Workplace Harrassment

Maria… Cecily Strong

Donald… Oscar Isaac

Kevin… Kenan Thompson

Deborah… Aidy Bryant

Lyle… Andrew Dismukes

Ego Nwodim

Bowen Yang

[Starts with Maria and Donald holding the HR meeting]

Maria: All right, everybody settled?

Donald: Everyone settle in, okay?

Maria: Let’s settle in everyone.

Donald: Please settle, please settle.

Kevin: We’re settled.

Donald: Okay. All right. For those of you who don’t know us, my name is Donald.

Maria: And my name is Maria. And we are your HR representatives here at Lynx Pharmaceuticals.

Donald: That’s right? We’re the ones that you come to when you have anonymous complaints. Like when Deborah told us what Kevin was doing.

Kevin: [looking at Deborah] You ratted on me, Deborah.

Deborah: I didn’t. I did not. No. I mean, why would I even care that you wait outside the women’s room and say “How did it go in there?”

Kevin: Just a simple good or bad would suffice.

Maria: Guys? We’re not here to lecture Kevin again.

Donald: God knows we spent enough time on Kevin, thanks to complaints from Deborah and Lyle.

Maria: Guys, today is our annual harassment seminar. And I know what you’re thinking, “We have to sit through this again? I’m gonna blow my fricking brains out.”

Donald: “Argh! This whole spiel again? I’m gonna blow my god damn brains out.”

Ego: Please stop saying that.

Maria: We promise we are going to get this over with as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.

Donald: That’s right. And Kevin can get back to peeking under bathroom stalls.

Kevin: [looking at Lyle] You told him about that?

Lyle: Your face was fully under my stall.

Maria: Okay, this is real simple, guys. We’re just going to run through a couple scenarios and you guys tell us whether they’re appropriate or inappropriate. Okay?

Donald: Here’s the first one.

Maria: What if Maria says to Donald – “Wow, looks like those workouts you’ve been doing are really paying off.”

Ego: I would say that’s inappropriate.

Maria: Wrong.

Donald: Let’s try another one. Okay, what if Donald said to Maria – “Wow, how often are you going to the gym? Your body is seriously fantastic.”

Deborah: I mean, that’s very inappropriate.

Donald: Sorry, no.

Maria: Try to really focus this time. Maria comes up behind Donald and says, “Damn, do you live at the gym or something? Because that juicy booty slack.”

Bowen: Wildly inappropriate.

Donald: Actually, it’s not because I’m her boss.

Maria: See? Try to really listen, guys.

Donald: Okay. What if Maria’s boss said to Maria – “Hey, when are you going to start banging out kids? The clock is ticking baby.”

Bowen: Again, very inappropriate.

Maria: What if my boss is my grandfather? And he just really wants grandkids.

Bowen: Okay, but he shouldn’t be saying it at work in front of other people.

Deborah: And wait, I thought Donald was your boss.

Donald: [mocking] I thought Donald was– You know what? This isn’t a game Deborah. Next slide.

Maria: Donald says to Maria – “Hey, N word, are you going to the gym later? Or am I gonna have to drag your thick ass there myself?”

Bowen: It’s really awful and inappropriate.

Donald: Actually, it’s fine.

Ego: Actually, it’s not.

Maria: He didn’t mean that N word. He meant nice.

Bowen: He was saying “Hey, nice”?

Maria: Yeah. Because he’s a chatty and he says “Hey, you’re nice”, all the time.

Ego: That’s also inappropriate.

Donald: Not if she is my boss.

Lyle: Also, why  all of these examples about the two of you?

Maria: Wow! The two of us? That’s how you see it.

Donald: Wow. So you see a man and a woman working together, so automatically you think they’re having raw intercourse?

Lyle: No one said that.

Maria: You see a woman in a hot skirt suit, nothing underneath and just because your eyes are going “Ahoo-kaa” hoping she’s gonna take a bite out of her boss’s fat bottom sandwich, that automatically means they’re about to have raw intercourse.

Deborah: Stop saying raw intercourse.

Donald: Oh, will you shut up Deborah? Kevin was worried about what he said during the investigation. You are an uptight bitch.

Deborah: Oh my god. This is horrible.

Maria: Exactly. [Maria and Donald start clapping]

Donald: You hear that? It’s clapping.

Maria: We’re clapping for you. Because we’re not your HR representatives.

Donald: No. We’re from a group called “It could be worse.” And we show employees that no matter how bad your workplace environment might be, it could be worse.

Maria: It could be way worse.

Ego: What are we supposed to do with this information?

Donald: Right? So I want you all to walk back into your offices, take a deep breath, just start typing.

Ego: He has no idea what we do.

Donald: Right when you’re finished taping your types, you just go home for the day. The women to their hunky husbands and the men to their shrill, nagging wives. And I want you to think about us and how we showed you a new way to work, a new way to live, maybe even a new way to love.

Maria: You’ll wonder, “What ever happened to those two? Did they end up going to the men’s room and having raw intercourse?”

Donald: And the answer is yes. Yes, they did.

[Maria and Donald walk out] [Kevin is wearing a GoPro camera on his forehead]

Kevin: Unrelated, which stall are you going to be using?

All: Kevin!

Paw Patrol

Mayor… Ego Nwodim

Herb Tangier… Oscar Isaac

[The show Paw Patrol starts]

Male voice: Paw Patrol.

Mayor: As Mayor of Adventure Bay, I hereby present the Paw Oatrol with this medal of bravery for stopping that out of control hot air balloon. With you pups on patrol, our city is in good hands.

Puppy 1: Do you mean good paws?

[All laughing]

Male voice: Enough is enough.

[Cut to 2]

Herb Tangier: I’m City Councilman Herb Tangier. Mayor Goodway has put all our lives at risk with her paw patrol initiative, and I say it’s time to vote her out. This may have fired all of us that is police officers, firefighters and paramedics, and replace them with a group of six talking dogs. I think that was a bad idea. And I’m not alone. Listen to these concerns citizens.

Concerned citizen 1: I was excited about the paw patrol at first. Talking dogs who know how to fly jets and drives. Great. But it’s become clear that six dogs cannot protect a city roughly the size of San Diego.

Herb Tangier: Criminals and lowlifes are flocking here because they know there’s only one cop patrolling our streets, and it’s a dog.

Concerned citizen 2: And there’s only one firefighter, also a dog. So if there’s two fires at the same time, someone’s getting screwed I guess? Who is in charge of this organization? A child?

Herb Tangier: Yes! Paw Patrol is run by a 10 year old boy named Ryder. Who is this kid? Beats me. As far as we can tell, he has no parents and doesn’t go to school. But maybe, that’s for the best because with all of our tax dollars paid for all these cockapoos jetpacks, we now have the worst schools in the state. This is my 17 year old son. [his son walks in] He can barely read.

Son: I can read I just don’t know what sounds vowels make when they’re next to other letters in a line.

Herb Tangier: Mayor Goodway, this is your fault and you need to go.

Concerned citizen 1: Fact. Our city’s COVID response was a national disgrace. Why? Because six dogs were in charge of it.

Concerned citizen 2: Fact, chased the police dogs only weapon is a Net. Question. How is a Net going to help if a lunatic on bath salts is eating my face? Answer? It won’t.

Concerned citizen 3: Fact. Marshall, the fire dog is my favorite one. He’s the funniest pup by far and the coolest by a mile. But I don’t think you can carry me down a flight of stairs because you got no hands.

Herb Tangier: Fact, I also like Marshall the best. He’s super brave and his jokes never miss. But do we feel safe? No. Listen to this actual 911 call.

911: Paw Patrol and we’re ready to roll. This is Ryder. What’s your emergency?

Citizen: It’s my girlfriend man. She’s no waking up. Her eyes are rolled back. I think she’s OD’ing, man!

911: Ummm…… Please hold!

[Paw Patrol music playing. Then call ends.]

Herb Tangier: Unacceptable. And that’s not the only emergency this Paw Patrol has bungled. Just ask my sister.

Sister: I went into labor early. I was alone and call 911 for help and told them my water broke. So they sent Zuma, the water rescue dog to my home. He didn’t understand what was happening and sat there chewing on his upper body while I gave birth on my kitchen floor.

Herb Tangier: Disgraceful. But it gets worse.

Concerned citizen 2: Recently, my wife was in a terrible accident. And who came to break this earth shaking news to me and my children? A Bulldog in a hard hat. It midway through telling us, he started doing that scooting thing dogs do where they put their hind legs under them and drag their itchy ass across the floor. Enough is enough.

Herb Tangier: Mayor Goodway, the numbers don’t lie. 258 unsolved murders. 36 car jackings a day. 0 sex crime units in our police force because the Paw Patrol and their 10 year old boss don’t know what sex is. And one, one chance to take our city back by voting yes. To recall Mayor Goodway in next week special election. Let’s make our voice heard and get my wife out of office!

Home Repair Show

Gus… Kenan Thompson

Tommy… Kyle Mooney

Felix… Oscar Isaac

Carlisa… Ego Nwodim

[Start s with show intro]

Intro song: You thought you could fix it by yourself
plumbing’s just as easy as building a shelf
When your DIY become OMG
You’re in over your head.

[Cut to Gus in his set]

Gus: Well, hello, I’m Gus Vantant. And welcome to In Over Your Head, where we talk to folks who got a little overconfident taking on projects around the house. Sponsored by Thumb Ice. Did you whack your thumb with a hammer like a cartoon idiot? Numb the pain with Thumb Ice. Okay, our first guest is Tommy Dorian, who says he tried to install his own pool. Oh-oh! Come on in, Tommy.

[Tommy walks in. His hair and shoulders are wet.]

Tommy: Hi.

Gus: All right, well, looks like your hair’s still a little wet from the pool there, Tommy.

Tommy: No, that’s unrelated.

Gus: Okay, so tell us what was behind your thinking behind building your own pool?

Tommy: Well, my neighbor put one in. Hired whole crew and an architect, whole nine yards. I thought it’s basically a hole puts a hose, why overthink it?

Gus: And when did things go wrong?

Tommy: Almost immediately, Guss. My problem started when I tried to pour the concrete while I was still digging to save time.

Gus: Oh, wow.

Tommy: Oh, wow. That’s right. Cut to I’m up to my waist in hard concrete screaming, “Help, someone turn off the hose.”

Gus: So you were already running the hose?

Tommy: To fill the pool to save time. Yes. Had to have it open for New Year’s.

Gus: Well looking back, any regrets?

Tommy: I do wish I hadn’t punctured my septic tank. That’s a whole different kind of pool.

Gus: Thanks for coming, Tommy.

Tommy: Thanks for allowing me.

[Tommy walks out]

Gus: Well, our next guest thought he should “do his own electrical.” Please welcome Felix Cruz.

[Felix walks in. He has burn marks all over his body and face.]

Felix: Hello. Hey, Guys. Long time, first time.

Gus: You mean longtime watcher, first time guest?

Felix: No, first time electrocuted, long time it hurt.

Gus: So how did you decide to do your own electrical work?

Felix: Yeah, I keep telling my wife it’s just wires. Babe, it’s just wires. Honey, nothing’s gonna happen, it’s wires. You know when you see a guy diffusing bulbs in the movie, you think “I could do that.”

Gus: I’ve never thought that.

Felix: Well, I have. A lot. So I thought “What the hell? I’m gonna install my own circuit breaker.”

Gus:  Oh my god.

Felix: No, no, trust me. There is no God. Now, the whole idea of a breaker is to stop a power surge. Right? So I think I should start with the power dialed all the way up because that’s what I’m trying to protect myself against. Right?

Gus: That is very bad logic.

Felix: So, I got these thing cranked up higher than lightning. And I’m like trying to screw in the middle schools, right?

Gus: No, not right.

Felix: Cut to I fly so hard through a sheet of drywall that my scream physically detaches from my body and travels at a slower speed. Kind of like Peter Pan’s shadow detaching from his body.

Gus: Yeah, I get it.

Felix: So after I hit the steel support column, wiping out the entire first floor of my home, I am hit in the face by my own scream. It’s wild, right?

Gus: Yeah, wild. And what did you learn from all of this?

Felix: Gloves? You got you got to wear gloves?

Gus: Well, thank you, Felix.

Felix: Yes. Excited to get my check.

Gus: There’s no check. Alright. And final guest says that she’s been trying to repair her home for months. Please welcome– What? This can’t be right. My wife, Carlisa. [Carlisa walks in] Hey, baby. What you doing here?

Carlisa: Oh, just trying to repair my home. [pointing at Gus] This damn fool is out here pretending he’s a big expert. Meanwhile, his own house is literally falling apart.

Gus: Well, if you have a problem, baby, I’m happy to fix it.

Carlisa: With what? This is your toolbox. But that no tools in here though. It’s just cans of Blatz beer.

Gus: Ay, I’ve been looking for those.

Carlisa: There’s no tools in this whole goofy ass workshop. It’s just chocolate bars that look like tools.

Gus: Sometimes I get a little hobby.

Carlisa: Meanwhile, our toilet hasn’t worked in months. I opened the lid of the tank and saw this.

[There’s a picture of water container filled with ice and sausages.]

Gus: Well, you never know when you might need ice cold hot dog.

Carlisa: And then you snuck some crushed up peanut shells into our son’s lunch to try to prove that he was faking his peanut allergy.

[son walks in. His tongue is full of allergies blabbering and complaining, angry at Gus.]

Gus: Well, the important thing is that I trust you now. Okay. I still think he might be exaggerating a little bit.

Carlisa: Gus, what do you have to say for yourself?

Gus: Look, I think it’s pretty clear that I’m “In Over My Head.”

Carlisa: No, don’t you dare sing that damn jingle to me? No. This man sucked up a wasp nest with a vacuum and now he won’t even throw it away.

Gus: Listen, Dyson–

Carlisa: Idiot. You’re an idiot.

Gus: [giving her chocolate that looks like a tool.] You want some of this?

Fiction Workshop

James Austin Johnson

Aidy Bryant

Janitor… Oscar Isaac

Melissa Villaseñor

Chris Redd

Heidi Gardner

[Starts with a group of students in the fiction workshop]

James: Abraham Lincoln smiled. She may be flawed, but she’s still my country. Anyway, see you tonight at the theater. The end.

Aidy: Wow, that was great line. Very relevant too.

James: Very much the intention. Thank you.

Aidy: Well, great stories tonight everyone. And we will be back next month. All are welcome.

[Janitor walks in]

Oh, sir. I’m sorry. Will be two minutes.

Janitor: Oh my gosh, you’re not finished. Excuse me?

Aidy: Oh, well, actually, sir. I don’t think we’ve ever actually spoken but I feel like I always see you with a different book. You like reading?

Janitor: Oh, yeah. Yes, ma’am. So I’ve seen the world 10 times over because of my books.

Aidy: Oh, wow. I love that. Will you ever try any writing?

Janitor: Oh, I mean, I dabble but no. Maybe one day you all are the writers.

Aidy: Well, why don’t you read us something? I mean, whatever you got.

Janitor: I don’t know.

Aidy: Hey, no judgments here. We’re all just trying stuff out. Promise.

Melissa: Come on, man. Take a seat.

James: Yeah, love to hear it pal.

Chris: Absolutely.

Janitor: Gosh, so nice. I’ve never read in front of people before. Well, this one’s called the “Apogee of Midnight”.

Aidy: Oh, lovely. Well, please.

Janitor: Okay, yeah. Well, there it was again, the sound of mop on tile, the start of another late night, one of 1000s like it alone in Chandler High. But the janitor liked the silence. It held them in a cool delicate calm.

Heidi: Wow, I really like that.

Janitor: Thank you. Then, footsteps. Loud and getting closer. “Hello, school’s closed.” A woman turned the corner. She looked lost. “Sorry. I’m looking for someone named Mike.” “Oh yeah? Who’s asking?” “My name is Dua Lipa. I’m a big pop star. And I’m looking for a janitor here named Mike.”

Aidy: Okay.

Janitor: The janitor paused. That was his name. Dua Lipa sighed. ” You haven’t heard me have you?” “Sorry, ma’am. More of a classic rock guy myself. Sure. Maybe I’ve seen a bikini pic or two. How can I help?”

Aidy: Okay, you know what? It is getting pregnant late. So I think we should probably wrap it up.

James: Bt he just got started.

Janitor: Wrap up? Why? So I can mop? Heck, I got time.

Chris: Yeah, and I want to know where it’s going.

Melissa: I doubt.

Heidi: Yeah, I think I’m good.

Janitor: Yeah, you’re right. I’m bad at this.

Aidy: No, no, we support it. So please go ahead.

Janitor: Okay, thank you. “Mind if I sit down?” Dua Lipa was exhausted. She just done a concert in Europe and were still in her sparkly show get up. He liked her. She was cool. “So what brings you out all this way to see little old me, girly?” “I don’t know. This is gonna sound crazy.” “Come on Dua Lipa. You know, you can talk to me. I’m your friend.” It’s true. They were fast friends. And nothing more, right?

Heidi: Are you asking us?

Janitor: Please, I’m still reading. “Well, I guess I wanted to ask you a favor Mike.” “Sure thing, girly. What’s up?” “Could you teach me how to make out? I’ve never done it before.”

Aidy: Okay. I’m sorry. Just no.

James: Come on.

Chris: Why?

Aidy: Look, I think it’s great that you write. I just don’t really want to hear about your weird made up thing with Dua Lipa. I’m sorry. I don’t.

Janitor: My thing? This ain’t me, mama. This is fiction. She’s a third person.

Heidi: Yeah, about a gender name Mike.

Janitor: Right.

Aidy: And so what is your name?

Janitor: Michael B. Jackson. Why?

Melissa: It’s just kind of creepy, man.

Heidi: Very creepy.

Janitor: Oh, I see. I guess I’m not a writer after all. Back to the toilet it is.

[Janitor stands and walks away]

Aidy: Okay, just finish it please.

[Janitor walks back fast]

Janitor: Okay cool. “Sure Dua Lipa. I could teach you how to make out.” “Wait, can my friend come? Her name is Tony McDaniels.” “The famous ginger MILF?” “One and the same.” “You know her?” “Know her? I manage her subreddit, the Gaza Day Rockstar. Of course pornography hadn’t been the same since the 70s back before TJ months took over at stuffed, when the mags had vision and the spreads were actually good.”

Aidy: Sorry, I do think we need to call it there. I think I’m sorry.

Janitor: Okay, okay. Blah blah blah blah blah, stuff happened, stuff happened. Okay, fine. Dua laughed, “Ha-ha-ha. Hey, Michael B. Thanks. This truly was the Apogee of Midnight. Amen.” Chapter Two.

Melissa: Amen?

Heidi: Chapter two? That wasn’t the end.

Janitor: Oh honey, we got 800 pages in book one. Strap in.

Aidy: Okay. Have a great night, everyone. Get home safe, okay?

[All the ladies leave. James and Chris are still there for him to finish.]

Aidys Dream

Aidy Bryant

Oscar Isaac

Bowen Yang

Kyle Mooney

[Starts with Aidy Bryant in her makeup room]

Aidy: Oh, hi. I’m SNL’s Aidy Bryant. You know, over my 10 years on the show, I have played dozens of teachers, principals, mothers, women named Diane, Susan or teacher. I have loved all of these sweet nurturing women. But the show said that if I played 150 of them, then as a reward, I could write a sketch of my own choosing, you know, to show a different side of myself. So tonight, this is that sketch. Enjoy.

[Cut to the sketch. Oscar is being dressed by Bowen and Kyle.]

Oscar: Oh good god, I’m so nervous. I can’t believe she agreed to go on a date with me, a lose and a fool.  How do I look?

Bowen: You look fantastic, so I’m sure she’ll be titillated.

Kyle: But you’re right to be scared. She is the most widely desired woman in the world.

Oscar: Oh, I’m sick. I’m sick with feeling for this woman. [doorbell ringing.] It’s her. Pray for me, boys.

Aidy: Oh, hello. Now, scram, boys, and leave this man to me.

Oscar: Oh, my God. You are so beautiful and sexual. And I can tell your personality is also very good.

Aidy: Oh, God, if I had a nickel for every time I heard a man say that, I’d have so many coins, it’d be annoying.

Oscar: Oh, sensual woman. You make me so horny. I see why they cool you the sexual woman.

[Cut back to Aidy in herm makeup room]

Aidy: So, yes. I lied to Oscar Isaac. I told him I have a famous recurring character on the show called “The Sexual Woman”. Is that a crime?

[Cut to the sketch. Isaac is brushing Aidy’s hair.]

Oscar: I’m the luckiest man on earth to be brushing your hair. Mind if I get a little closer?

Aidy: Oh, sure. Bring your head and body that look like that close to the mine. Whatever. I don’t care.

Oscar: I need you to know, I see you sexually. I don’t see you as someone who would like run a school. I mean, you are the most under 35 person I’ve ever met.

Aidy: Oh, stop it, you flirt.

Oscar: Well, I bet you’re about to do your big catch phrase?

Aidy: Oh, right. Yes. My famous catchphrase, of course. What was it? Yes, here we go. Hey, you, get your fat ass on my lap, bitch.

Oscar: Well, okay.

Aidy: Yes, come on.

[Oscar sits on Aidy’s laps]

Oscar: I must confess I have a big cool boner right now. I sometimes get when I respect someone too much.

[Cut to Aidy in her makeup room]r

Aidy: Now, why did I choose Oscar Isaac for the sketch? No reason. I mean pretty random. Every time I’ve done something romantic on the show, it’s been totally random. Like with Ryan Gosling or Drake. Oh my god. Do I have a pattern of sexual randomness? Well, whatever. You only live once. Now back to the sketch.

[Cut to the sketch. Aidy is eating and Oscar is watching her eat.]

Oscar: Is the food alright? I hope you even like spaghetti.

Aidy: You’re lucky that I do.

Oscar: Oh, dammit! I’m in love with you and it’s killing me.

[Oscar breaks the glass he’s holding]

Aidy: Oh! Yes, to me, this is normal behavior.

Oscar: I wrote a song for you. If that’s okay.

[Oscar starts playing a guitar and sings] [singing] Sexual woman are you from Paris, Dubai or Barcelona.

Aidy: No, I’m from Arizona

Oscar: Sexual woman, I respect you so much
as is demonstrated by my insane Boner.

Aidy: Oh brother, a boner? Well, let me guess. You want to kiss me now?

Oscar: Yes I do. But not yet. You need time to digest all that spaghetti. For now, could we just hug?

Aidy: Good idea. I would have forgotten to digest and I would have regretted it later.

Oscar: What they say about who was true. You are everyone’s cup of tea. Including me, Oscar Isaac. [Oscar looks at the cue card with suspiciously]

Aidy: Oh, I know, Oscar Isaac.

Oscar: [breaking the character] Sorry. I’m sorry. It says my real name on the cards. Is that a mistake?

Aidy: I don’t know. I guess the writers are so annoying and stupid. I would say, I guess just go with it.

Oscar: Okay, all right. Yes. [gets into the character] Then let’s get my fat ass on your lap.

Aidy: Yes!

Male voice: The Sexual Woman. Hey, get your fat ass on my lap, bitch.



Terry… Kate McKinnon

Oscar Isaac

Kyle Mooney

[Starts with Terry and Oscar talking in their family reunion. There are many people enjoying there.]

Terry: Our family reunion is a hit! We haven’t had this many people in the house in two years.

Oscar: I know. But I’m honestly a little worried about all these people using our bathroom. Can the septic handle it?

Terry: Don’t worry. We’ve got AeroToilet.

Oscar: Aero what?

Terry: [showing the product] From the makers of AeroBed, now there’s AeroToilet, the inflatable guest toilet you can really go to the bathroom in.

Oscar: Huh!

Terry: In seconds, it’s fully inflated and ready to use. And voilà your home office becomes our new guest bathroom.

Oscar: Wow! That’s amazing.

Terry: Go ahead. Give it a try.

[Oscar opens his pants and sits on the toilet]

Oscar: Oh, boy! Whoa! Whoa!Is this supposed to wobble like this?

Terry: Just adjust the firmness with that little toggle there.

Oscar: Oh.

[He adjusts] [Air hisses]

Terry: Better?

Oscar: Much. I mean, I’m using this exactly the way I’d use a regular ceramic toilet.

Terry: That’s the whole point.

Oscar: I mean, I can really do it all.

Terry: And more. And AeroToilet goes anywhere. And it’s so affordable, you’ll want one for every corner of your house. And since there’s no plumbing, there’s no place AeroToilet can’t go.

Kyle: Okay, that’s awesome.

Terry: Not near an outlet? Just inflate manually using the convenient mouth tube.

[Terry is blowing the AeroToilet by herself]

Oscar: Ooh, careful not to suck.

Terry: Good thinking.

Kyle: Great party, Terry.  And I love the house. What is it, a three bedroom, nine bath?

[Both laugh] [Kyle starts peeing in front of Terry]

Terry: There’s even inflatable toilet paper and an inflatable magazine, if you get bored.

Oscar: Who is ready for another hot dog?

Bowen: Right after this game. [he is sitting on a toilet while playing the game] Oh, yes!

Terry: Oh, wow. Looks like it’s getting pretty full.

Melissa: Now what?

Oscar: Well, when it’s time for the guests to leave, all you do is open this handy valve–

Terry:  John! Not in here! There’s no plumbing!

Oscar: Oh, my God! It’s going everywhere!

Melissa: Everybody run!

Kyle: Oh my god.

Male voice: AeroToilet, from the makers of AeroBed. Not safe for pool use.

Melissa: [pooping in the living room] Occupied.

What Up With That- Oscar Isaac, Emily Ratajkowski and Nicholas Braun

Mikey Day

Oscar Isaac

Emily Ratajkowski

Nicholas Braun

Deandre Cole… Kenan Thompson

Vance… Jason Sudeikis

Giuseppe… Fred Armisen

[Starts with Mikey introducing the show]

Mikey: It’s “What’s Up With That?”, Halloween edition. Taking on the issues of today with soul. Tonight from Doom, Oscar Isaac. [cheers and applause] Model an actress, Emily Ratajkowski. [cheers and applause] And from Succession, Nicholas Braun. [cheers and applause] Here’s your host, Deandre Cole.

[Deandre Cole walks in]

Deandre Cole: [singing] I woke up this morning and I got out of bed
had a big old cup of coffee to clear my head
hiding from the ghost and a scary black cat
to trick or treat and tell me what’s up with that

Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

What’s up with that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. 

Well, thank you very much for joining us on What’s Up With That where we are excited about Halloween. It might get a little creepy. Might get a little sneaky. Might get a little peaky. Don’t got to sleepy. It’s gonna be spooky, cooky, ooky, goopy, soupy, loopy, it’s the great pumpkin snoopy

[singing] Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

[Vance walks in dancing and Giuseppe walks in playing sax] Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, what’s up, I say what’s up, somebody tell me what is up with that?

Now if I’m out here trick or treating, don’t you give me no damn fruit, yeah!

Okay. Well, that was fun. That was fun. Vance, man, good to see you. How are those knees doing? And Giuseppe, I hope your wife is feeling better. [Guiseppe is laughing] That wasn’t a joke, Guiseppe. Okay. Joining us tonight is the great actor Oscar Isaac who is dressed up as a pirate.

Oscar Isaac: Ha-ha. Ohoi! Good to see you, Deandre. Good to see you.

Deandre Cole: It’s good to see you too. We go way back. You remember Miami? I know you do. I know you do. And next to him, we have Emily Ratajkowski. She is a cat.

Emily Ratajkowski: Meow, Deandre.

Deandre Cole: Well, me to the yow to you too. And next, he has been on every show that we have ever had for the past 1Oscar Isaac years, Lindsay Buckenham.

Nicholas Braun: No. No. Sorry. I’m–

Deandre Cole: Lindsay, that is the best cousin Greg from Succession costume I have ever seen.

Nicholaus Braun: No, no. I am Nicholaus Braun.

Deandre Cole: Whatever, Lindsay. You are the busiest man in the show biz with projects like Scenes from Marriage, the Card Counter and Doom. How do you play so many different characters?

Oscar Isaac: It’s a good question. Well, no. They’re all different people. But there are similarities to them. [drum hi-hat starts playing] What is that? No, no, no, you’re not gonna do that to me, right?

Deandre Cole: No. No. Go ahead.

Oscar Isaac: Okay. Well, in the sense, all the characters are going to go through existential crisis.

Deandre Cole: [singing] Existential crisis.

Oscar Isaac: Uh, huh. And you know, there’s like a sense of poetry to them. They all deal with pain and loss, confusion.

Deandre Cole: [singing] Pain, loss and confusion.

Oscar Isaac: Yeah. So, for me, it’s all about whether there’s room to explore something interesting.

Deandre Cole: [singing] Exploring in the depths, and I got to say
Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get freaky and funky because they are the spookiest disco group in the world, the HeeBee Beegees.

[HeeBee Beegees walk in dancing]

HeeBee Beegees: [singing] eat your face, HeeBee Beegees
you better eat your face, that beautiful face

Deandre Cole: Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

Ladies and gentlemen, he got along in the 2003 baseball play offs, Chicago Cubs outcast, Steve Bartman.

[Steve Bartman walk in and dances]

Go Bartman, go Bartman. Got the baseball, got the baseball. You’re forgiven, you’re forgiven.

Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, wee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
What’s up… I say what’s up… somebody tell me what is up with that?
Somebody pull liners at the pumpkin patch that dump and miss Halloween again, Yeah!

Whoo! Well, we out of time. But I wanna thank Oscar Isaac for being here.

Oscar Isaac: Yeah. That went exactly as I thought it would go. Yeah.

Deandre Cole: And thank you to Ms. Emily Ratatakowski.

Emily Ratajkowski: I flew out for this?

Deandre Cole: And thank you for your service. And oh no, Lindsay Buckenham. Man, I wanted to hear all the secrets behind the cousin Greg costume. I’m sorry.

Nicholaus Braun: I’m actually Nicholas Braun. Please.

Deandre Cole: You are a sneaky one, Lindsay. Go win the cousin Greg contest. And Vance, take care of your knees, man. [Vance is drinking whiskey out the bottle] Until next time.

[singing] Hey, hey, hey, hey,
Oh, wee, What’s up with that? What’s up with that?
Oh, wee, What’s up with that? What’s up with that?