Quarterback’s Injury

Al Michael… Beck Bennett

Chris Collinsworth… Adam Driver

Jared Schleff… Pete Davidson

Michelle Tafoya… Cecily Strong

Lucas Kavner… Kenan Thompson

Bruce Erin… Bobby Moynihan

[Starts with Al and Chris in their set]

Al: We’re back with 4th quarter with Arizona leading Green Bay, 28-17. Al Michael here with you along with Chris Collinsworth. And this game has been a nightmare for the packers, Chris.

Chris: It really has. After losing their first three quarterbacks to injury, Green Bay has turned into a 4th string back who I’ve never heard of.

[Cut to Jared smiling with his team jersey on.]

Al: Jared Schleff has not taken a snap for Green Bay all year. [Cut to Al and Chris] But here he is in the biggest game of the season.

Chris: Well, the playoff is certainly where you’ll find the most unlikely of heroes.

Al: Absolutely. Let’s go down to the field where Schleff is in the shotgun.

[Cut to the ground. The game is on.]

He takes the snap.

[Opponent player breaks Jared’s legs too.]

Oh my god!

Chris: Oh! Sweet mercy!

[Cut to Al and Chris]

Al: Um, folks. This is one of the worst injuries I’ve seen in my 40 year career.

Chris: That’s just devastating. I think watching that made me sick.

Al: Absolutely. No one should ever have to witness something that shocking. Let’s see it again.

[Cut to slow motion video of Jared’s legs breaking.]

Oh my god!

Chris: I do pray for him. I do.

Al: Absolutely.

[Cut to Al and Chris]

Chris: Let me assure all the viewers at home that we are not gonna subject you to that again… from that angle. This new angle is much better.

[Cut to slow motion video of Jared’s legs breaking from different angle]

Oh, wow! That new angle makes me thing this is CGI or something. Legs don’t do that.

Al: Yeah. [Cut to Al and Chris] Let’s go to our sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya who’s with Packer’s team doctor Lucas Kavner.

[Cut to Michelle and Lucas]

Michelle: Dr. Kavner, obviously a really tough injury for Schleff. Will be be back on the field?

Lucas: Well, it looked pretty bad but he’s a young man. I wouldn’t give up on him. I can’t diagnose it because I couldn’t really see what exactly happened.

Michelle: Oh, you know what? We have it right here.

[Cut to slow motion video of Jared’s legs breaking.]

Lucas: Oh, lord! Take my eyes.

[Cut to Lucas]

Blind me lord! Oh, he’s done. He’s done forever.

[Cut to Al and Chris]

Al: We’ll check in with Michelle in a little bit

Chris: Obviously, this is a full contact sport. But nobody should have to see something this gruesome and appalling. Luckily we’ll never have to watch that clip again.

Al: And the Arizona coach is asking to see the clip again. [Cut to Bruce] Looks like Bruce Erin has turned the challenge flag.

Chris: Oh, he believes that Schleff fumbled the ball.

Al: But did he? Let’s take a look.

[Cut to slow motion video of Jared’s legs breaking.]

I think that’s a fumble.

Chris: Remember, the play is dead when the front of you knee toughes the ground.

Al: Sure, but what about the back of your knee?

[Cut to Al and Chris]

Chris: I don’t know.

Al: In the meantime, let’s go back to Michelle who’s with Jared Schleff.

[Cut to Jared, Michelle and Lucas]

Michelle: Um, Dr. Kavner is doing what he can for Schleff. He’s holding a bible. Now he’s pulled out a gun. He seems to be weighing his options. Back to you, Al.

[Cut to Al and Chris]

Al: Okay. Let’s move on to something fun. Our AT&T fan pinion of the game. Tonight’s fan pinion is about… [Jared’s picture appears behind Al and Chris] Jared Schleff. What do you think was the worst part of Jared’s injury? Wast it! A, the nauseating reality that legs could bend like that. B, that sound, that terrible sound. Or, C, knowing that somewhere deep down, this is why you watch football. [Cut to Al and Chris] Text us your answers. We’ll have the results after this commercial. When we return, Green Bay finds another quarterback.

Chris: Looks like the coach is asking volunteers from the crowd. Big opportunity for the fans.

Al: Oh, wow!

[The End]

America’s Funniest Cats

Finn Raynal-Beads… Adam Driver

Joella Ru… Cecily Strong

Ruella Soup… Kate McKinnon

Producer… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with America’s Funniest Cats intro]

Intro song: America’s looking at cat
America’s looking at cat
America’s funniest cats!

Male voice: With your host, Finn Raynal-Beads.

[Cut to Finn]

Finn: Hey there. I’m Finn Raynald, not Raynold, Beads. I don’t know how many times I have to throw a feed about that. I confronted so many people and everyone just points a finger at someone else. But someone is responsible. That doesn’t just happen!

Hey guys! Thanks for all the great pet videos this week including this one from a cat owner who suspected that someone had been going through her drawers. Take a look.

[Cut to a cat pulling red panties out of the drawer.] [making cat voice] Oh boy! I know they’re in there somewhere. Yes, these panties are gonna look great on this pussy’s booty. [cat looking at the camera] Oh! Sorry ma’am. It’s not what it looks like.

[Cut to Finn]

Alright! We got an amazing trade for you today. So apparently there’s a French version of this show and with me today are the two hosts, Joella Ru and Ruella Soup. Come on out here, ladies.

[Joella and Ruella walk in to the stage]

Okay, thanks for coming all the way from Paris you guys. Tell me little bit about your show.

Ruella: [in French accent] The show is called [unintelligible]

Joella: You know, because in Paris we are the center of the world as far as arts and culture. So you know, when we see this show of your’s, you know, we say, “We have to have this.”

Ruella: We no rest until we have the show.

[Cut to Finn]

Finn: Is that real or you guys like making fun of me?

[Cut to Joella and Ruella]

Joella: Ah, no, no, no. We just put fund at cat.

Ruella: They don’t care.

[Cut to Finn]

Finn: Okay. Then I’m gonna let you guys handle this next clip of a cat who has his first taste of ice-cream.

[Cut to a video of a cat with it’s face inside the ice-cream cup.]

Joella: Oh, this cat has seconds to live. She purposefully get out of oxygen.

Ruella: His life is too much to bear. He is quietly backing out of this world.

Joella: She will not be missed.

Ruella: That’s a funny cat.

[Cut to Finn, Joella and Ruella]

Joella: Yeah, very funny cat.

Finn: Okay, wow. You guys doing a little different than us. We try to make the bloopers a little sillier like with, sound effects and stuffs. Do you know what I mean?

[Joella and Ruella start speaking in French with each other.]

Ruella: We can try.
Finn: Oh, yes. Great! Throw some boyo-yos in there. I’m just gonna roll a bunch of clips and you guys just go crazy, okay?

[Cut to different video clips of cats]

Ruella: Boyoyo! This cat has neurological disorder. She cannot gaze this distance between herself and couch.

Joella: Boyoyo! This cat is certainly dead. That is despasm.

Ruella: Waka-waka! This cat also is dead. She is in her death costume.

Joella: This evil maniac cat has walked into a TV, will not come back the same.

Ruella: Say what? He will never trust the TV again.

Joella: Boyoyo!

[Cut to Finn, Joella and Ruella]

Finn: Okay. It’s a little dark. You know what we find fun? Giving the cat a silly voice like, “Oh, I’m the big fat cat and I can’t fit through the cat door, drip!”

[Cut to Joella and Ruella]

Joella: Oh yes. Okay. That stupid voice coming from a cat would make me laugh.

Ruella: I also was very close to laughing but then I remember I just lost my daughter in the custody, [unintelligible] [Cut to Finn]

Finn: Oh, my god!

[Cut to Finn, Joella and Ruella]

Joella: Okay, let’s try one more before we go back to France forever.

Finn: Roll it!

[Cut to a video clip of cat stuck in a pot]

Joella: [making stupid cat voice] My husband is in here. My husband’s issues are in here.

Ruella: He died from drugs, but I don’t care.

Joella: He was troubled but he was mine!

Ruella: I don’t want to live anymore. I want to be in hell with him where all suicide go.

Joella: Oh, man! Here I come.

[Cut to Finn, Joella and Ruella]

Finn: Okay. Well, I’m getting word that my producer is here to tell me something. Hopefully privately.

[Producer walks in]

Producer: Well, it’s not. I want everybody to hear this. You’re cancelled.

Finn: Well great! I’m glad. I think anyone would be proud to do 18 seasons of this show. I leave with my head held high.

Producer: Just pack your junk, Reynold-Beads.

[The End]

Meet Your Second Wife

Brian… Bobby Moynihan

Steve … Taran Killam

Toby … Kenan Thompson

Tina Fey

Helen Walsh… Amy Poehler

Samantha… Vanessa Bayer

Elane… Aidy Bryant

Diana… Leslie Jones

Alicia… Cecily Strong

[Starts with video shot of Brian smiling at the camera]

Male voice: He’s a professor from Alexandria, Virginia.

[Cut to Steve]

He is a software engineer from Palo Alto, California.

[Cut to Toby]

And he’s a financial analyst in Boston, Massachusetts.

[Cut to Brian, Steve and Toby]

They may not know it yet, but they’re all guests of America’s favorite new show,

[Cut to the show set. There are two ladies hosting and the three contestants.]

Meet Your Second Wife!

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Hello and welcome to Meet Your Second Wife.

Helen: We’re your hosts. I am Helen Walsh.

Tina: And I am Tina Fey

Helen: And this is the only show where happily married men get a chance to meet the person who will one day become their second wife.

Tina: You guys excited?

[Cut to the contestants looking confused] [Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: Great! Let’s meet our first contestant. Bryan from Alexandria.

[Cut to Brian]

Brian: Wait, I’m sorry, what is this show now?

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: You’ll see. Now, I understand your lovely wife Samantha is in the audience today.

[Cut to Samantha]

Samantha: Yay! Brian.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: She seems great… for now.

Helen: But Brian, let’s meet your second wife.

[Cut to the stage. A young girl walks in.]

Brian, this is Hannah.

[Cut to Brian. He looks shocked and angry.] [Cut to Tina and Helen]

Hannah is currently an 8 grade student at Welington Middle School but one day years in the future, she will be your second wife.

[Cut to Brian]

Brian: That’s impossible. I love my wife. She supported me while I’ve been writing my novels. So…

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: But what if I told you in a few years, one of your novels becomes a surprise best seller and even optioned for a movie?

[Cut to Brian]

Brian: Um, yeah. The yeah, I get it now.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Do you have any questions for your second wife, Brian?

[Cut to Brian]

Brian: Um, sure. Hi, what kind of things are you interested in?

[Cut to the girl]

Girl: Horses.

[Cut to Brian]

Brian: Horses. Yeah. Horses are cool.

[Cut to Samantha looking confused and worried.] [Cut to Brian]

Okay, well, I guess I’ll see you again in 20 years. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Actually, it’s seven. Next is Steve from Palo Alto.

[Cut to Steve]

Helen: Excited to be here Steve?

Steve: Um, I was before but now I’m not.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: Great! I understand that your wife Elane is here also.

[Cut to Elane]

Elane: I thought this was a home makeover show.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: In a way, it is.

Helen: Okay Steve, lets meet your second wife.

[a small girl enters the set]

This is Stacey.

[Cut to Steve looking very concerned]

Steve: Oh, no!

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: How many years old are you, Stacey?

[Cut to Stacey. She shows her five fingers.] [Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: That is five fingers. I believe she is trying to say she’s five.

Helen: Well, Stacey may still be learning her numbers but one day she will be your second wife.

Tina: What’s gonna happen is, Stacey will apply for an internship at your company…

Helen: Which she will hear about from a college roommate who is also, you guessed, your daughter.

[Cut to Steve]

Steve: I mean, that’s kind of nice, right? At least then my daughter and she can stay friends.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Oh yeah. Your daughter is gonna love it.

[Cut to Steve]

Steve: No, I’m sorry, this is ridiculous. I am not leaving Elane.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: You’re right. You won’t. Sadly, Elane will pass away in a tragic kayaking accident.

[Cut to Elane]

Elane: What?

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: Sorry Elane, we don’t make the future. We just know it.

Tina: Next up, we’ve got Toby from Boston.

[Cut to Toby]

Helen: And Toby, you’re here tonight with your wife of 20 years, Diana.

Toby: That’s right. Hey baby.

[Cut to Diana looking angry in the audience] [Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Okay. Toby, let’s meet your second wife.

[Cut to Toby]

Toby: [eyes closed and fingers crossed] Don’t be white. Don’t be white. Don’t be white.

[A good looking lady walks in]

Oh, son of a– [looking happy] [Cut to Diana]

Diana: You a dead man, Toby.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Toby, this is Alicia. [Cut to Alicia] She is currently a sophomore at Wreckers.

[Cut to Toby]

Toby: Well, that’s not that bad. I mean, the other ones were younger, right?

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: Slow down. See, Alicia has a serious boyfriend. And she just found out that she is three months’ pregnant with your guess it, your second wife.

Tina: Let’s show Toby the sonogram.

[Cut to a baby’s sonogram picture.]

Helen: Already a beauty.

[Cut to Diana looking fierce] [Cut to Toby]

Toby: Um, quick question. Does the show provide an overnight lodge where I can stay indefinitely?

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Helen: No. But all today’s contestants are going home with a fabolous prize, [looking at the card] oh, a new Kayak.

[Cut to Elane]

Elane: I know I shouldn’t but they’re so fun.

[Cut to Tina and Helen]

Tina: Well, that’s all the time we hav.

Helen: Join us next time on…

[Cut to the stage]

Meet Your Second Wife!

[The End]

Pirate Ship

Bulmier… Chris Hemsworth

Cecily Strong

Strike Pete… Taran Killam

Cathro Jake… Kenan Thompson

Mark… Jon Rudnitsky

[Starts with pirates in their ship]

Bulmier: Drink up, boys. And mind your manners, we have a guest.

[Cut to Bulmier and Cecily. Bulmier his holding Cecily hostage.]

The governor will pay a fine ransom for you.

Cecily: You’re disgusting.

Bulmier: Oh yes, thank you. Now, let’s give her a little of pirate’s welcome. Ha-ha.

[music playing] [The pirates start dancing]

My name is captain Bulmier
I ride upon the waves
and if the Queen sends her ships
I’ll send them to the graves

[Cut to Strike]

Strike: I’m Strike Pete, the gunner
my aim is deadly true
I’ll send a ball right through your hole
and sink you in the blue

[Cut to Cathro]

Cathro: I’m Cathro Jake, the buccaneer
my soul is scarred and dead
and if you dare to cross me
me knife goes in your head 

[Cut to everybody. Mark swings by the rope.]

Mark: My name is Mark and I keep things fun.

Cecily: Who was that?

Strike: Use your pretty ears. That was Mark.

Cathro: And he keeps things fun.

[Cut to Mark, showing his stuffed parrot.]

Mark: I made a little outfit for the parrot. It’s the kind of stuff I do, keeping it light, keeping it fun. Expect this kind of stuff from me.

[The pirates are laughing]

Pirates: [singing] So, bury me bones with Devi Jones
and drink rum for me


Bulmier: How good is Mark.

[Cut to Cecily, blushing]

Cecily: He is not bad.

[Bulmier walks to Cecily]

Bulmier: Not bad? Not bad? He’s the best!

[Cut to Mark]

Mark: Uh, gentlemen, I’m sitting on the cannon.

[Cut to Bulmier and Cecily]

Bulmier: [laughing] Mark, what re you up to?

[Cut to Mark]

Mark: I don’t know, but I don’t feel so good. [putting his one hand over his stomach as if he has upset stomach] [Mark lights up the cannon and as the cannon blows, he acts as it was his fart.]


[Cut to everybody laughing]

Cecily: Okay, you’re right. Mark is the best.

Bulmier: See? That’s what Mark does. He makes–

[Cut to Strike and Cathro]

Cathro: Every ship needs a Mar. The sea will drive you mad without a buffoon to keep you guessing.

Strike: Mark’s got this character he does named Jeffy. [laughing] He’s got two hooks or hands and he– you know what? I’m not even doing it juts as you. You just have to see it.

[Cut to everybody]

Bulmier: Mark, do the dance. Do thedance.

Mark: I don’t know. Give me a beat.

[The pirates start clapping and tapping] [Mark walks forward and starts does nae-nae and other pop dances.] [As dancing, Mark falls down the ship.] [Cut to the pirates looking down the ship]

Cathro: What?

Strike: Oh my god!

[As the pirates are looking for Mark down the ship, Mark walks in from behind and looks down with them.]

Mark: Good riddens to that guy now.

[Pirates are laughing] [Cut to everybody]

Strike: You just went over boars.

Cathro: And you’re not even wet. I am! How did you do that?

[Cut to Mark]

Mark: You want me to say? It’s so obvious you’re gonna be made that you didn’t figure it out.

[Cut to Bulmier and Cathro]

Bulmier: No, no. I don’t want to know.

Cathro: I mean I do, but I don’t.

Bulmier: Well, let’s sway anchor and let’s sail lands.

[Cut to Mark. He has hooks on his both hands.]

Mark: Hey guys, can someone help me in the bathroom?

[Cut to everybody]

Strike: Oh, Jeffy! Jeffy!

Cathro: He is doing the Jeffy.

[Pirates laughing] [The End]

Male Strippers

Host… Kenan Thompson

Phil… Taran Killam

Brandon… Chris Hemsworth

Keith… Jay Pharoah

Craig… Beck Bennett

Leslie Jones

Cecily Strong

Aidy Bryant

Kate McKinnon

[Starts with the host of Hunk Junction speaking on the stave]

Host: Okay everybody, let’s calm down. Now, I’m very sorry that I got so upset with that woman. But there is no outside food allowed in the strip club. Now I know you wanna have a good time. But a full styrofoam play to chicken vindaloo, that will not work. Have some respect for the people around you, and also yourself. Look at the mess that she left. [Cut to a table where left overs from packed food is left.] Looks like a whole came through here.

[music playing]

Now you ladies ready to get horned up? You wanna see some peen?

[Cut to the ladies audience cheering and applauding.] [Cut to Host]

Host: Oh, we got a great lineup for great AB for you tonight. Four brand new fangses here at Hunk Junction. They are some students from nearby college. They’re good looking boys and they put together a real hot show for ya. Let’s bring em’ out.

[Cut to cheering ladies] [Cut to four guys walking on the stage]

Phil: Hit it!

[music changes] [Cut to Phil]

Good evening ladies. I’m Phil and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to dance for you this evening.

[Cut to Brandon]

Brandon: And I’m Brandon. And I hail from the great state of Oregon. Home of the majestic red one.

[Cut to Keith]

Keith: Me, I’m Keith and I’m from a small lobster town in New England.

[Cut to Craig]

Craig: I’m Craig, and the white sandy shores of Ahwatukee is where I call home.

[Cut to the guys]

All: This is our America.

[The guys start dancing] [Cut to the ladies staring at them. Leslie is enjoying.] [Cut to the guys dancing]

Phil: Next stop, New York city.

Keith: Step on it.

Craig: All aboard.

[train engine sound as the guys are dancing in a line] [Cut to the ladies]

Cecily: What the hell is this?

Aidy: Yeah, I paid to see naked tool.

Kate: Something better slop out of their pants pretty quick.

Leslie: I appreciate the showmanship.

[Cut to the boys under one umbrella]

Craig: It’s starting to rain, just our luck!

Phil: On our first day in the big city?

Keith: You gotta be joking me.

Brandon: Who cares? Take a look at that skyline.

Phil: Taxi cab!

[Cut to Host looking nervous and confused.]

Host: Should I stop this? I mean what should a man in my position do?

[Cut to the boys. Jon walks in with a newspaper in his hand.]

Jon: Top story. The Germans are retreating.

[Jon dances out]

Brandon: Did you hear that fellas? The war is over!

Craig: We won!

Phil: Taxi!

[Cut to the ladies.]

Kate: Okay, maybe we got to tip them.

Cecily: You know, even if they do strip, I’m not sure I’ll be turned on at this point.

[Cut to the boys dancing on the stage. Kate dances in and gives Brandon some money. He just takes it and puts it in his wallet.]

Brandon: Thank you ma’am.

[Kate walks away] [Cut to the ladies]

Cecily: He put the tip in his wallet.

Kate: Yea, yea, but it worked. It worked. Look.

[Cut to the dancing boys. They rip off their pants, but underneath, they’re wearing another white pants.] [Cut to the ladies]

Aidy: What? Why are they wearing long shorts under their break-away pants?

Leslie: Listen, these men are hot. You can’t argue with that. This show may not be perfect but they care about it.

Aidy: okay, but this part is straight up racist.

[Cut to the boys wearing Asian hat and using Asian hand-fan.]

Phil: Your town is amazing.

Brandon: So many great Chinese people.

Craig: And culture.

Keith: What an afternoon!

[Cut to Host]

Host: [speaking on the mic] Whip out your naked ding-dongs now!

[Cut to the guys dancing]

Boys: Taxi!

[The boys are high-fiving and celebrating.] [Host walks in disappointed]

Host: Yeah, I knew I shouldn’t have hired these men when they showed up with little dance bags that said, “Tis School of the Arts.” And then they asked if I supplied character shoots. Now, gentlemen, listen up. If you wanna continue working at this establishment, you must expose your stinky pee and them testi-balls.

[The boys start opening their pants]

No, no, no, no. You gotta do it with the music.

[The End]

Christmas Sing-a-long

Jen… Kate McKinnon

Sasheer Zamata

Dan… Taran Killam

Kenan Thompson

Chris Hemsworth

Cecily Strong

[Starts with a Christmas decorated house. Three couples are singing together.] [The singing finishes]

Jen: Great job, guys.

Sasheer: We still got it.

Dan: This is too fun.

Kenan: Yeah, great party you guys. You two are the best hosts.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Chris: Oh, that reminds me, would anyone like a date with bacon wrapped around it?

[Cut to everybody]

All: Oh, absolutely.

Chris: Great! Now, I’m gonna make those for next year. Alright, what do we sing next?

Dan: Um, Carol of the bells.

Kenan: Rudolf is fun.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: How about Debra’s Time?

Chris: Honey, that’s a great idea.

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Jen: I don’t think I know that song.

Sasheer: Hmm, I don’t know that song. What about ‘Oh, holy night’?

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: No, let’s do Debra’s Time.

Chris: Oh yes. Debra’s time is great.

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Dan: I don’t think anybody knows that.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: Let’s do Debra’s Time.

Chris: Great! Everybody ready?

[Cut to everybody]

Jen: I’m sorry, what song are we dong?

Cecily: Oh you’ll recognize it. Let’s just try it.

Dan: Okay.

Chris: Oh, wait, wait. Um, just turn off the lamp, Dan. Please.

[Dan turns off the lamp.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily. Chris starts playing the piano beautifully.] [Chris and Cecily look very emotional]

Cecily: [singing] Checkbooks all are balanced,
Christmas bonus cleared

Ah! Relax Debra!

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan. They are confused.] [Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: [singing] Christmas lights all tangled
exactly as I fear


[Cecily stands up and Chris starts playing piano louder]

What did I think?

Get the presents,
do the wrapping
get the ribbons
do the packing
somehow you are
always lacking
always lacking
always lacking

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan. They are confused.] [Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Oh god, Debra! When are you gonna stop this?

Quiet! Quiet!

[Cut to everybody.]

Chris: [pointing at Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan] [whispering] Go, go.

Sasheer: Go what?

Cecily: Jen, you missed your part.

Sasheer: I did?

Chris: Yeah, I pointed you. Why didn’t you guys all come in?

Kenan: We have no idea what the song is.

Sasheer: We all know ‘Silent Night’. Why don’t we just sing that?

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Chris: I don’t know Silent Night.

Cecily: Um, my husband doesn’t know Silent Night, and he knows everything, so…

Chris: Listen, you guys have to know thI is song. It’s a Broadway standard.

Jen: Well, what show is it from?

Cecily: It’s Christmas After All by Keith and Barry William.

Chris: Look, the show wasn’t all that great, but Debra’s Time was amazing. They use it in like, every commercial.

Cecily: Yea, yea, yea. Smuckers is the one, you guys probably know.

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Kenan: Yeah, I just don’t.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Chris: Well, hang in there. You’ll know in a minute. Dan, turn off one more lamp please.

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Dan: It’s getting very dark.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Chris: Yes, Dan, I know. That’s the way I wanted, that’s why I said do it please. Thank you. Everyone knows this part.

[Cut to everybody. Chris stars playing the piano and Cecily walks forward dramatically.]

Cecily: [singing] Presents have been opened

Chris: And Debra’s moving on

Cecily: The holiday’s so numb

Chris: And Mark has come and gone

[Chris starts playing the piano louder]

Or have I?

Cecily: Mark? What are you doing here?
Chris: I came back for you.

Dan: What’s happening? Who is Mark?

Kenan: He’s involved with Debra, I guess.

Cecily: No, I can’t do this.

Chris: Debra, this could work. Just put your suitcase down.

Cecily: [singing] I’m not ready

Chris: Just hold steady

Chris and Cecily: Mark comes back and Debra’s cracking, smack!

Cecily: That’s when Debra hits Mark.

Chris: Smack! That’s when Mark hits her back.

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan looking annoyed.]

Kenan: What?

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: Why are we doing this to each other?

Chris: Because we’re freaking falling in love. Do you guys know where we are in the song now?

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Dan: [yelling] No! I can’t even tell when you’re you or when you’re Debra and Mark.

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Cecily: Oh, thank you. Honey!

Chris: Okay, okay. Maybe this will help. All the guys do this.

Debra, Debra, Debra, Debra

[Cut to Jen, Sasheer, Dan and Kenan]

Guys: Debra, Debra, Debra, Debra

Cecily: And girls do this.

It’s Debra’s Time. It’s Debra’s Time, at last..

[Cut to everybody]

Guys: Debra, Debra, Debra, Debra

Girls: It’s Debra’s Time. It’s Debra’s Time, at last..

Cecily: Jen, go out tone.

Jen: Got it!

Guys: Debra, Debra, Debra, Debra

Girls: It’s Debra’s Time. It’s Debra’s Time, at last..

Cecily: Big finish.

All: Don’t let it go too fast
Debra, Debra, Debra, Debra’s Time

Hah! Right back where we started. Smack!

Dan: Oh my god! I do remember.

Sasheer: I knew it from that Smacker’s commercial. Of course.

Kenan: I wanna see the Broadway show.

Jen: Is it running right now?

[Cut to Chris and Cecily]

Chris: Of course it’s running. It’s always running.

Cecily: You know what? It’s only 6:30. If we leave right now, we could all see it.

[Cut to everybody]

Jen: Um, it’s snowing pretty hard.

Chris: Then I’ll drive even faster.

[Cut to a car slipping over the snow and people inside yelling] [The End]

Time To Bleed

Sasheer Zamata

Paleski… Chris Hemsworth

Ruman… Kyla Mooney

Beck Bennett

Jon Rudnitsky

Doctor… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with a crossfire between a man and police.]

Sasheer: 2-7. Shots fire at North River Street. Request backup.

[The man shoots and Paleski gets hit. The man runs.]

Paleski, you’ve been hit.

Paleski: I’m fine.

Sasheer: But you’re bleeding.

Paleski: I don’t have time to bleed. Now come on, let’s finish this.

[Paleski runs after Ruman any way] [Cut to Sasheer running into an empty floor.]

Paleski: [echo sound] Ruman.

Ruman: [looking around and pointing the gun] Where you at, Paleski? I know you’re here.

[Paleski suddenly appears behind Ruman.]

Paleski: Hey, baby.

[as Ruman turns around, Paleski punches him on hi face and Ruman faints.] [Sasheer reaches the scene]

Sasheer: 2-7. Suspect has been subdued.

Paleski: Translation, knocked the hell out.

[Paleski groaning because of the pain]

Sasheer: Okay though guy. Let’s get you to a doctor.

Paleski: Or maybe you can kiss and make it better.

[Cut to press conference held by the police]

Beck: For bravery, in the line of duty, we award this medal to Sargent Peter Paleski.

[Paleski receives the medal.]

Sasheer: I didn’t know they give award to stubborn sons of bitches.

Paleski: Yeah, I’ll hang them in my bad. Would you come see them sometime?

[Paleski groaning]

Sasheer: What’s wrong? [Paleski is still bleeding] Oh, my god! Did you not go to the hospital?

Paleski: Relax. I’m fine.

Sasheer: Paleski, you don’t need to be the tough guy anymore. You need to see a doctor.

Paleski: I will. But first I gotta finish this thing all the way.

[Cut to Sasheer and Paleski working at the office. Paleski is bleeding but he’s still turning papers on his desk with his bloody hands.]

Sasheer: Okay, this is just stupid.

Paleski: It’s the job, okay? You know, paper work is the job.

Sasheer: You’re getting blood everywhere.

Paleski: You know, I know another place where we can get my blood from. It’s my penis.

Sasheer: It doesn’t make sense.

[Jon walks in]

Jon: Bad news, Ruman made bail.

[Paleski bands the table]

Paleski: God dammit! I gotta go blow off some steam.

[Cut to Paleski hitting the boxing pads. He’s still bleeding so he doesn’t have the strength.] [Sasheer walks in]

Sasheer: You really don’t look good.

Paleski: Yah, maybe on opposite’s day.

Sasheer: I think you have lead poisoning from that bullet.

Paleski: You know, I got a little bullet in my penis too.

[Paleski falls down.] [Cut to Paleski laying on a hospital bed. Sasheer is sitting beside him.]

Paleski: Looks like you finally got your wish.

[door knock] [Doctor walks in]

Doctor: Bad news, Mr. Paleski. I’m afraid your insurance doesn’t cover elective surgeries. Can’t give you those calf implants after all.

Sasheer: No. He’s here coz he got shot.

Doctor: Huh? Not what he told me.

Paleski: Don’t listen to her. She’s joking.

[Paleski removes the blanket and he is bleeding all over the bed.] [Paleski walks out on the patient’s gown bleeding all over it.]

Sasheer: No! What is your problem? Dammit, Paleski. You need to take care of yourself. I need to–

[Ruman jumps in and holds Sasheer at a gun point from behind]

Ruman: You really thought you could beat me?

[Paleski is trying to aim at Ruman but he can’t because he is shaking.]

Sasheer: Don’t shoot Paleski. You can’t make the shot.

Paleski: Tell me that tomorrow when you’re making me breakflahh—

Sasheer: Are you saying breakfast?

[Paleski shoots. He gets Ruman the third time.]

Sasheer: Nice shot, Paleski.

[Cut to Sasheer and Paleski waking up on the same bed.]

Looks like you got your Christmas gift after all.

[The bed is full of blood.] [Sasheer shakes Paleski’s shoulder]

Oh, he’s dead.

[The End]

Weekend Update David Ortiz Retirement

Colin Jost

David Ortiz… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: This week Boston Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz announced that he is retiring from baseball after next season. Here to talk about it is Big Poppy himself, David Ortiz.

[David Ortiz slides in]

David Ortiz: Como estas.

Colin Jost: Welcome back, Big Poppy. So you’re retiring from baseball?

David Ortiz: That’s right. [Cut to David Ortiz] And we celebrated with a big lunch. Yeah. Everybody have a lunch. We have mofongo, pica pollo, pescaito frito and batata fritas.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: I’m sorry. You had all that for lunch?

David Ortiz: That’s right. Big Dominican lunch with Big Poppy.

Colin Jost: And now what are you gonna do after you retire?

David Ortiz: Who, me?

Colin Jost: Yeah.

David Ortiz: Oh, no. I only retire from baseball, Jost. You know, I still sponsorship.

Colin Jost: Like, you do sponsorship?

David Ortiz: No. I sponsor ships. It’s like commercial I do.

[Cut to David Ortiz. A picture of a ship appears at the bottom of the screen.]

Ships. You want to get somewhere slow and soaking wet? How about a ship? It’s like a plane but bad. With ships.

[The picture disappears.]

Yeah! I also do an ad for Dominican seasoning. It’s Smidgeon of pigeon.

[A picture of Smidgeon of Pigeon appears at the bottom of the screen]

Smidgeon of Pigeon. You wanna taste a little pigeon? But you don’t wanna eat whole one? Then put a Smidgeon of Pigeon.

[The picture disappears.]

It’s basically oregano.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Now, I did not realize if that was a traditional Dominican seasoning.

David Ortiz: Oh! Yeah, man! And you know what you can put it on?

[Cut to David Ortiz]

Colin Jost: What?

David Ortiz: You can put it on mofongo, mondongo, langostas fritas, croquetas de bisque.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Now that’s a big meal. Are you worried about eating this much after you stop playing sports?

David Ortiz: Oh no, Colin. Because I have the perfect yim (gym) to workout there, okay?

[Cut to David Ortiz]

Colin Jost: Yim?

David Ortiz: Yeah, it’s so good yim. It’s called Iguananox.

[Picture of Iguananox logo appears at the bottom of the screen]

Do you not like working out at the yim, but you wish there was a bunch of lizards in there too? Check out Iguananox.

[The picture disappears]

Very few deaths.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

And you know, I knew to stay and shave, Jost. Because I started a new dating website.

Colin Jost: Sorry, dating website?

David Ortiz: Yeah, bro. It’s called ‘go outside’.

[Cut to David Ortiz. There’s a picture of ‘go outside’ logo at the bottom of the screen.]

Do you wanna meet some people? Go outside!

[The picture disappears]

And look around man. Everywhere is people.

Colin Jost: It’s a grate point. It’s a great point.

David Ortiz: Yeah, that’s right. You can it out in wabble-you wabble-you wabble-you (he means www) gooutside.whynot.havesomefun.thisgoingtobegreat.mofongo

And please use a promo code: Wasakaka con queso frito.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: David Ortiz, everyone. For Weekend Update, I’m Colin Jost.

Michael Che: I’m Michael Che. Goodnight.

Town Hall Meeting

David Stangle… Taran Killam

Bobby Moynihan

Earl… Matthew McConaughey

Beck Bennett

Aidy Bryant

Cecily Strong

Rosco… Pete Davidson

Kenan Thompson

[Starts with a hall having a presentation]

David: And um, let me just start off by saying that we at N-tracker are so excited to work with all of you here. Benson, we think you’ve got a great little town.

Bobby: Yeah, well we are very excited to hear your plan.

David: Oh, good, good, good. Well, I know some of you have some concerns but we do think that a high speed rail line can grow our state’s economy by about 20% in the next decade.

[Cut to Earl. He is wearing a leather jacket and he has long hair.]

Earl: Go home! Yeah, you! Keep your fancy numbers and your pie charts coz we’re not buying it!

[Cut to David]

David: Um, sir, we are very confident in the research that we’ve done.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Oh! Is that so, college?

[Cut to David]

David: My name is David Stangle.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: No, college. You’re college coz you stroll in here with your fancy degree and you think you own the place. Huh? Well I’m sorry, I didn’t go to college. My only credential is I love this town.

[Cut to David. Beck stands.]

Beck: Um, David, if I may. [turns to Earl] Let’s look at the numbers. Everyone turn to page two of the proposal.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Books brothers!

[Cut to David and Beck]

Beck: Now hold on, sir.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: No, you hold on books brothers. Hah! You stand there in your fancy suit and your $22 smile. Well I might not dress like you but this ain’t Park Avenue. This is Benson.

[Cut to Bobby and Aidy]

Aidy: I gotta say Earl, I’ve studied this proposal and it could be big for this town.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Oh, is that so? Little miss I know how to read!

[Cut to Bobby and Aidy]

Aidy: I do know. I know how to read.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Oh, you think coz you can read those little squiggles on that page and turn them to words in your brain, that means something like you’re smarter than me?

[Cut to Bobby and Aidy]

Aidy: I mean, I wanna say yes.

Bobby: Earl, look, I respect your passion. But you know, I think we should just hear these folks out.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Oh, is that what you think? Shoes!

[Cut to David, Bobby and Aidy]

David: Yeah! Um, why don’t we get back to the presentation. Now, as you can see this project could create 50 local jobs in the next year alone.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Yeah, yeah. Save your breath real hand!

[Cut to David]

David: Real hand?

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Yeah! [you can now see that Earl’s left hand is made out of plastic] You think coz you never got pissed drunk and slept on your own hand for two days till it died, that makes you some kind of expert? Hah! Let me think! Dah, no!

[Cut to Cecily and Beck]

Cecily: Earl, Earl, this train could be great for us. The chart doesn’t lie.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Well it so happens, I brought a chart of my own. Show them, Rosco.

[Rosco comes in showing a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine that they have ruined by making horns and mustache on it.]

Hah! What do you think of that?

[Cut to Beck and Cecily]

Cecily: I think you drew a Hitler mustache on top Thomas the Tank Engine.

[Cut to Cecily, Beck, David, Bobby, Aidy]

Bobby: Um, how about we just open this up to the rest of the town?

[Cut to Earl. Kenan stand up]

Kenan: Well yes, I’m very much in favor of this proposal.

Earl: Well, I bet you are Mr. never got hit or bit by a bat.

Kenan: Tell us more about that one.

Earl: Just coz you didn’t rampaging through a dark barn, hear a bunch of fluttering that you thought might be just a pretty lady, then you took your clothes off, got a pair of fangs right in the face and another in the pecker, you think that makes you better than me?

[Cut to David]

David: Yes! Everyone here is better than you.

[Cut to Earl and Kenan]

Earl: I- I- I can’t believe this. After all I’ve done to save this town.

[Cut to Cecily and Beck]

Cecily: No. You blocked the road with your snow plow coz you said the Age of Ultron was coming.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Yeah, well hindsight 2020, nice rack!

[Cut to Beck and Cecily]

Cecily: Oh! [looks at her breasts and blushes] [Cut to Bobby and Aidy]

Bobby: Okay look, all in favor of the train coming through Benson?

[Everyone raises their hands]

All oppose?

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Boo!

[Cut to Bobby and Aidy]

Bobby: Motion passes. The train will come through Benson.

[cut to Earl looking disappointed]

Earl: Oh, fine! Fine! I wanna be the conductor.

[Cut to David]

David: Absolutely not.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Fine! I want a picture with the train.

[Cut to David]

David: Uff! Sure.

[Cut to Earl]

Earl: Yeah? Yeah? You not lying?

David: No.

Earl: Yeah! [hits the table and looks at Kenan] We did it! High-five, huh? Ha-ha-ha. High-five, Rosco. Hay!

[Cut to the newspaper article headline “Ultron Invades Benson, He Took The Train”.] [The End]

Should You Chime In On This?

Allen DeGeneres… Kenan Thompson

Connie… Aidy Bryant

Ned… Matthew McConaughey

Tristen… Kyle Mooney

Hillary Clinton… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with GSN video bumper]

Male voice: You’re watching the Game Show Network. Thank you so, so, so much.

[Cut to the game show stage]

Announcer: And now it’s time for unnecessary new game show. Should You Chime In On This? And here’s your host, Allen DeGeneres.

[Allen DeGeneres walks in]

Allen DeGeneres: Yes. I am Allen DeGeneres. I got this job by accident. Now let’s do this. The game is simple. We bring out three idiots and give them hot button issues and ask them, Should You Chime In On This? The answer should always be ‘No’. Okay, let’s meet the idiots.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Hi. I am Connie. I used to volunteer at a quilt shop. And then I stopped after they said it wasn’t helpful to have me there. I’ve never traveled and I don’t watch the news but ISIS needs to be stopped and I know how.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Hi. I’m Ned Ferbach. And I want to be heard. So, I brought 20 of my own microphones. For fun, I like to travel town to town and vote ‘No’ on school budgets.

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: I’m Tristen. I go to NYU. And I may be white but I’m proud to say I have a friend that’s one of each, except Asian. As for work, I’d like to call myself a political activist but I can’t because I’m a waiter.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres looking speechless]

Allen DeGeneres: You see? Idiots! Okay, Connie, you are first. Your issue is the Syrian refugee crisis.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Okay. Perfect.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Do you know anything about it?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Ha- I do not.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Have you read anything about it?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: I have not and I barely can read.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: And when did you first learn that Syria was a country?\

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Just this morning.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Okay, great! So with that in mind, here is your question about this very complicated crisis. Should you, Connie, chime in on this?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Yes, I absolutely should. Now, what they need to do is–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No! No, Connie! You are not equipped in here. [pointing the brain] Alright Ned, you’re up. [Cut to Ned] Your issue is that Charlie Sheen has HIV. Should you chime in on this?

Ned: Hmm… This is tough.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No, it’s not.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well, on the other hand, that is a personal, private health matter for someone that I do not personally know. But on the other hand, I have a mouth that can talk. So yes, I should chime on this. HIV was invented–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No. Ned, no!

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: Hey, Tristen here. I’d like to say that I get this game and I’m ready to just answer no.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, my god! Finally. Well Tristen, your issue is women’s reproductive rights. Should you chime in on this?

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: No. [looks around proudly] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, okay!

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: And the reason I said no coz we as a society need to spend more time listening and less time talking.

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, Tristen, no! That was a sneak attack chime. That’s the worst chime of all. Alright, it’s time for the photo round. This is a woman breastfeeding in a coffee shop. [A woman breastfeeding her baby appears on the screen] Connie, should you chime in on this? Hint, the answer is no.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Hmm, let me think. Do I know this woman?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Does this affect me in any way?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: But am I near my computer?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Yes.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Then yes, I chime in. The bare nipple has no place in a–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, shut up, Connie! What gives you the confidence to keep chiming in?

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well Allen, for me it’s my long brown braid. [pulling his long braid forward] Coz if you have one of these, you’ve got to chime in.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres looking disgusted]

Allen DeGeneres: Ew! I didn’t even see that back there. Well okay Ned, here is your photo. [A picture of a woman holding a football appears on the screen] This 15 year old just became the first girl on her high school’s football team. Should you chime in on this?

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Hmm… I’m not connected to that school in anyway, but I do have this big long braid. So yes, I am going to chime in. Female bones are not–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No. Wrong, Ned! So wrong.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well, you didn’t let me finish.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, okay. Go ahead.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: In conclusion, all lives matter.

[emergency siren goes off] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: And there it is, the all lives matter siren. Somebody always says it. Well I guess that means we skip to our final round. We’re gonna put some time on the clock and bring out a special guest. And all you have to do is not chime in and you’ll win $100,000. Okay, here’s the special guest.

[Cut to everyone. Hillary Clinton walks in.]

Hillary Clinton: Hi, I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Allen DeGeneres: Okay, let’s put one second on the clock! Don’t talk for one second. And go!

[Cut to the contestants. They all make hate comments on Hillary Clinton.] [Wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton]

Allen DeGeneres: They couldn’t even do it for a second. Well this has been Should You Chime In On This. I am Allen DeGeneres saying everybody, shut the hell up.

[The End]