, what?

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Ay! Uh!
first up, let me tell you about my boy Mark

[Cut to Mark looking confused]

Mark: Maybe don’t!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Uh! Uh! Yo! Yo!
Mark ain’t paid his taxes in ten years
owe the government about thirty thou
if convicted he could do up to ten
in the pen pow-pow-pow

[Cut to Mark]

Mark: Come on, man!

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Yeah! Let’s go!
pop-pop, pop-pop, gunshot sound
coz I’m shooting at everybody
pew-pew gunshot sounds
Yo! Next up is Carl. Here we go. Let’s go, uh!
Carl got the herps the lip kind
he tried to cover it with lipstick
but we all know it’s there Carl

[Cut to Carl covering his mouth.]

Carl: I din’t know what he’s talking about.

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa:

pop-pop, pop-pop, gunshot sound
yeah! uh! Harry! Harry!
Here it come! Harry, here it come!
Harry is a Muslim but he eat pork

[Cut to Harry]

Harry: That’s not true.

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Yeah, yeah, yeah
he popped gummy bears all day all day
gummy bears have gelatin
and gelatin come from pig
that’s pork! you didn’t know that, did you?
dumb bitch!

[cut to Harry. He spits the gummy bears out.]

Harry: Why didn’t anybody tell me?

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Yeah! Yeah! Gun shots, what? Gun shots, what? Uh!

[music stops] [cut to everybody]

Yo! Yeah! Yeah! Yo, y’all thought I was finished, didn’t y’all?

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Nope!

[music playing]

pop-pop, pop-pop, gunshot sound
Yo! Saving the best for last
Caren- Caren- Caren- Caren
Caren and Roy accidentally killed Steve
they think nobody know, I know
they don’t wanna get in trouble
now, it’s a “Weekend at Bernie’s(1989)”

[Cut to Royand Caren. Steve is sitting on sofa in front of them wearing sunglasses.]

Roy: Come on, man! [Royand Caren are holding Steve’s hands and waving them.] He good! He good! Man, look at him.

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa]

Chocolate Droppa: Pop-pop, pop-pop!

Yo! I love my friends, man! I love y’all. So, what did y’all think? It’s fire, right?

[Cut to Chocolate Droppa’s friends. The’re pointing guns at Chocolate Droppa.]

Wait a minute. Hold on now. Wait, what’s going on? Wait, what part of the song made y’all mad?

[gun shot sounds] [cheers and applause]

Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015

Jay Pharoah

Kevin Hart


Kenan Thompson

[Strats with a video clip of streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn] [Cut to three black young men at the hood.]

Jay: Yo! Who dat? Who dat?

Kevin: Wait! Who?

[Cut to Marques cycling] [Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kenan: Man, it’s just Marques, man!

Kevin: Yo! Wad up, Marques?

Kenan: Wad up, Kes?

Jay: Yo, it’s getting crazy out here.

Kevin: I told you I ran in the Ray today, right?

Kenan: Is that right?

Kevin: Yeah!

Kenan: What happened?

Kevin: So, I’m walking down Bushwick, right? I’m on my way to Martha’s

Jay: Your baby mother?

Kevin: Na, na, na. that new mayonnaise spot.

[Cut to Kevin walking into Martha’s Mayonnaise store.]

Jay: Yo, I heard about that.

[Cut to Kevin]

Kevin: I read about it on donut food blog. It said that the garlic truffle was a must try, so I said, “Alright, let me try.”

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kenan: Didn’t I show a movie spin class to Bushwick?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Jay: Yeah! I was there last week.

[Cut to Kevin on gym cycle between two other ladies using gym cycles. Kevin is using cellphone.]

I texted you but you an’t text me back.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: I was caught up. I had brunch with Carol.

[Cut to Kevin]

Kevin: Wait, what Carol? Carol from project?

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Na, na, na. Carol DeTec that I nanny for.

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kevin: Oh, okay.

Kenan: Her kids went away on ski trip, you know what I’m saying? So, we just had a day together. Telling why and whatever. Had that brunch, went to shopping, got gelato.

Kevin: Let me tell you something. You be needing that bro. You know what I’m saying? The time, that ‘you time’.

Kenan: So, anyway, you seen Ray, then what happened?

Kevin: Oh, right. So, I’m with my bitches, right?

[Cut to Jay]

Jay: Come on, man! You ain’t got no bitches.

[Cut to Kevin and Kenan]

Kenan: Play you out, man.

Kevin: Why you tryina’ play me like I ain’t got like, 10  bitches man? My dog walking business is bubbling!

[Cut to Kevin walking the dogs.]

Kenan: Everybody in the hood know about your passion for K9.

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kevin: Ay!

Kenan: Streets is talking, fam! That’s why you getting that bread right now.

Kevin: Let me tell you something. It ain’t even about that bread, bro. Man, I got love for them dogs. Love. I’d die for mine. [cut to Kevin] I knitted the sweaters for Christmas. [Cut to Kevin holding two dogs wearing Christmas red sweater and he is wearing the same sweater too.]

Kenan: That’s adorable.

Kevin: We all got matching sweaters man.

[cut to Jay]

Jay: I mean, that’s real talk, man! Coz it’s like, you know, when you doing something you love, you don’t even got the work no more. It’s not work no more.

[Cut to Kevin]

Kevin: Heard that.

Jay: That’s how I feel about my parties.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Ayo! How was that last party?

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Jay: Oh, that last party was off the table, man.

[Cut to Jay in painting class drinking wine.]

It was drinking wine. Painting the landscapes. Various food, you know what I’m saying?

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kevin: You have any Cheeses though?

Jay: Do we have Cheeses. You asking if we have any chee– [Cut to Jay] What else are you gonna compare with, air?

Kevin: You’re right.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Who went to it though?

[Cut to Jay]

Jay: Yo! The whole squad was in there. Big Tank, Sara, Smokie, Marative, D’Rock, Barbara. What’s the boy’s name?

Kevin: Bacwaf.

Jay: Bacwaf.

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Even Brit was there.

[Cut to Brit playing guitar and singing]

Brit: [singing] I’m in love with the Coco.

[Cut to Jay]

Jay: Yeah, listen. We was turned up.

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kevin: Yo man, I missed that B.

Jay: Well, I sent you an Evite and everything. You ain’t even respond.

[cut to Kevin and Kenan]

Kenan: [laughing] Yo! This dude said Evite like it’s twothousandthree or something.

Kevin: [laughing] Yo!

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

So, stupid, yo! You sound stupid.

Jay: Okay.

Kevin: You a sad music. Here comes the sad man.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Word! You acting like somebody put gluten in your muffin or something.

[Cut to Jay]

Jay: Whatever, man!

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Anyway! Back to the damn story.

[Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kevin: Right. Right, right, right.

Kenan: We don’t bush away. You see Ray, and?

Kevin: I shot him.

[Cut to Kevin shooting somebody with his gun.] [Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Jay: In front of the bitches and everything?

Kevin: Yeah!

[Cut to Kevin with the dogs holding a gun. Then he turns back and walks away with his dogs.] [Cut to Jay, Kevin and Kenan]

Kenan: How was the mayonnaise?

Kevin: I didn’t get the mayonnaise. They trying to charge $8 for that shit.

Kenan: For mayonnaise?

Kevin: For mayonnaise. $8 for the mayonnaise.

Kenan: Come on, man!

[Kevin looks at someone.]

Kevin: Yo! Who dat? Who dat?

Kenan: Oh, that’s just Carama and his life partner. Wad up Caray?

Kevin: Wad up Magel?

Jay: It’s getting crazy out here.

[police siren]

Kevin: Yo, yo! Five, five, five.

[Jay, Kevin and Kenan split and walk in different directions.