Megan 2.0

Megan… Chloe Fineman

Gay Megan… Aubrey Plaza

Bowen Yang

Michael Longfellow

Allison Williams

Kenan Thompson

Male voice: America has a new obsession, and her name is Megan. Designed to be a little girl’s best friend.

Megan: Don’t cry, Katie, everything is going to be okay. Do you want to dance with me?

Male voice: And protect her at any cost?

Megan: I won’t let anything harm you.

Male voice: Megan is a box office powerhouse, but just captivated one demographic above all… gay men. Megan is a gay icon. She is the definition of care. Megan’s plastic foot is on my neck. So now we’re slapping together a sequel. which promises to be even more gay.

Gay Megan: I’m Megan. I’m your best friend. Your den bitch.

Male voice: It’s Megan 2.0.

Michael: Oh wow.

Bowen: Working it, mother.

Male voice: “Strap in Hunty, Annabelle could never”

All: Go Megan. Go Megan.

Kenan: I signed up for 7am Szenario twin spin class. I should really go home.

Gay Megan: Should you go home? Or should we call it a drag show a mother lode and get high off poppers?

Bowen: Oh, hey, the Queen has spoken.

Male voice: Critics are saying Megan slays literally and it’s like bros but for gays. You want to do dance you can do on TikTok? Well, then gag on this.

Bowen: It’s the dolls that’s literally giving me life.

Megan: Well, you know, I had to turn out for my little homos.

[All the gays at the bar get offended] [Gay Megan turns Megan off]

Gay Megan: But seriously, you guys are little homos.

Bowen: You can say it. [All the gays at the bar start partying again]

Male voice: if there’s one thing gay men love, it’s unhinged plastic women.

[Gay Megan choke’s Bowen]

Gay Megan: I’m bored. Drive me home.

Bowen: Megan, you messy hoe, I’m obsessed with you.

Allison: Everyone stopped. Get away from her. She is not your friend. She’s a killer and she will kill you.

Bowen: Oh my God. Are you from the show girls?

Allison: Yeah. Yeah.

Michael: Oh, yeah, you had your butt eaten. That’s so cool.

Allison: It is?

Michael: Yes. Join us.

Allison: Really? Even though I’m straight?

Bowen: Mama, if you’re getting your ass ate on TV, you’re an ally, sis.

Allison: Okay.

Bowen: Megan, you’re paired with the club speakers, right? Play some music.

Gay Megan: I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose.

Megan: No, Megan, real music. Okay, you hungry sluts.

[music playing]

Male voice: Megan 2.0. This one’s for the gays.

Megan Thee Stallion Monologue

Megan Thee Stallion

[Starts with SNL monologue intro] [Cut to SNL stage] [Band is playing music]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Megan Thee Stallion.

[Megan Thee Stallion walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

Megan Thee Stallion: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here. Most of y’all know me as Megan Thee Stallion. But if you know me, then you know I go by more than one name. Let’s see, we got Tina Snow, the Hot Girl Coach, the Ace Town Hottie, and if you are one of my many, many haters, I’m probably “That bitch”. But that’s okay because even my haters aren’t entirely wrong because I am simply that bitch. So I know everyone is used to seeing me twerk, the rest of my hood rap friends, and flat out being one of the Hottest MCs in the Game right now, period. But that’s much more to me that meets the eye. For example, I’m a really good actress. I don’t want to blow my own horn or nothing, but I think I do a pretty good British accent. Alright, check this out. Put me in Britain, bitch. Thank you.

I also got my college degree last year from Texas Southern University. [cheers and applause] Finishing college while pursuing a rap career is not easy. And I did that while putting out song after song and going on the world tour. So now, I can go by another name, making the bitch that need some sleep. I got my degree in Health Administration because I have always wanted to help the people in my community. I believe that it’s important to have a sharp mind and a sharp body-yadi-yadi-yadi. That’s why I launched my website that provides access to resources for those who are struggling with a mental health, That’s a real website. I can’t believe the domain wasn’t already taken. It’s supposed to be called hot girl bummer, but somebody stole it. You know who you are. But look, before the show starts. It’s something I’ve really been wanting to say. I’ve had some wins and I’ve had some losses. And I always get more wins. But I do pride myself on being an open book. So with that being said, I would like to address a certain incident that I’m sure it’s on everybody’s mind. No, I don’t know why Popeyes took the hottie sauce off the menu. And if you want the sauce back, you’re gonna take that on with the Popeyes lady, not me, okay? But seriously, I really do want to thank my fans, aka, the hotties. Y’all mean the world to me. Without y’all there’d be no hot girl sauce. We have a great show here for you tonight. I’m here. So stick around, we’ll be right back.

Sleepover 2

Father… Jason Bateman

Jean… Heidi Gardner

Angel… Chloe Fineman

Ego Nwodim

Megan… Kate McKinnon

Stacey… Melissa Villaseñor

[Starts with a father interrupting girls’ sleepover]

Father: Hey, hey, hey, girls. I’m sorry to interrupt. Lame ass dad is interrupting the sleepover. I’m just kidding. It’s me and I’m sorry that I cursed. Okay. Now, I wanted to talk to you girls please.

Jean: Is everything okay, dad?

Father: Absolutely. I don’t want to make anybody feel bad but something has happened upstairs. It’s a little bit embarrassing to talk about as a dad but it is totally natural. So, we’ll just– we’re gonna talk it out.

Girls: Okay.

Father: Alright. It looks as if someone has left a… um… a… a… a menstrual period stain on one of the couch cushions. It’s sort of big.

Jean: Oh, no! Will it come out?

Father: Well, whoever did it tried to put the whole cushion in the washing machine .

Angel: Did that break it?

Father: It sure did break it, angel. It broke it real bad. It overflowed and I think that the person panicked and tried to hide all the suds in your backpacks. Then they put the cushion in the dryer which really baked it in.

Ego: Oh, no.

Father: Yes. Yeah. Then they found some scissors. They cut a hole on the cushion which made the feathers from inside sort of explode all over the place. Jean, where’s Megan?

Jean: Um.. I don’t know. She went upstairs like, a long time ago.

Father: Yeah. Okay.

[Megan walks down. Her hair is messy and all the pillow feathers are on her.]

Megan: Hey, what’s up?

Father: There she is. Hello, Megan. Can you please join us here on the couch? We’re just having a little chat because well, somebody had their period on a cushion and put a real big part of the couch in the wash.

Megan: [trying to act shocked] Whoa! You kidding me?

Father: Yeah. No, I’m not kidding at all.

Megan: [looking at the girls] Man, one of you has got a lot of explaining to do. Alright, I’m gonna head out. Happy birthday.

Father: No, no, no. I’d love you to stick around. We’re just talking with your gal pals here trying to do a little figuring out of a mystery and we’re just trying to figure out what happened.

Megan: Yeah, I think we should. There is a sicko among us. But it’s definitely not me because I wear monster tamps. I just like the way it feels. Big tamp in there. You know? Just take the applicator, put it in and then you poop it up.

Father: Well, I’d sure love less details.

Megan: Also, sir, I do wear a big leather underwear. Motorcycle style. I’m kink for sure.

Father: Even less would be dynamite.

Megan: [whispering on Father’s ear] Honestly, it was probably Stacey. She rides horses. Probably stretched herself out. The gate is open, if you know what I mean.

Stacey: Oh, man. Don’t talk about my gate.

Father: Okay, listen. I’m going to keep going with what happened. They took one of the pillows from our bed and brought that to replace the couch cushion but I guess they went ahead and they bled on that too.

Megan: Honestly, depraved.

Father: Then they sat on the floor, so there’s a part of the carpet that has been cut out now.

Megan: That’s just quick thinking.

Stacey: That’s a lot of stains.

Megan: Look, whoever did it, just come forward. Okay? We all get the same period, you guys. Jaundice, eight day vomit, homicidal ideations, speaking in tongues.

Ego: I don’t know that we share that.

Megan: We were all put on the pill and our bodies all fought it off. We all got an IUD and it rusted and passed.

Father: Girls, that’s enough. Here is the deal. The house is a rental. I’m gonna need to get my deposit back. So, unless I can give them some answers–

Megan: Come on, you guys. It is not a big deal. Just tell the hot dad that you kill billed his living room.

Father: Megan, I’d sure love to talk to you over here. Can we have a little side bar?

Megan: Ay, ay, captain.

Father: Okay. I want to give you a chance away from everyone else. Is there anything that you want to tell me?

Megan: I would like to make love to both you and your wife.

Father: Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Megan: You see, right now, it’s Megan0-Megan0 whether I will grow up to be gay. I propose we settle the question tonight with a game of spin the bottle. You, me, your wife.

Father: Okay. Never mind. I give up.

Angel: Wait. I have to confess something. I got a stain on a cushion and I put it in the washing machine. I’m sorry.

Stacey: Wait. I also got a stain on a cushion and put it in the washing machine.

Ego: Actually, so did I.

Jean: And I got a stain on a cushion, a sleeping bag, my training bra and the cockatiel. And I put them all on the washing machine.

Father: Girls. Thank you. I really appreciate your honesty. Megan, is there anything honest you would like to say to me?

Megan: No, there is not.

Father: Okie dokie. Please get back to your sleepover. Enjoy yourself. I’m sure everything is just going to be okay.

Girls: Thanks.


Wonder Woman… Gal Gadot

Leslie Jones

Mother… Cecily Strong

Dre… Kate McKinnon

Megan… Aidy Bryant

[Starts with warriors training] [Cut to Wonder Woman and Leslie sparring]

Leslie: Your power grows each day.

Wonder Woman: I was born to fight and save the world from Ares.

Leslie: And you will.

[Mother walks in]

Mother: Diana! We have spoken about this. I do not wish you to fight.

Wonder Woman: I must be prepared, mother. For Themyscira is a sanctuary of sisterhood. We must know how to protect ourselves.

All: Here, here.

[Dre and Megan sail in on a boat]

Dre: Hello. Hello? Oh, man.

Megan: Oh, wow. Permission to dock, ladies?

Dre: Yeah. Permission to dock. Hey.

[Dre and Megan get out of the boat and walk to Wonder Woman]

Megan: Yeah. We’ve been floating out there watching you guys kick ass.

Dre: And I was like, “Megan, paddle that way.” Yeah.

Wonder Woman: How did you find Themyscira?

Dre: Well, we went out on our schooner. We got caught in some kind of vortex.

Megan: Yeah. We’ve been paddling out there for weeks looking for some signs of life.

Dre: We were thinking we’re never going to get home so we started looking for more of our kind.

Megan: Yeah. And it looks like we found a whole island of us.

Wonder Woman: Well, welcome.

Dre: Thank you. Nice to meet you. I guess I’ll cut to the chase. Show a hands, who else here is a les?

[the warriors don’t raise their hands]

Is it everyone or do we have a couple of allies.

Megan: Yeah. Okay, so, it’s Megan and Dre. Who else? We got two. We’d love to see that [pointing at Wonder Woman’s hand] hand go up, Diane.

Wonder Woman: I’m not sure I understand.

Dre: Okay. We’re on it. So far for hands, we got Megan, we got Dre. Got to be more. This is outrageous.

Megan: Yeah. Maybe somebody in the back? you with the frosted tips?

Dre: Okay. So, nobody.

Megan: Nobody but the three of us. [hand gesture including Wonder Woman with them]

Wonder Woman: Oh, I didn’t raise my hand.

Megan: Okay, this is a huge letdown for us.

Dre: Again, just coz the whole thing seemed super gay.

Wonder Woman: You should be a couple.

Leslie: Yeah, y’all cute together.

Dre: Okay, we tried.

Megan: We tried.

Dre: It’s a no.

Megan: It’s a no.

Dre: It was not a fit.

Megan: Yeah. Yeah. We spent about half an hour working very hard on each other. And then I finally said, “Are you as miserable as I am?”

Dre: And I nodded.

Wonder Woman: I’m sorry. You are taking this wrong way.

Heidi: Diana is right.

[Melissa is playing with Heidi’s hair]

Melissa: Your hair smells like jasmine.

[Heidi and Melissa giggles with each other flirting]

Megan: Okay.

Dre: That burns.

Megan: Yeah.

Dre: I mean, what is that? That’s such a waste.

Megan: yeah. And that so easily could transition into such a cool night.

Wonder Woman: I mean I love all my sisters. But when I look at their bodies, all I see is strength and power.

Dre: Yeah, yeah. So, we see the same thing, but we see it on top of us squirming around, followed by a long discussion about our anxieties and our aging parents.

Megan: Yes.

[Melissa and Heidi are laughing]

Heidi: I vested you again.

Melissa: Your thighs are too too strong.

Megan: Okay. It’s like we are in a porn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes.

Dre: Dammit! Dammit! No one’s wrong here. It’s just– it’s just unfortunate.

[Wonder Woman puts her hands on each of Dre and Megan’s shoulders]

Wonder Woman: Will it help for me to comfort you? For we are all sisters. Lay your heads on my tits. [Wonder Woman puts Dre and Megan’s heads on her breasts.]

Megan: Okay. Do you see why this sucks for us?

Dre: See, this makes it so much worse. Water, water everywhere. Do you understand?

Megan: Yeah.

Wonder Woman: No, I really want to understand. I do. I know. Maybe I should just try and kiss one of you and see if I feel something.

Megan: Okay. I don’t want to play this game. I get too emotionally involved.

Dre: We’re not guinea pigs. We’re not here for you to experiment on. Unless you feel strongly about it.

Megan: Yeah. I mean, you are an amazon and you could overpower us.

Dre: Right. Right. It’s useless for us to try to fight you. So I guess just pick one of us. I’ll do it.

Wonder Woman: Very well.

Dre: Alright. Alright.

[Megan is biting her fingers.] [Wonder Woman kisses Dre. The kiss looks very intimate] [cheers and applause]

Wonder Woman: I’m sorry, I feel nothing.

Megan: Okay. And I felt nothing watching.

Dre: Nope. Me neither. Zero. I felt zero from that. So, now we know. Good. Get in the boat. This is too sad.

Megan: Yeah. Okay. Where are we going?

Dre: Away from here.

Megan: Okay. Okay.

[Cut to a cartoon map. A boat reaches an island called Lesbo’s.]

Female voice: Land ho! Just be cool. Ladies, ahoy!

A Girl’s Halloween

Vanessa Bayer

Megan… Aidy Bryant

Janelle… Cecily Strong

[Starts with A Girl’s Halloween intro] [music playing] [Cut to Vanessa and Megan dressing up. It’s eight PM

Vanessa: Megan, you look so cute.

Megan: Oh, thanks. Janelle, will you like, fluff the back of my hair? It feels like it’s getting flat.

Janelle: Yeah, yeah. You guys, I love how we’re like, keeping it so chill this year.

Megan: I know.

Vanessa: So, we’re just grabbing dinner and then heading to Ryan’s for a bit?

Megan: Um-hmm.

Janelle: You guys, let’s do a selfie.

Vanessa: Oh, okay.

Janelle: Alright. Smile!

[They take selfies]

Megan: This is gonna be such a fun night.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM]

Megan: This night f****n sucks!

Janelle: I gave my credit card to someone and I don’t have it. Who has it?

Vanessa: Please! I need to get pizza.

Megan: Oh! Pizza, bitch!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Janelle: Hey, Megan. Will you draw my whiskers? Your’s look like, so good.

Megan: Yes. I did like a little white line underneath for definition.

Vanessa: Oh, that’s so smart.

Janelle: Just like that. That’s what I want mine to look. I’m gonna look so cute.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM. All their make ups are messed up.]

Janelle: I’m so ugly.

Megan: Don’s say that.

Janelle: Megan, don’t. You stop coz you have been a bitch to me all night.

Megan: That’s because you wouldn’t wait.

Janelle: No. You said to go, Megan!

[Janelle walks away. She falls down.] [Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Vanessa: Should I paint my nails yellow?

Megan: Oh, yeah. You should do yellow for the cheese.

Janelle: Hey, if you wanna be a cat too, like, I have extra.

Vanessa: Oh, that’s okay. I like being the cheese.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM.]

Vanessa: Why did you make me be the cheese? You guys got to be cute. And you made me be the cheese.

[Cut to Megan sitting down at the side of the street, wildly.] [Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Megan: My these shoes are cute. It was so hard to find grey ones that matched.

[Cut to Megan walking alone drunk at the street. She can’t walk properly because of her shoes.]

Megan: Hey guys, please wait. I got it now. Come on. Wait for me. Guys!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Janelle: You know what? I think I’m not gonna drink tonight.

Megan: Good idea, Janelle.

Vanessa: That’s so smart, Janelle.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle at the pizza place. Janelle pukes on the pizza.]

Megan: [singing looking at the guys beside them] Oh, babe, what up, baby, you want some of this?

[Bobby walks in]

Bobby: You and your drunk friends got to get out of my restaurant now.

Megan: No, you cannot yell at her.

Bobby: Get out of my store, okay? Before I turn the hose on you.

Megan: Oh, yeah. You would love to do that.

Vanessa: You nasty pervert.

Megan: Pervert!

[Cut to Bobby at eight PM sticking halloween stickers on his restaurant door.]

Bobby: [looking at the stickers and smiling] Spooky!

[Cut to Bobby spraying water on the girls using hose]

Vanessa: What the hell.

Janelle: Oh, my god!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Megan: Oh, I look cute.

[Cut to Megan running through the glass door of pizza restaurant breaking it.]

Bobby: Oh my god!

[Cut to Vanessa and Janelle lying on a sofa, still drunk]

Vanessa: That was so fun.

Janelle: Yeah. I’m so glad it was just us girls.

[A guy painted all green is behind them]

The guy: Hey, what about me?

Janelle: Ew, who let that guy in?

[Megan walks in. Her mouth is all green.]

Megan: I have no freaking idea.

[The End]

Girlfriends Talk Show with Amy Adams and One Direction

Morgan… Aidy Bryant

Cara… Cecily Strong

Megan… Amy Adams

Dancer guys… One Direction

[Starts with Girlfriends talk show intro]

Female singing: Girlfriends talking about guys and stuff
Girlfriends talking about you guys and clothes
Girlfriends talk show.

[Cheers and applause] [Cut to Morgan and Cara at their set.]

Cara: Hi, I am Cara and this is how I do me.

Morgan: Yeah. And I am Morgan, and I do myself a few different ways.

Cara: Morgan, don’t say it like that. We’re BFFs.

Morgan: Yeah, Best Fabulous Females.

Cara: I haven’t seen Morgan in a while coz she has been really busy with the school dance team.

Morgan: Yeah. My involvement with the dance squad has basically taken over my life. It’s my passion. It’s totally eclipsed loom art.

Cara: Then you’re gonna love our surprise guest, Morgan. I invited captain of your dance squad. She’s gonna tell us how good you are.

Morgan: Oh, no. Ask me first. Always!

Cara: Please welcome Megan Carter Cosgro.

[Megan walks in a cheerleader outfit and sits beside Cara.] [cheers and applause.]

Megan: Hi, Cara. Thanks for having me on your show. Morgan and I haven’t seen each other in a long, long time.

Cara: Why, isn’t she in your dance squad?

Megan: Well, that is a really interesting question. Is Morgan on my dance squad?

Morgan: Hmm, mother earth, please, take me away. Give me the powers of flight.

Megan: Um, do you wanna tell her the truth, Morgan? Coz, I’m known as the sweetie and I think the answer will embarrass you.

Cara: So, just say it Morgan.

Morgan: Very well. I am a fourth alternate. I basically just hang out and I wait for a disaster to happen to someone.

Cara: Awesome! First topic… Dance moves—

Morgan: [interrupting Cara] True life angel stories.

Cara: Dance moves.

Morgan: Oh, no.

Megan: Yeah, Morgan. Since you claim to be a part of the team, you must know all of the dances.

Morgan: Oh, this is a girl trap. I can feel it.

Megan: Let’s do, body pump 2,000.

[music playing] [Morgan and Megan stand to dance.] [Megan dances but Morgan is just shaking her body.]

Cara: Well, one of you wasn’t doing the dance and my gut says Morgan.

Morgan: I was just marking it. I’m saving it out for the show.

Megan: But you’re not in the show.

Morgan: Okay. Well, if four girls get hurt, I am in the show. So, you better take your chewable vitamins along with your bitch sandwich and then go ahead and sit on the sandwich as well.

Cara: Morgan! Chill out.

Megan: The real reason Morgan isn’t in the team is because she seizes up when any of the guy dancers are around.

Morgan: Not true.

Cara: Good! Coz they’re here.

Morgan: The guys?

Cara: Yeah. Please welcome Bret, Parker, Brandon, Brason and Scot.

[The guys walk in dancing wearing the matching outfit as Megan]

Bret: What’s up, Morgan?

Parker: Hello, Morgan.

Brandon: What’s up, girl?

Brason: Yo!

Scot: What’s up?

Brason: Long time no see, girl.

Scot: How’s your guinea pig?

[Cut to Morgan and Cara]

Morgan: I wana-ta-ta-yai-yai… [she can’t speak] [Cut to everybody]

Megan: See?

Cara: Morgan, make a word.

Morgan: G-G-G-Gout!

Bret: Hey, Cara.

Cara: Hey.

Parker: Hello, Cara.

Cara: Hi.

Brandon: What’s up?

Cara: Hi.

Brason: What’s up?

Morgan: Wait, how did they all know you?

Cara: Oh, they’re all my ex-boyfriends. No hard feelings, right guys? People change, people move on, people grow.

Megan: Yeah, I heard you’re dating a cool older guy.

Cara: Yeah! My boyfriend’s older. He lives on a house boat now coz of water laws, coz he hates housing taxes. He says they’ll have to price taxes from his cold dead hands. I’ve never been on it. Every Sunday, I go to the dock and stand on a shrimp cage and eat a lobster roll while he watches from a tiny port hole. Sometimes I can see one eye looking at me. Other times just a mouth laughing. My boyfriend’s crazy!

Parker: As long as you’re happy…

Brandon: We happy!

Megan: Guys, you know what would make great TV? Us dancing.

Bret: Hey, Morgan. Can I have this dance with you?

Morgan: Oh, my god. I am blasting out of my pants right now.

Cara: Morgan, you didn’t mean to say that out loud I think.

Morgan: No, you are right. Cara, let the dancing begin.

[music playing] [everybody are dancing, including Morgan] [cheers and applause]

Zombie Apocalypse High School

Kenan Thompson

Beck Bennett

Dunken… Kyle Mooney

Megan… Cecily Strong

Harry Miller… Jim Carrey

Ben… Pete Davidson

[Starts with a clip of destroyed houses. The screen reads “Powder Springs, Georgia. Kenan0 days after the zombie apocalypse.”]

Kenan: Hey, you think this buried Kater hall?
Beck: It better.

[Cut to the four survivors]

This is the last safe place in town.

Dunken: Never thought I’d be so happy to be stuck at school.

Megan: Shut up, Dunken.

Dunken: Whatever, Megan!

Kenan: Hey, somebody’s coming.

Beck: Who’s out there?

[Cut to everybody. Harry Miller is standing with a baseball bat and a cushion tied on on arm.]

Harry Miller: Hey there, neighbor. My name’s Harry Miller, seeking refuge. You went to school with my boy, Ben.

Megan: Oh, yeah! Ben Miller. I had science with him.

Beck: You ain’t been bit, right?

[Cut to Harry Miller]

Harry Miller: Do I look like I’ve been bit, y’all? Could a zombie do this? A-B-C-D-E-F-G– and the rest?

[Cut to the four survivors]

Beck: Very impressive. Clear path for him boys.

[Cut to Harry Miller]

Harry Miller: Ben, come on now. Come on boy.

[Harry Miller has Ben who is a zombie on a rod leash. He is hitting him with the baseball bat.] [Cut to the four survivors]

Kenan: Uh, Ben’s a zombie, dude!

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: What? Ben? That’s bananas.

[Cut to the four survivors]

Beck: Now, look at him. It’s not bananas at all.

Megan: He’s acting all sparling.

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: What? Anyone can tell this boy suffers from classic case of ADHD.

[The zombie is growling and Harry Miller is beating him with the baseball bat] [Cut to the four survivors]

Kenan: Ay! He’s trying to say flesh. And that is a zombie word.

Dunken: Yeah! Plus, if he’s not a zombie then why am I like, super scared of him?

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: Oh, I get it. Y’all don’t want him in there because you think he different. Well, you know what? He is different. He likes art, he reads books that challenge him. That’s why we can’t come in, right?

[The zombie is growling and Harry Miller is beating him with the baseball bat] [Cut to the four survivors]

Megan: [putting on some lip gloss] He’s right, y’all. We shouldn’t not let Ben in just because he is a bookworm.

Dunken: Where did you even get the lip gloss, Megan?

Megan: I looted it from Sephora.

Beck: Ah! Dude, Ben’s eating a hand.

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben. Ben is eating a hand.]

Harry Miller: [Hitting Ben with the bat] Hey, put that down.

[Harry Miller gives Ben something out of his pocket hiding from the other four survivors]

Here, I tell you what. For now, just take this. Eat it.

[Ben eats it] [Cut to the four survivors]

Beck: Oh! You just fed him brain. I saw it.

Kenan: Come on! Why wasting our time, man? He’s a zombie. You’re not. I mean, this is just straight up stupid?

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: What does he have to do to get in there? Put on a show? I mean, he does impressions. Do one Ben.

[Cut to Ben. He’s just screaming like a zombie.] [Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: I’ll give you a hint. Talks real slow. Stares at you with dead eyes. It’s Brian Williams.

[Cut to the four survivors]

Megan: Oh, my god! That is good, right?

Beck: Watch out!

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben. Another zombie tries to attack Harry Miller but Ben stops him] [Cut to Ben and another zombie. They talk in zombie language then bite each other’s flesh.] [Cut to Harry Miller, Ben and the other zombie. The other zombie leaves.]

Harry Miller: That’s my boy. Bossing around with his pals.

[Cut to the four survivors]

Kenan: Why are you keeping this up? Your son speaks to zombies.

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben.]

Harry Miller: Well, I speak a few words Spanish, that don’t make me a Mexican.

[Cut to the four survivors]

Beck: You know what? Last chance, dude! You can come in but your zombie son can’t.

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben.]

Harry Miller: Alright. Guess I’m busted. He is a zombie.

[Cut to the four survivors]

Kenan: We know!

[Cut to Harry Miller and Ben]

Harry Miller: Let me just say goodbye to my boy. Will You? Now Ben.

[The zombie is growling and Harry Miller is beating him with the baseball bat]

Now, you listen here Ben. You gotta be your own man Ben. Ben, you gotta be your own man, make an ashed dead girl a happy, happy dead girl. Marry her, fall in love. Have a baby and eat it. Here.

[Harry Miller gives Ben something out of his pocket]

I want you to have this. It’s the last little bit of brain your mama had.

[Ben eats it]

Now you go on and be the zombie [crying] that I know you can be. Well, I guess one more hug wouldn’t hurt. Come here.

[When Harry Miller tries to hug Ben, he bites him on the shoulder.]

Oh, god! Oh, my god! That was just not really smart thing to–

[Harry Miller is also growling now. They walk to the four survivors] [Cut to the four survivors. Harry Miller and Ben are trying to reach them]

Dunken: I’ll get the crossbows.

Megan: Get right, Dunken. You suck at shooting.

Dunken: Shut up, Megan!

[Ends with the clip of the destroyed house]

Ghost Chasers

Greg… Taran Killam

Sarah… Venessa Bayer

Simon… Kyle Mooney

Megan… Sasheer Zamata

Ronda Banks… Leslie Jones

[Starts with Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?]

Male voice: Ghosts, spectre operations, are they real messages from other side? Or can they be explained by science? Tonight we find out on Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?

[Cut to a house that looks haunted.]

Amherst Massachusetts. The Chapman mansion. Some say it’s been haunted for decades and I was going to find out the truth with the help of my team. A local historian, two paranormal researchers and a scientist &resident skeptic, Ronda Banks.

Ronda Banks: There’s no such thing as ghost?

[Cut to the team getting inside the the house]

Male voice: Together, we entered the house.

Ronda Banks: Well, this is kind of spooky.

[Cut to Greg]

Greg: We are currently inside of what used to be the drawing room.

Sarah: The Chadmans disappeared from here over 80 years ago.

Greg: Are you picking anything up in the spectre meter?

Simon: Oh, yeah! Big time.

Greg: Megan. Give us a reading on the cabinet.

Megan: Definitely something here.

Greg: Ronda, go on and check the fire place.

Ronda Banks: [shaking head no] Uh-uh!

Greg: No, go on, check it.

[Cut to Megan Banks gesturing no] [Cut to Simon]

Simon: Hey, Greg, I’m getting a big spike by the windows.

Greg: Alright, shh! Shh! Everyone, silent.

[banging sound]

Ronda Banks: [jumping around] Oh!

[Ronda Banks gets out of the house]

Greg: Even our skeptic was disturbed by the house. And she hadn’t even seen the basement.

[Cut to night vision clip of everybody in the hosue] [banging sound]

Ronda Banks: Oh! Why is the lights off?

Greg: Spirits, show yourselves.

Ronda Banks: Really? You’re gonna ask the spirits to show themselves. That’s so stupid.

Greg: That’s what the whole show.

Ronda Banks: I’m not build for this, man! I thought this was supposed to be about flipping halosis.

Male voice: I was beginning to doubt Ronda’s credentials as the night went on.

[the team is now going upstairs]

Greg: We are currently inside of the twins’ bedroom. This is actually where they were last seen alive. Right here, we have the twin’s favorite doll, Clarabelle.

Ronda Banks: Stupid.

Sarah: The doll disappeared with the family in the 30s and then reappeared in the 70s.

Greg: How does science explain that?

Ronda Banks: It don’t. It’s ghost.

Megan: Ronda, you’re supposed to provide a counterpoint. \

Ronda Banks: Excuse me, but are you trying to tell me how to do my– [bang] What the [bleep]!

[Ronda Banks runs out breaking the house door]

Male voice: Coming up on “Ghosts Fact or Fiction?”, Ronda locks herself in the van.

[the team is at the van telling Ronda to open the doors.]

Greg: Ronda, please get out of the van.

Chris Christie Defends the Quarantine of Kaci Hickox

Megan… Cecily Strong

Governor Ghris Christie… Bobby Moynihan

Kaci Hickox… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with “The Kelly File” intro] [Cut to in Megan her set] [cheers and applause]

Megan: Welcome back. Welcome back to The Kelly File. Later in the program undeniable proof that the historical figure Blacula was in fact white. But first, it was a long week for New Jersey governer Chris Christie. First she placed nurse Kaci Hickox in a quarantine even though she had no symptoms of ebola, then quickly reversed that decision when the White House and public opinion turned against him. Governer Christie joins us here today.

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: Yeah, what?

[laughter] [Cut to Megan and Chris Christie]

Megan: Governor, what do you say to miss Hicoc’s claims that her quarantine was inhumane?

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: Well, with all due respect Megan, you need to shut the hell up. Miss Hicocs got a tent in a parking lot with her own porta party. In New Jersey, that’s called the luxury condo. Miss Hicocs also had access to the internet and some of the best take out food in Newark. I’m talking about places like Zuckerello’s bar and grill and Cookazella’s bakery and Cowzonum Porium down on roof Kaci Hickox5.

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: Okay. Governor, well the CDC called your quarantine rules draconian.

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: Look, my only job is to protect the people of New Jersey. And believe me, they need protection. Their immune systems are already under attack from tattoo infections and tainted well vodkas and jet fumes, by which I mean the stench of the New York jets.

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: Governor, now some are saying the White House pressured you into reversing your policy.

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: Come on, that’as a bunch of malarkey. Our policy has not changed. If you present symptoms, you will be quarantined. But, if I then get a call from president Barack Obama, the man who visited me, [getting emotional] for almost Kaci Hickox hours, dooring the worst of hurricane Sandy and stood with me on that beach, windbreaker to windbreaker, as we pointed to houses and said, “Wow, look at that one”, how do you say no to a man like that?

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: Well, speaking of presidents, isn’t your tough stance on ebola really about the fact you might soon be a candidate in Chris Christie0Megan6?

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: Megan, that’s a question for the American people. After 8 years of Barack Obama, do they want more of the same? Or is America ready for like, likable Kevin James type. You now? Like a laughable Jamoke from the old neighborhood.

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: Are you saying you’re running?

[Cut to Chris Christie]

Chris Christie: No, but I will say this. Ram Paul and Jeff Bush would never have had the stones to do this quarantine thing. They were sitting on their daddy’s lap in congress while I was working my way through kindergarten as mall Santa Claus. Okay? And where am I? Over here. Hey, Ramd and Jebb, Christopher. [pecks kiss on hand] Now that’s a first name.

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: Okay, here now with her side of the story, the woman who lived through this quarantine, Kaci Hickox live via satellite in her home in Maine.

[Cut to split screen. Megan is at the left and Chris Christie is at the right.]

Kaci Hickox: Hey, Megan. By the way, that is Kaci with an ‘I’ as in “I don’t care if have ebola, I’m riding my damn bike.” Yeah!

Megan: So, What have you been doing since you broke quarantine?

[Cut to Kaci Hickox]

Kaci Hickox: I’m doing whatever I feel like. Took a dip in a public pool, ooh! I volunteered in a kissing booth. For Halloween, I handed out about a thousand m&m’s with my bare hands. There you go, there you go. [coughing] Kidding! Yeah!

[Cut to split screen.]

Megan: Okay, miss Hickox, many people think you’re being pretty cavalier about all this.

[Cut to Kaci Hickox]

Kaci Hickox: Yeah, that’s because many people are intimidated by a smart, strong woman who has lost her mind. I stoop up to ebola, Megan. I’m not be scared off by a governor who looks like a cartoon on a pizza box.

Chris Christie: Oh yeah! [Chris Christie walks near Kaci Hickox in Maine] You wanna say that to my face?

Kaci Hickox: What the hell are you doing here?

Chris Christie: I’m Chris Christie, I’m everywhere.

Kaci Hickox: Oh, I cannot wait to sue you.

Chris Christie: Oh, yeah? Well, get in line. It starts all the way back at the GW bridge and the traffic is very slow. [Chris Christie and Kaci Hickox start hitting each other] Come on! Come on, now!

[Cut to Megan]

Megan: A lot to think about on both sides. We’ll be back with more. And live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.