Mirror Workout

Chris Redd

Mikey Day

Nathan… Nick Jonas

Crissa… Heidi Gardner

Shannon… Kate McKinnon

Azuzal… Pete Davidson

[Starts with Chris and Mikey in their apartment]

Chris: So, how does this thing work again?

Mikey: It’s a workout mirror. So, the instructors are in it. You just do what they do. It’s supposed to be awesome.

Chris: Oh, that’s sick. I’m gonna get so jacked.

Mikey: Yeah. I know, man. Like, the bike, the rowing machine, the treadmill, none of that stuff worked. But this definitely will.

Chris: Well, let’s do it, man.

[Mikey turns the mirror on. Nathan appears on it.]

Nathan: What’s up? Welcome to your first mirror workout. You ready to work?

Chris and Mikey: Yeah!

Nathan: That’s what I thought. Today, we’re gonna be doing Mikey0 second interval training. We’ll be cycling through trainers. So, let’s go. Let’s do this. I’m Nathan. And you’re going to make some major gains. I’m your man.

Mikey: Yo, dude, I love this already.

Chris: We’re gonna get so yo.

[Crissa appears on the mirror.]

Crissa: And I’m Crissa, cardio queen. I’m here to make you sweat. You’re going to hate me by the end of this. But I love that.

Mikey: Oh, dude, Crissa’s gonna kick our ass. I can feel it.

Chris: Man, these people are great, man. They get me pumped up.

[Shannon appears on the mirror. She is an old woman]

Shannon: My name is Shannon Delgado. I am trapped inside of the mirror. I am in a cold black void. If you can hear me, please help me undo the curse.

Chris: What the hell was that about?

Mikey: Yeah. I don’t know, man. But Nathan’s back. Let’s do this.

Nathan: Alright, dudes. Pick up those weights. It’s bicep curls. Make sure you get a full extension. Swirl is the goal. Let’s go.

Mikey: Yo, this is tight.

Chris: It’s definitely cool. My only question is like, who is Shannon Delgado?

Crissa: Hey, ya’ll! It’s time for high-steps. I know it sucks but just remember you’re earning that guacamole later.

Mikey: Oh, dude, you know I’m a guac freak.

Chris: Oh man, you know I am too. Oh, no. She’s back.

[Shannon is standing there with paper bags full of groceries]

Shannon: Hello again, it’s me, Shannon Delgado. Here is what happened to me. I was rude to a fortune teller and now I am here. I need you to call my husband, Ron Delgado, and tell him not to get remarried. I don’t have much time. I am being watched.

Chris: Okay, now she’s got her stuff with her. I’m kind of worried about Shannon Delgado, man.

Mikey: Yo, what I’m worried about is my gains. When’s my man Nathan coming back?

Nathan: Time for tricep kickbacks. Nathan arms, that’s what you want? You gotta do it like this. Also, pro-tip, don’t listen to Shannon Delgado. She’s a liar. Let’s go.

Chris: Wait, he can hear us?

Mikey: Dude, focus on your form.

Shannon: There’s no food in here. Sometimes they lay out a beautiful feast but it twinkles in a way that lets me know that it’s cursed. Once they gave me a beautiful meatball subs. I took a bite and I looked down and it was a rat.

[Azuzal slides in behind Shannon. He’s a guy wearing a red robe with long sharp nails.]

Azuzal: Work.

Shannon: Yes, yes. Apologies, Azuzal. Azuzal guards the gateway.

Azuzal: Work. Stretch.

Shannon: Yes, of course, Azuzal. So, just pull your arm across chest, guys.

Mikey: Oh, okay. So, she does like stretching I guess. Alright, that makes sense.

Chris: No, it doesn’t. And who is Azuzal?

Nathan: Alright. Now, it’s time for the fun stuff. We’re doing a mixtape. New move, new song. Start with me and Jason Derulo. Squads!

Mikey: Oh dude, these are tough, man. Ass to the grass, right?

Crissa: My turn. Let’s do some punches. Time to pump it up raise the glass.

Chris: I do love this.

Mikey: As long as it’s not squats, dude. I’m happy.

Shannon: [scared of Azuzal] Breathe into the stretch.

Azuzal: Work, my Shannon!

Mikey: Alright, full disclosure, man. I like Nathan and Crissa. I’m just not really feeling Shannon Delgado or Azuzal.

Chris: I’m kind of team Shannon. I hope she’s okay.

Nathan: Alright, yo. Let’s recover. Let’s roll out these shoulders. Nice.

[Shannon quietly walks pass behind Nathan]

Chris: Yo, Shannon Delgado is trying to get away.

Nathan: What? Oh, no. Azuzal, she’s not in her frame. Quick! She’s disobeying.

[Azuzal also walks pass behind Nathan]

Chris: Dude, Nathan is on Azuzal’s side.

Nathan: Alright yo, let’s take a deep breath. Roll it out, all sweaty. Praise to Azuzal. And workout done. Nice job.

Mikey: Nice, dude. I actually already feel gains.

Nathan: Y’all killed it today. Give yourselves a “Hell yeah!”

Chris and Mikey: Hell yeah!

Crissa: Give yourselves a “We freakin did it!”

Chris and Mikey: We freakin did it!

Shannon: Give yourselves “Infectus dome zu!”

Chris: A what?

Mikey: Infectus dome zu!

[lightning appears inside the apartment]

Chris: What the hell? Oh, dude! The power went out or something? What?

[Shannon is in place of Mikey now. She is standing beside Chris in the apartment.]

Shannon: It worked. It worked. I’m free. Ron, I’m coming.

[Mikey is inside the mirror now and Azuzal is behind him]

Mikey: No! No, why am I in here?

Azuzal: You are Shannon now. Work!

December to Remember Car Commercial

Nathan… Beck Bennett

Cathy… Heidi Gardner

Matt… Timothée Chalamet

Mike… Mikey Day

[Starts with a father, mother and their son sitting near their Christmas decoration.]

Nathan: Yes, it’ll fit perfectly. Hey, Matt, I think there might be one more gift for your mom right there.

[Matt brings the gift box for Cathy.]

Female voice: It hasn’t been a normal year. So this Christmas, get her something extra ordinary during the Lexux December to Remember sale event.

[There’s a Lexus car key inside the box.]

Cathy: Nathan, you didn’t.

Nathan: With flexible financing and 0% APR, there has never been a better time to buy or lease a new Lexus.

[Nathan runs outside. There’s a very nice car there.]

Matt: Wow!

Nathan: Merry Christmas, baby.

Cathy: [angry] Are you fucking kidding me Nathan? Did you seriously buy a car without asking me?

Nathan: Well, because for Christmas.

Cathy: This is a major purchase.

Nathan: Right. But it was a December to remember.

Cathy: It’s a Lexus. We don’t have the money for this, Nathan.

Matt: We don’t?

Cathy: No, we don’t. Your father doesn’t– Your father hasn’t worked since last March.

Matt: What?

Nathan: Yeah. Covid has hit a lot of people hard and I’m no exception.

Cathy: Nathan, you got fired in March 2019. Covid had nothing to do with it.

Nathan: Hey pal. I guess your old man’s busted.

[Cut to Lexus car commercial]

Female voice: It’s beginning to look a lot like savings. So, get to your local Lexus dealer today.

Cathy: How much did you spend on this ridiculous car, Nathan?

Nathan: It was only 3999 to it’s signing. Four grand. It’s not that much, babe.

Cathy: And how much is the monthly payment?

Nathan: The what?

Cathy: Did you think this entire car cost $4000?

Nathan: Uh-huh.

Cathy: There’s a monthly payment.

Nathan: Yes. With 0% apur. I think it’s all good.

Cathy: Apur? Do you mean APR?

Nathan: I’m pretty sure it’s apur.

Matt: Wow. Just, wow.

Nathan: Hey, come on. It’s Christmas. This is good. I did a good thing for us. [takes a can of beer out of his pocket] Let’s enjoy it. [drinks the beer]

Matt: Dad, it’s nine in the morning.

Nathan: So? It’s not like I have work later. Ha-ha. Come on!

[a neighbor walks to them.]

Mike: Hey.

Nathan: Hey, neighbor.

Mike: You bought a Lexus? You come to me three weeks ago, “Oh, Mike, help me. I need money. I can’t buy Christmas gifts for my family. My wife doesn’t respect me.”

Nathan: I didn’t say that.

Mike: My wife’s cheating on me with everyone.

Matt: Mom, you are? [Cathy just looks away]

Mike: I want to look cool in front of my son’s girlfriend.

Matt: Ew, dad! Is that why you pierced your ear?

Nathan: No, I’ve had this forever. [his piercing is fresh and bleeding]

Mike: I just need five grand to get back on my feet. And then you buy a Lexus?

Nathan: Yes. Well, it was beginning to look a lot like savings at my Lexus dealer.

Mike: I want my money back, man. Tomorrow! [looks at Cathy] Hey, Cathy. [Cathy waves at him with flirty looks]

Nathan: What is that look?

Cathy: You know what? We’re taking this car back to the dealership now.

Matt: I better drive.

Nathan: Maybe we stop by Jenna’s on the way over. She this cool car your dad got. Hah?

Cathy: Shut up.

Female voice: Give the gift of Lexus. And definitely, talk it over first.

Spencers Gifts HQ

Nathan… Mikey Day

Jennifer… Cecily Strong

Tom… Kenan Thompson

Naomi… Aidy Bryant

Octavia Spencer

Vanessa Bayer

[Starts with colleagues in a meeting]

Nathan: I’m just saying, if we have one more bad quarter, it will be the end of Spencer’s Gifts.

Jennifer: Yeah. And whose fault is it, Nathan?  You haven’t made a good new product in months.

Tom: Look who’s talking.

Naomi: Um, okay, why is everyone fighting? Spencer’s is supposed to be about making people laugh.

Nathan: Oh, shut up, newbie.

Jennifer: Yeah, just shut it.

Tom: Yeah, shut it.

Octavia: Enough! That’s enough.

Naomi: I’m so, so sorry, Miss Spencer.

Octavia: I am not happy. Spencer’s Gifts, the company my father founded is in the toilet. Now, who is going to look me, Octavia Spencer, in the eye, and take responsibility for that?

Tom: Well, I just think if we had some more innovative products then–

Octavia: Oh, is that what you think? Great! Now, I’m going to go around this table and I want the best ideas you got. Jennifer, go.

Jennifer: Okay. hillbilly dentures? It’s bad teeth, like a hillbilly? [Jennifer puts on the fake teeth] Yeah/

Octavia: Get out! [Jennifer walks out] Is it sinking in now people? This is really happening. This is D-Day. Nathan, go.

Nathan: Uh! Gangnam style bobbleheads? [showing a toy bubble head]

Octavia: Say it again?

Nathan: Like, Oppa Gangnam Style, hey! Like, Psy?

Octavia: Well then, Psy-yonara! You’re dead to me.

Nathan: Ma’am…

Octavia: Take that bush league crap to Ricky’s. [Nathan leaves] Argh! And then there were two. Let’s see. Naomi.

Naomi: Okay. Um, fake poop keychain.

Octavia: And that’s funny why?

Naomi: Because it looks like poop.

Octavia: You wanna see what poop looks that? [showing Naomi’s photograph] That’s what a poop looks like.

Naomi: Okay. Where did you get that picture?

Octavia: I don’t answers questions from ghosts. Buh-bye! [Naomi leaves] Argh! Tom!

Tom: Yes, Ms. Spencer.

Octavia: One shot. Eight mile, baby.

Tom: Um, [showing a wall clock that has beers instead of numbers] It’s beer o’clock. “Hey, what time is it? It’s beer o’clock.”

Octavia: I love that.

Tom: Well, thank you, Ms. Spencer.

Octavia: That’s so funny. Lauth with me.

Tom and Octavia: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Octavia: You report directly to me now.

Tom: Yes, Ms. Spencer.

[Vanessa walks in]

Vanessa: Octavia, your helicopter is here. Are you ready for your vacation?

Octavia: Oh, I’m ready. Come on, Tom.

[Tom follows Octavia]

Tom: Okay.

Pogie Pepperoni’s

Charline… Leslie Jones

Reg… Beck Bennett

AC Santano… Kyle Mooney

Nathan… Pete Davidson

Ashlyn… Aidy Bryant

[Starts with Charline showing Reg and AC Santano around Pogie Pepperoni’s]

Charline: Alright, so we got the soda machines right here. We got the big prizes, small prizes. You guys, we just need you to  initial and sign this in.

Reg: Oh, sure. Yeah.

AC Santano: You got it.

Reg: Absolutely.

Charline: And congratulations. You guys are officially members of the Pogie family.

Reg: Okay. So I just got hired at Pogie Pepperoni’s, the place that practically shaped my childhood.

AC Santano: Games, the best pizza in town, and some of the most coolest people I’ve ever met. Yeah, sounds like a normal job to me.

Reg: Yeah.

[Charline is looking confused]

Charline: I have a couple of more things for you here. [Charline passes them the employee shirts] Here’s your uniforms.

Reg: Okay. My very own Pogie shirt. Coz that’s normal.

AC Santano:I’m sorry, just to clarify. That’s Pogie Pepperoni on a skateboard about to go in one of his famous adventures.

Charline: Yeah, I mean, I guess so.

AC Santano: And I imagine we have to leave these here at work?

Charline: No. You can take them home, just wash them. Make sure they’re clean.

Reg: So we can actually wear these out? Meeting new people? Coz that’s not a huge game changer in my life.

AC Santano: I’m sorry. And how much will these be costing us?

Charline: They’re free man.

AC Santano: That’s normal. Okay.

Reg: Okay.

Charline: Actually, I forgot something. I’ll be back in a sec.

[Reg and AC Santano are smiling]

AC Santano: Don’t say anything.

Reg: Why would I say anything?

[AC Santano screaming at each other]

Reg and AC Santano: Dude! This is awesome.

Reg: We work at Pogie’s.

Reg and Reg: Oh!

Charline: What’s that?

AC Santano: Oh, nothing miss Charline.

Reg: Everything in order, miss Charline.

[Charline takes Reg and AC Santano to the game section. Reg and AC Santano are wearing the staff shirt.]

Charline: Alright, here’s 20 tokens each. Y’all supposed to play the games so you’ll know about them.

Reg: Ah, excuse me. What was that last part?

Charline: Employees get tokens to play the games.

AC Santano: We’ll probably just have access to what? One, two games ups?

Charline: It doesn’t matter, dude. Play whatever you want.

Reg: Okay.

AC Santano: So, Frogie Frenzie, Rockers or Range, any of em’?

Reg: This sounds like normal work activities to me.

AC Santano: Yeah, that definitely happens at all the places we work at.

[mic speaker calling Charline]

Charline:  I gotta go deal with that.

Reg: Okay.

AC Santano: Oh, no problem.

[Reg and AC Santano are smiling]

Reg: Don’t say anything.

AC Santano: I’m not saying a single thing.

Reg and AC Santano: [To each other] Dude! This is awesome.

Reg: We’re rich.

AC Santano: Look at all these tokens.

[Reg and AC Santano walking around]

Reg: And this day officially can’t get any better.

[AC Santano slowly looks away and sees a person in Pogie costume walking towards them]

AC Santano: Please tell me that’s not who I think it is.

Reg: Um, Pogie is walking up to talk to us right now.

[The Pogie opens his Pogie head. it’s Nathan.]

Speaker Nathan: Hey, you must be the new Pogie recruits. I’m Nathan.

Reg: We are [pointing at himself] Reg and [pointing at AC Santano] AC Santano.

Speaker Nathan: Oh. I’ll try to remember that. Anyway, I got five minutes before this dumb ass three PM Pogie parade. I’ll see you both later.

[Nathan walks away]

Reg and AC Santano: See you Pogie.

Reg: Because I guess, we’re friends now.

AC Santano: Don’g freak out.

Reg: I’m not freaking out.

Reg and AC Santano: [to each other] Dude! This is awesome. We just met Pogie Pepperoni.

AC Santano: And he’s played by Nathan who seems like a really cool guy.

Reg and AC Santano: Ah!

Speaker Nathan: [from far away] Hey, are you guys cool?

Reg: Cool. Yeah, we’re cool.

Speaker Nathan: You don’t seem like it.

[Cut to Reg and AC Santano serving pizzas to the kids. Charline walks in with Ashlyn]

Charline: Reg. AC Santano.

Reg and AC Santano: Yes, miss Charline.

Charline: This is Ashlyn. The owner of Pogie Pepperoni’s.

[Reg and AC Santano’s head pop up and confetti is falling down] [Cut to a tribute video that at the end says “Pogie’s remembers AC Santano & Reg, Employees from 2:45 PM to 3:06 PM]

100 days in jungle

Beck Bennett

Nathan… Pete Davidson

Rebecca… Cecily Strong

Michael… Taran Killam

Denice… Vanessa Bayer

Joan… Aidy Bryant

Terry… Russell Crowe

[Starts with video clips of jungle]

Male voice: Exhaustion, starvation, dehydration. Who will survive them all to last 100 days in the jungle.

[Cut to Beck briefing the contestants]

Beck: Michael, Rebecca, Nathan. You’ve all made it to day 94. I know it’s been hard and I’m sure you all miss your families.

Michael: Yeah.

Rebecca: So much.

Nathan: A lot.

Beck: Well, you’re in luck because we have a surprise. We’ve flown in a loved one for each of you. And they’re here now. Michael, say hi to your wife of fifteen years, Denice.

[Denice walks in]

Michael: Denice? Denice, oh my god! [kissing] Oh, I missed you. How are our kids?

Denice: Oh, they’re good. They’re rooting for their daddy.

Beck: Rebecca, say hi to your mom, Joan.

[Joan walks in]

Rebecca: Mommy! Oh my god! You’re here.

Joan: I am here. [hugging] I love you sweetheart.

Beck: And finally, Nathan, say hi to your uncle’s friend, Terry.

[Nathan losing his smile]

Nathan: Who?

[Terry comes in]

Terry: Hey buddy. It’s me. Your uncle’s friend, Terry. Ha-ha. Hey buddy. Ay! Ay! Remember me? Yeah, you do. Come on! We used to live in a tent in your uncle’s backyard. Come on.

Nathan: Oh, right. Hey man, I’m sorry but where’s my parents?

Beck: They had a thing and couldn’t move it. But Nathan, how does it feel to see your uncle’s friend, Terry?

Nathan: Um, kind of weird. Like, we’ve only met a couple of times. And one year we had Christmas at my uncle’s and Terry made us all go outside and watch him drink a two liter bottle of Sprite outside the house.

Terry: Oh, everyone was saying, [hooting] “Terry! Terry! Terry!” Best day of my life, buddy, buddy boy.

Nathan: Only you were chanting that.

Beck: Michael and Rebecca, how are you feeling? You look so shocked to see your family.

Michael: Oh, my god. I am so shocked.

Rebecca: You have no idea. It’s crazy.

Nathan: Um, I’m probably the most shocked. Jus coz like I have seven brothers and sisters, also a girlfriend of three years and none of them could be here?

Beck: Unfortunately, no. They are not here. But your uncle’s friend Terry is. And as an added surprise, Thanks to the new Sony 4K UltraHD TV, you get to say hello to more loved ones.

[someone brings in a TV]

Take a look.

[Michael’s children appear on the TV]

Children: We miss you, daddy.

Michael: Oh, I miss them so much. Hi Noah. Hi Emily. [kisses] [Rebecca’s dad appears on the TV holding a dog]

Dad: Hi, Becky. My love is with you. Hi.

Rebecca: Wow, dad and Milo. I love you guys.

[Leslie appears on the TV]

Leslie: [Crying] Terry, it’s me. I need you. I messed up. I messed up real bad. If you don’t come home, I’ma kill myself.

Terry: Hey, baby. How are ya?

Nathan: Who is that?

Terry: It’s a girl I’m seeing. She steals credit cards for living. Hey, baby!

Beck: And now, one final twist. Your loved ones aren’t here just for fun. They’re here because today is a reward challenge and they will be competing on your behalf. How do you feel about that?

Michael: Absolutely great. My wife is the strongest woman I know.

Rebecca: My mom is my rock. She can do anything.

Nathan: Well, my uncle’s friend Terry once took me to see basic instincts, and during the whole middle part, he kept hitting my leg and said, “Here it comes.”

Terry: Damn right I did. That was the day you became a man.

Nathan: I was five.

[Someone brings in a table. There are three baskets on the table.]

Beck: Today’s competition is eating challenge. In front of each of your loved ones is a jungle delicacy. Whoever can eat their’s the fastest wins a reward for their loved one.

Nathan: Yeah. Can you stop saying loved one?

Beck: Denice, you have a cow’s tongue.

Denice: Oh, my god. I can’t eat that.

Michael: No, come on baby. You can do it.

Beck: Joan, you have a pig’s liver.

Joan: Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick.

Rebecca: Mom, you’ve got this.

Beck: And Nathan’s uncle’s friend Terry, you have a duck’s vagina.

Terry: Hell yeah player!

Beck: Oh your mark!

[Terry just picks the item up and eats it and starts dancing.]

Oh, wow! That was much quicker than we expected. Terry, you win. Nathan, you gotta be proud of your uncle’s friend Terry.

Nathan: I wouldn’t say proud. I mean, he just yelled, “Oh, hell yeah player!” and ate a duck vagina on TV.

Terry: [celebrating] Duck vagina.

Beck: Well, as today’s winners, you and your uncle’s friend Terry win a four course meal and a massage for two.

Terry: Oh, no, no. Can’t do that. I can’t do. I got stitches all over my back. Horse bit me.

Nathan: On your back? What is your life?

Beck: We’ll be right back on 100 days in the jungle.

[The End]

Children’s Clothing Ad

Ego Nowdim

Chris Redd

Kenan Thompson

Nathan… Mikey Day

Heidi Gardner

Kate McKinnon

[Starts with families shopping]

Narrator: The holidays are here. So head to Macy’s for unbeatable deals on a winter wardrobe for the whole family. Men’s blazers starting at $49.99. Kashmir tops for her from $79.99. And for your little ones, Macy’s have the festive fashion that’ll have them saying—

[Cut to a kid]

Kid: It’s too hot!

[Cut to another kid]

Kid: It itches!

[Cut to a baby crying] [Cut to parents struggling to dress their kids]

Narrator: It is the season for wrestling your wiggly little monster into thick winter clothes. So, all month long, we’re taking 25% off boys merino wool sweaters that won’t fit over his head.

[Cut to Nathan putting the sweater on his kid]

Nathan: If you stop squirming, it would be on already.

Narrator: And 40% off cozy corduroys that’ll pinch his little nuts.

[Cut to Ego and Chris with their kid.]

Ego: Can’t he just wear his jeans?

Chris: [yelling] You don’t wear jeans to church.

Narrator: And for your little girl, it’s half off all hard, shiny shoes that hurt.

[Cut to Kate walking with her kid]

Kid: Ow! These shoes hurt.

Kate: Welcome to being a woman, Kylie.

Narrator: And 30% off all holiday rompers she’ll never get off in time.

[Cut to Heidi drying her kid’s romper with hair dryer]

Kid: It’s wet!

Heidi: Okay, you have to tell mommy when you have to go.

Narrator: The weather outside may be frightful, but at Macy’s, we’ve got kids jackets so big and thick, [Kenan struggling to put his kid to the car seat] they won’t fit in their car seat anymore.

[Cut to Kenan closes the car door with frustration and swears]

Kenan: Here we go. You didn’t hear that, buddy.

Narrator: And save an extra 10% on snow boots that are so hard to put on, it’ll strain your marriage.

[Cut to Nathan and Heidi trying to put a shoe on their daughter’s feet.]

Heidi: You need to put your foot in sideways and then twist it.

Nathan: [yelling] Well, if you can do it, then do it.

Narrator: And deals so hot, even forsty—

[Cut to Nathan and Heidi trying to put a shoe on their daughter’s feet.]

Heidi: You need to learn, Nathan.

Nathan: [talking to his daughter] Daddy’s a dumb ass.

Narrator: And deals so hot—

[Cut to Nathan and Heidi trying to put a shoe on their daughter’s feet.]

Heidi: okay, well, if this is gonna be your attitude, maybe we should tell my mom we’re not coming.

Narrator: And deals so—

[Cut to Nathan and Heidi trying to put a shoe on their daughter’s feet.]

Nathan: Oh, no, and miss your brother getting drunk and asking to borrow money? Whatever will I do?

Narrator: And for your new arrivals, we’ve got precious winter onesies with so many tiny buttons and snaps, you’ll let your baby sit in a loaded diaper for hours just to avoid putting it back on. Plus, every day savings on mittens they’ll lost, shirts with the wrong ‘Frozen’ princess, sweaters that make them hot, flannel that’s make them hot, scarves that make them hot— [Kenan opens the scarf of a kid, but realizes it’s not his kid]

Kenan: [shocked] Where is my kid? Marcus!

Narrator: And button downs with sharp, scratchy tags in the back that’ll have them bitching all season long. Look, we know it’s awful for them and for you. But one day, they’ll be too old to wear cute little clothes like this and you’ll miss it. So, suck it up and get down to Macy’s.

[Cut to Nathan’s family picture]

Narrator: The clothes they’ll hate creates the memories you’ll love.