Wells Fargo Wagon

Winthrop… Kyle Mooney

Mason… Bobby Moynihan

Aidy Bryant

Cecily Strong

Kenan Thompson

Sasheer Zamata

Kate McKinnon

Mikey Day

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sally… Melissa Villaseñor

Pete Davidson

[Starts with The Music Man intro]

Announcer: You’re watching The Music Man on Turner Classis Movies. So either you’re an old woman or a young gay man.

[Cut to Winthrop running to Mason and Aidy]

Winthrop: Mason! Mason!

Mason: Why, hello there Winthrop.

Winthrop: [speaking while spitting everywhere] When do you think us kids are going to receive our musical instruments?

Aidy: Oh, I guess Winthrop still working on that lisp.

[Cut to Winthrop getting angry]

Winthrop: Say it to my face, bitch!

Mason: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [Cut to all] Okay, easy Winthrop. I think everyone’s just a little excited about these instruments. [bell ringing] Oh, and listen that could be them arriving right now.

[Cut to Cecily dancing and singing]

Cecily: Oho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is coming down the street

[Cut to Kenan and Sasheer walking in]

Kenan: Oh, please let it be for me

Sasheer: Oh, oh, oh, Well’s Fargo Wagon is coming down the street 

[Cut to Cecily]

Cecily: I wish, I wish I knew what it could be

[Kate walks in]

Kate: I got a box of sugar on my birthday

Aidy: In March I got a grey macintos 

[Cut to 8, Kenan and Sasheer]

Mikey: And once I got some great fruits from Tampa

All: Oho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is coming down the street

Oh please let it be for me

[Cut to Winthrop]

Winthrop: It could be something for someone who is no relation

[Cut to all]

All: Or it could be something very, very special now just for me

[The wagon arrives and everyone is excited.]

Lin-Manuel: Well, hello River city.

Winthrop: Our instruments.

Sally: Do you have my clarinet?

Pete: Yeah, what about my flute or whatever?

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Wells Fargo’s got something even better than instruments. They’re called bank accounts. And I’m giving everyone at least three of them.

Pete: Yeah! Wait, what?

Lin-Manuel: That’s right. Everyone gets a bank account. What’s your name son?

Winthrop: Winthrop.

Lin-Manuel: Okay, what’s your name?

Sally: Sally.

Lin-Manuel: I’ve got an accounted for you, Sally. And for your dog.

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Mason: Um, sir, I don’t think these children or their dogs need bank accounts.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Oh, sure they do. In fact this whole town needs bank account. Like you sir, and you ma’am, and this skinny gentleman over here.

[He’s pointing at the mailbox]

Kate: That’s a mailbox!

[Cut to the children and Lin-Manuel]

Pete: Why are you doing this, sir?

Lin-Manuel: Do you know what a code is kid? A code is a target I need to hit or I’m a dead man. So, what do you say? Do you want to kill me? Or do you want to shut up and get a credit card?

[Cut to the children]

Winthrop: But sir, you’re threatening customers. Isn’t that fraud?

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Is it little frog? No, it’s a credit card.

[Cut to Winthrop]

Winthrop: I said fraud. I think you heard me say frog.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel looking around]

Lin-Manuel: Everybody hates this kid, right?

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Aidy: Well, I think the boy is right.

[Kenan walks in]

Kenan: Yes, if Wells Fargo keeps doing this, they’re going to get in trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble with the camp–

[Lin-Manuel slaps Kenan]

Lin-Manuel: Can you shut the hell up? You don’t understand the pressure I’m in. These Wells Fargo are jackals. As the matter of fact, they took my daughter.

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Mason: No, they didn’t.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Okay, you got me. Sales technique. But come on. You got to help me out on this. If I have to face my boss tomorrow with nothing, I shall poopie my pants.

[Winthrop approaches Lin-Manuel]

Winthrop: Hey, Mr., I’ll take one bank account please.

Lin-Manuel: Wow, I was all wrong about you kid. You’re a real pal. That’s why I’m also gonna give you something called an exploding mortgage. That sounds pretty cool, huh?

Winthrop: It sure does. [spitting on Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: You gotta learn how to talk man. I’m like, drenched.

[music playing]

Winthrop: It could be something for someone with no relation

Lin-Manuel: Or it could be…

All: Yes, it could be, yes you’re right, it sure could be

Lin-Manuel: Oh, and on the way in I ran over three kids.

All: Just for me.

Winthrop: Wells Fargo, sorry.

Weekend Update Pete Davidson on Going Bald

Colin Jost

Pete Davidson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: The CDC is warning of an increase in opioid overdoses and is costing Americans $78 billion a year. With more on this is resident young person, Pete Davidson.

[Pete Davidson slides in] [cheers and applause]

Pete Davidson: Thank you. Not anymore. Wally, change the cue card. I am no longer a young person, okay? My career is over.

Colin Jost: Wait, Pete, what are you talking about?

Pete Davidson: It happened, Colin. I started going bald. I’m on propecia now.

Colin Jost: Wait a second. Propecia? What is that?

Pete Davidson: Sure Colin, sure. Okay.

Colin Jost: What?

Pete Davidson: What? Mid 30s with that wall of hair, I’m not buying.

Colin Jost: I’m not on propecia.

Pete Davidson: Yeah, and I just smoked weed for my chrome’s disease.

Colin Jost: Okay, what’s even going on? How are you balding? You’re like, nine.

Pete Davidson: I know. [Cut to Pete Davidson] Look, that’s why it’s so scary. So, over the summer, I looked into the sink and I noticed some hair. And at first, I thought it was my pubes because I am that tall and I do straighten them. But it wasn’t. And I had to go to the doctor and he like, prescribed me propecia.

[Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: And does it have any kind of side effects?

Pete Davidson: He said like, “It will– for some people, it will lower your sex drive. [Cut to Pete Davidson] So like, if you’re one of these guys who needs to have sex four or five times a day, then this drug isn’t for you. You know? But if you’re okay with doing it like, once a day, you’ll be fine.” And I was like, “Once a day? What am I? Hugh Hefner? Yeah!” I take like, generic version that’s like once a week. The hair is what’s important. So…

[Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Yeah, and so how is it working out?

Pete Davidson: It’s working out. [Cut to Pete Davidson] I have all my hair and girls still want to get with me. But I’m impotent, so I could care less. You know? I’m pretty much like the coolest guy in town.

[Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Yeah. It’s a dream. And I gotta say, propecia then doesn’t really sound that bad.

Pete Davidson: It’s not. It’s crazy. It’s really crazy. [Cut to Pete Davidson] It’s if you’re okay with like, having sex once a day, then you could have your hair for the rest of your life. It makes me look at bald dudes with a whole new light now. Every time I see a bald guy I’m like, “You just can’t keep your dick in your pants.”

[Cut to Pete Davidson and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Pete Davidson, everybody.

Pete Davidson: I beat god.

Substitute teacher

Leslie Jones

Dale Sweez… Lin-Manuel Miranda

Kenan Thompson

Mikey Day

Pete Davidson

Sasheer Zamata

Melissa Villaseñor

[Starts with school bell ringing. Leslie enters the classroom.]

Leslie: Alright, alright. Settle down. [yelling] This class has already ran out of another teacher! So we got you a substitute today. Also, what is that smell in here? Your changing bodies are popping out so much sweat and now you trying to cover it up with Axe body spray? It’s not working! You stinking little hot pockets. Anyway, your substitute teacher is here, so shut up and listen to this dude.

[Dale Sweez walks in and Leslie leaves]

Dale Sweez: Wad up, fam? My name is Dale Sweez. You can call me Dale or you can call me Sweez. Let’s take the mister [pointing at Kenan] out of the picture.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey. Mikey is shaking his head.]

Kenan: [laughing] Oh, man! Not this guy.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Hey, let me ask you a question me ambre. You like hiphop? You like dope beats? Well, what if I told you that the greatest rapper of all time isn’t Tupac, isn’t Biggie, it’s actually–

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Shakespeare.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: It’s actually Shakespeare.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Mikey: Yeah, dude. We know. You’re not the first well meaning sub to try and reach us through hiphop.

Kenan: Let me guess, you’re about to open your laptop and perform a rap version of “Hamlet’s to be or not to be”.

[Cut to Dale Sweez using his laptop]

Dale Sweez: What? No!

[“Hamlet’s to be or not to be” rap version plays on his laptop, but he immediately stops it.]

No, I wasn’t gonna do that.

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Oh, wow. You already recorded it. Very sad.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: This is actually mad inspiring. Coz I came in here thinking I was the teacher, but maybe you guys are gonna be the ones to…

[Cut to the students]

Students: To teach you.

Dale Sweez: Damn!

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Mikey: Yeah, we’ve been through this so many times, man! There was that divorce lady who used hiphop to teach us poetry

[Cut to Pete and Sasheer]

Sasheer: Yeah. And remember that white ballet dancer from last week?

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Kenan: Yeah. First we taught her hiphop. And then she taught us ballet, but for some reason she could only teach us ballet through hiphop.

Mikey: I would love just like a quiet math class.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Well, let me tell you my story. It just might surprise you.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Kenan: Not… likely…

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: I went out to Hollywood, did the whole actor thing. I was out there for over seven weeks. You know how many parts I got? Zero. You know how many auditions I went on? Over four. One day I said to myself, “Wait a minute Dale, what if the greatest part in the greatest movie is Dale Sweez in a real life.”

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Cool, man. Before you even started talking, I wrote down “Went to Hollywood, failed hard.”

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Whoa! My man! You just put the whole system on trial. And so am I. We’re gonna watch a movie today. But not a movie for them. A movie for you.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Them? Who is them? And please be specific.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: A little movie called Straight Outta Compton.

[Cut to Sasheer]

Sasheer: We’ve already watched that six times. I know it by heart.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Let’s start over. Seems like you B boys and home girls got it all figured out, right? What about you, slugger? You’ve been pretty quiet over there. [Dale Sweez walks to Melissa and patts her shoulder] Maybe you don’t want anyone to know that you can’t read.

[Cut to Sasheer]

Sasheer: You think she can’t read? This is an AP English class.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: I am quiet because I’m stunned and embarrassed for you.

Students: Oh!

[Leslie enters]

Leslie: What the hell is going on here? Are you trying to touch a student?

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: I’m trying touch all these students. Wait!

Leslie: Man, get out of here.

[Cut to everybody]

Dale Sweez: I will get out and I’m taking my class with me. Follow me young scholars, to the field. Question everything.

[Dale Sweez walks out alone] [Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Yeah, that’s a hard pass.

[Cut to Leslie]

Leslie: [yelling] And it still smells in here you little boogers!

Mr. Robot

Elliot… Pete Davidson

Leslie Jones

Margot Robbie

Mikey Day

[Starts with Mr. Robot intro]

Narrator: Now on USA, Mr. Robot, [Cut to clips from the movie] the award winning techno thrilling series about the paranoid mind of the world’s greatest hacker. He has already hacked the world economy. But now, he faces his greatest challenge yet.

[As Elliot is sitting down using his laptop in a cafe, Leslie approaches him]

Leslie: Hey, man. You know computers?

Elliot: Yeah. Who are you?

Leslie: Oh well, that hurts. Leslie Jones? SNL? You gotta help me find out who hacked my pics. Who got all my nasties!

Elliot: Um…

Narrator: The victim of the summer’s biggest hack turns the tables with the help of TV’s most notorious hacker.

[Cut to Elliot and Leslie in an gaming arcade]

Leslie: I got my laptop right here in my willy bag. You do know Windows 95, right? Cool. That’s the cord. Plug that bad boy in and let it warm up for an hour.

Narrator: It’s a puzzle unlike any he’s faced before.

[Elliot is on his computer and Leslie is playing games]

Leslie: Yo dude, how you doing over there?

Elliot: Still trying to get the lay of the land. So many delta are here. [The desktop has so many shortcut icons]

Narrator: It’s a job for the whole f. society team.

[Cut to Margot speaking to Elliot]

Margot: What the hell, Elliot? Who is she? This is not safe. Why are you helping her?

Leslie: Yo bitch! [Leslie walks in] I do not need this right now. For real.

Margot: Okay. Yea, sorry. Sorry.

Narrator: A dive into the broken mind of an unstable genius, and the hacker she hired to help.

[Cut to Elliot and Leslie]

Leslie: Come on, put my password in. P-A-S-S–

[Elliot puts the password by himself]

Hey, you got it, dude! It was Password. Damn, you is good, dude!
[Cut to Mikey who is Elliot’s conscience]

Mikey: But you could be great if you didn’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Leslie: [to Mikey] Oh, well hello there.

Elliot: You can see Mr. Robot?

Leslie: So, is there a Mrs. Robot.

Elliot: No, he’s a ghost. He’s dead.

Leslie: Pfft! I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Narrator: With a startling conclusion you won’t believe.

[Elliot meets Leslie at the partk]

Elliot: Leslie, I found your hacker.

[Elliot passes an envelope to Leslie. Leslie opens the envelope and pulls out a photo.]

Leslie: Who is this bitch? Oh, that’s me!

Elliot: It seems you backed up your photos to your online website. I don’t know how you did it. It’s actually really hard to do.

Leslie: Well, I go a photoshoot with M-check magazine that I’m two days late for. So, thank you for this.

Elliot: [thinking] I should probably feel something right now but I dont’.

Leslie: Hold on man! Hold on, hold on man. [Leslie holds Elliot and pulls him to his left.] This just don’t feel balanced. Good god! Alright. Get some vitamins, man! Get some sleep. Y’all millennials don’t take care of yourself.

Narrator: Bi-ba-bu-bu-bi-bop. Mr. Robot

Margot Robbie Monologue

Margot Robbie

Kenan Thompson

Leslie Jones

Cecily Strong

Pete Davidson

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with SNL monologue intro] [Cut to SNL stage] [Band is playing music]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Margot Robbie.

[Margot Robbie walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

Margot Robbie: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. It is so great to be here tonight hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. And it’s great to be here in America during this election. I mean this is how you guys really do it. [audience laughing] I mean it’s– It’s nuts! I mean like, everybody just lies. It’s crazy. Um, which is why tonight I am going to be Margot Robbie00% honest with you. And just in case I ever do lie, I will be fact checking my own monologue. But don’t worry, I never lie.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

I lie all the time. My name isn’t even Margot Robbie. It’s Margot Robert.

[Cut to main camera]

Now, some of you may know me from my movie ‘Suicide Squad’. [cheers and applause] Or, from my new indie film ‘The Millionaire’s Daughter’. [cheers and applause] Thank you. Thank you.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

It’s not a real movie. I just made it up to see if you guys could clap and you did.

[Cut to main camera]

But seriously, Suicide Squad was such a great movie to work on. Jared Leto stating character like the whole time which was so, so fun.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

Not fun, it was kind of uncomfortable.

[Cut to main camera]

Just, it was fun. And now I’m here hosting SNL. [cheers and applause]

Honestly, everyone has been so welcoming this week. Especially Lorne. On Monday he walked me through the whole week and told me he is huge fan of mine. That really meant a lot.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

I’ve never really met Lorne.

[Cut to main camera]

Lorne is the best. He is–

[Kenan Thompson walks in]

Kenan Thompson: Hey, Margot.

Margot Robbie: Kenan, hi.

[cheers and applause]

Kenan Thompson: Wow. Season premiere. How cool is this? Man, I was so excited last night, I could not sleep.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Kenan Thompson is looking at the camera.]

This is my 14th season. I slept like a baby.

[Cut to main camera] [Kenan Thompson walks out and Leslie Jones walks in]

Leslie Jones: Ay! Ay!

[cheers and applause]

I’m sorry to interrupt. I just have to say I am such a huge fan of your’s. I love you Kate Upton.

Margot Robbie: Oh. Um, Leslie, I’m not– I’m not Kate Upton. I’m Margot Robbie.

Leslie Jones: Oh! Oh, for real? I’m sorry. I’m really embarrassed.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Leslie Jones  is looking at the camera.]

I’m not embarrassed. I’ve done way worse. I called Kate McKinnon Kate Middleton for a year.

[Cut to main camera]

Well, Margot, here’s something I do know. You and I have the same birthday.

Margot Robbie: Oh, no way. July 2nd?

Leslie Jones: Yeah.

Margot Robbie: 1990?

[Leslie Jones is angry]

Leslie Jones: Yeah!

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Leslie Jones looks at the camera and leaves without saying anything.] [Cut to main camera] [Cecily Strong walks in]

Cecily Strong: That’s my girl, Margot.

Margot Robbie: You guys. Cecily has been my best friend this week. She’s really shown me the fancy side of New York. Last night we even went to the ballet.

Cecily Strong: We did.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie and Cecily Strong is looking at the camera.]

We didn’t. We went to a bar called ‘Dukies’ and got wasted.

Margot Robbie: I fell into a toilet.

Cecily Strong: And I rode a mechanical bull.

[Cecily Strong turns around to another Fact Check camera[

It wasn’t a bull. It was a guy named Beef.

[Cut to main camera] [Cecily Strong leaves and Pete Davidson walks in]

Pete Davidson: Am, hey Margot. Hey.

[cheers and applause]

Hi. Well, my name’s Pete Davidson and um, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but people say I’m like, kind of the hottie of the cast.

[audience laughing] [Cut to Fact Check camera. Pete Davidson is looking at the camera.]

What? People say that.

[Cut to main camera] [Pete Davidson leaves and Aidy Bryant walks in]

Aidy Bryant: Margot, hey. Oh, man! It has been so fun having you here this week. Honestly, I think you’re my favorite host of all time.

Margot Robbie: Aw, Aidy that is so sweet.

[Margot Robbie and Aidy Bryant hug] [Cut to Fact Check camera. Aidy Bryant is looking at the camera hugging Margot Robbie.]

Aidy Bryant: Don’t worry Drake. You’re my baby forever. I love you.

[Cut to main camera]

Margot Robbie: Anyway, we have got a great season premiere for you tonight. The Weeknd is here. So stick around and we’ll be right back.

Drake’s Beef


Vanessa Bayer

Pete Davidson

Leslie Jones

Lorne Michaels

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with Drake’s Beef video bumper] [Cut to four colleagues talking to each other]

Vanessa: You know, I never use this word, but I said, “That was cray!”

[everybody laughing] [Drake walks in]

Drake: What’s up guys?

All: Hey!

Drake: I’m having just a little trouble with the TV most. I was just wondering if you guys could fix it.

Pete: Oh yeah. Usually you just get the remote and you press on. You don’t have TVs in Canada?

[everybody laughing]

Drake: No, we have TVs in Canada.

Pete: I know. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding man.

Drake: Yeah, I know.

Vanessa: Yeah. I was just saying like, I don’t use the word ‘cray’ very often, but I used it and it gets…

[Drake is getting angry] [rap beat starts playing] [Cut to Drake rapping]

Drake: [rapping] Yo, F* you Pete
you made a fool out of me

I used to trust you dawg
Now you embarrassing me

and you’re skinny as hell
and you make me mad
you think you funny, huh?
Well, you ain’t Josh GAD

and you tattoo sucks
you’re the guy no one likes

We used to be best friends
Now we foes for life

[Cut to Drake walking the hallway] [Drake runs into Leslie. She is using her phone]

Drake: What’s up, Leslie?

Leslie: Huh?

Drake: No, I was just saying. I was like, “What’s up, Leslie?”

Leslie: Ay, man! I’m sorry. I- was just distracted. Check you later.

[Leslie walks away using her phone] [Drake is getting angry] [rap beat starts playing] [Cut to Drake rapping]

Drake: [rapping] Oh you icing me b*
what did I do to you?
you used to be my best friend
now I’ll never trust you
is it stuff that I said?
cause if not that’s wack
most people I know
they would have said hi back


[gun shot sound] [Cut to Drake sitting alone.] [Aidy walks in]

Aidy: Hey. Anybody using this chair?

[There’s Drake’s hat on the chair. Aidy puts the hat on the table and sit on the chair.] [Drake is getting angry] [rap beat starts playing] [Cut to Drake rapping]

Drake: [rapping] Actually I was you bitch
It was for my hat
but for took it from me
Now we nevergoing back
I can never trust you
coz you a ruin to my hat
If Josh GAD was here
he would have made me laugh


[gunshot sounds] [Cut to Drake sitting alone. He drinks water out of bottle. There’s a little water left in the bottle.] [Janitor walks in]

Drake: Hi there.

[The janitor takes the bottle and puts it on the trash]

Oh, I actually wasn’t done.

[The janitor looks at Drake and walks away] [Drake is getting angry] [rap beat starts playing] [Cut to Drake rapping] [rapping] I said I wasn’t done
you little f* ice cream
I had like 10 sips left
you just so damn men
Now I got no friends
and I’ve got no water
and I lost my hat


[machine gun sound] [Cut to Drake sitting in the dressing room] [Lorne Michaels walks in]

Lorne: Drizzy. How’s it going?

Drake: Oh! I feel like– I feel like it’s going great.

Lorne: [patting on Drake’s shoulder] You’re doing a good job.

[Drake is getting angry] [rap beat starts playing] [Cut to Drake rapping]

Drake: [rapping] Good job. That’s it?
I’m doing great, you bitch!
Say that again to my face
then suck my d*

[Cut back to Drake and Lorne]

Lorne: Drake, everything okay?

Drake: Um, yeah. Yeah. Everyone’s so nice here. You know?

[Cut to Drake’s rapping video.] [machine gun sound] [The End]

Weekend Update Pete Davidson Talks About Mother’s Day

Colin Jost

Pete Davidson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: Well, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. With more on this is our own Pete Davidson.

[Pete slides in]

You’re looking good.

Pete: Yeah, right? It was my idea.

Colin Jost: That’s great. Beautiful.

Pete: Thank you. I take Mother’s Day very seriously because [cut to Pete] my mom raised me and my sister by herself, and had to be dad and the mom. You know? As a kid, she was the school nurse and she always looked out for me. She would get me out of the scoliosis check or the hearing test.

[Cut to Pete and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: So, you never had your hearing check?

Pete: [showing his sweatshirt] Nah, I got this from wardrobe. [Cut to Pete] See, she tried to teach me what to do with girls. She’d say like, put cologne on your palm so she’ll smell it after she gets home from the night of holding hands. And always ask a girl permission before you touch her boob, even if it’s already out. While I was fifteen, she even bought me my first pack of condoms. And then five years later when those expired, she bought me more. She was always defending me. No, she always defended me as a kid. My mom’s the best. But now, I think she needs to stop coz she’s still defending me as an adult. Like on twitter, she joined twitter with the fake username ‘joesmith3030’ so she could anonymously spy on me. And then immediately started tweeting at trolls. Like this. [a tweet appears] “No, YOU suck, don’t ever talk about Pete Davidson like that again. I will tear you apart with my bare hands. I’m his mother.” Or this jam. This one says, “@NBC, Hey Lauren Michaels. I think my son would be great in some sketches too. Winking face, #ImSingle, Wine glass emoji.”

These are real. That’s what it said. You know my mom. So, I’m here to ask for help. I want to find my mom what she really needs this Mother’s Day. And that’s a man. Coz she deserves it. You know? Like, I’m not looking for a step dad material. I don’t want to have to like, learn your name. Ma, are you video taping this?

[Cut to Pete’s mom recording]

Pete’s mom: Hi, sweetheart. How are you doing?

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: I’m trying to tell everybody how much I love you and you making it really hard right now.

[cut to Pete’s mom]

Pete’s mom: Okay. Don’t forget to smile.

[Cut to Pete and Colin Jost]

Pete: Please, kill me. Everybody, this is ridiculous.

Colin Jost: Pete Davidson and his mom.

Pete: My mom is the best.

Michael Che: For Weekend Update.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost.

Michael Che: I’m Michael Che. Goodnight.

[The End]

Game of Thrones- Jon Snow

Tormund… Bobby Moynihan

Edd… Beck Bennett

Ser Davos… Taran Killam

Cecily Strong

Brie Larson

Melisandre… Kate McKinnon

Kenan Thompson

Jon snow… Pete Davidson

[Starts with the intro of The Game Of Thrones] [Cut to the scene where Jon Snow is dead and his body is lying.]

Tormund: Well, Jon Snow is dead.

Edd: Yes, he’s dead for good. But he might be the heir to the iron throne.

Ser Davos: Oh, well. Not anymore. Because of how dead he is.

Tormund: What should we do with the body? Bury him?

Ser Davos: No. I think with this one, we just leave him out for a few days on this slab so that everyone can see how dead he really is.

Edd: Boy, he is dead.

Tormund: He is the deadest.

Ser Davos: Dead… for sure.

Cecily : Oh, my god. This is so slow.

Brie : Just bring him back to life already.

Cecily : Yeah. We all know it’s gonna happen. Just do it.

Ser Davos: No, it is not going to happen because he is super dead. On a scale of one to ten, he is like a ten of dead.

Edd: Totally, Ser Davos. But wait. Does Jon Snow have to be…

Ser Davos: Have to be what?

Edd: Have to be dead?

Cecily : No! He doesn’t. So let’s wake him up and pop on a horse and fight someone or something.

Brie : Yeah. Because we only get ten hours in a year, people. We spent two in this room.

Cecily : Yeah, right now we’re doing [gesturing stretching with her hands] this and we need to be doing [gesturing running fast with her hands] this.

[Melisandre walks in]

Melisandre: Hello. It is I, Melisandre. Remember? With thousand year old posts?

Ser Davos: Melisandre, seeing you gives me an idea. Can you bring Jon Snow back to life with your magic?

Melisandre: Hmm, maybe. Let me think about for a full ten minutes.

Ser Davos: And while you think, let’s stare both traumatically.

[close cuts to Ser Davos and Melisandre staring here and there]

Cecily : Holy crap. I mean, you guys must feel how slow this is.

Brie : I mean, what is this? A play? Let’s go do something. Our world is so cool. We have giants, we have dragons, we have quidditch.

Cecily : Oh, that’s Harry Potter.

Brie : Oh, whatever.

Ser Davos: I have done plenty of exciting things with my life. Remember last year when I learned to read?

Cecily : No. Actually I went to the bathroom during all those scenes.

[Kenan  walks in]

Kenan : Move aside. I’m here to see Jon Snow. I heard he’s alive again.

Cecily : No. They still haven’t done it.

Brie : He’s still on the slab.

[Kenan  looking at the body]

Kenan : [squeaky voice] Whaaaaat?

Melisandre: Okay. Update. I have decided to do my magic. But a warning. It only works if it’s done very slowly. First, I must wash his body. That’s part of the magic for sure.

[Jon Snow wakes up]

Not yet.

[Jon Snow dies again]

And maybe not ever, my magic may not work. This is real edge of the seat kind of thing. And now, what everyone has been waiting a year to see. I shall cut his hair.

[Jon Snow wakes up]

Not yet, kid!

Jon Snow: [whispering] Sorry.

Melisandre: And now I throw his hair into tiny little fire, one strand at a time.

Kenan : [yelling] Pick up the pace, woman!

Melisandre: Never mind the pace. I’m sure they’re cutting away to King’s Landing or something while I do all this boring stuff.

Cecily : No, no, no. They’re not. They’re staying on us.

Brie : Yeah, they’re showing us. This all in real time.

Melisandre: Wait, they are? A-yai-yai. Abraka-dabra. You’re alive.

[Jon Snow wakes up]

It worked. What a twist.

Brie : Finally.

Cecily : Come on, out to the good stuff.

Jon Snow: I miss my family. Take me to Bran. I wanna see what Bran’s up to.

All: No!

[The End]

Brie Larson Monologue

Brie Larson

Beck Bennett

Bobby Moynihan

Pete Davidson

Kate McKinnon

[Starts with SNL monologue intro.]

[band is playing music one the stage]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Brie Larson.

[Brie Larson walks in and to the stage]

[cheers and applause]

Brie Larson: Thank you. Thank you so very much. Hey everybody, it is so wonderful to be here. As I hope you all know tomorrow is Mother’s Day. So it’s fitting that I’m hosting tonight because I played a very strong mother in a movie every kid should watch with their mom on Mother’s Day called ‘Room’. Don’t do that. The movie is pretty intense. 10 minutes, and my own mom went to go get popcorn and just never came back. Speaking of my mom, she’s here tonight. [Cut to Brie’s mom in the audience] Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Are you excited for the show?

Brie’s Mom: Yeah, I love Alicia Keys.

[Cut to Brie Larson]

Brie Larson: Okay, cool.

[Beck walks in]

Beck: Hey Brie, sorry to interrupt. I forgot it was Mother’s Day tomorrow. Do you mind if I do special message for my mom?

Brie Larson: Oh, yeah. Of course Beck, yes.

Beck: Thanks. [looking at the camera and putting his arm around Brie’s shoulder] Hey mom, so this is the girl I’ve been telling you about. See? I told you she’s real. And a girl.

Brie Larson: [removing Beck’s hand from her shoulder] Maybe not that.

Beck: Oh right, sure. And, um, happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

Brie Larson: We’re not dating Beck.

Beck: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Good looks and a sense of humor. You look out there babe, I’ll be waiting in the dressing room. [whispering] Ask here where, oh!

[Beck leaves]

Brie Larson: For the record, miss Bennett, I am not dating your son. But since it’s Mother’s Day, if anyone else has a message for their mom, come on up.

[Bobby walks in]

Bobby: Oh, I do Brie. Is that okay?

Brie Larson: Sure. Go ahead, Bobby.

Bobby: Hey mom, do me a favor. Get the remote, go in my room and record all seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Thanks mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

Brie Larson: You live with your mom?

Bobby: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. I pay rent.

[Bobby walks out and Pete walks in]

Pete: Hey Brie, um, my mom’s watching tonight. So do you mind if I said something?

Brie Larson: Um, Pete, we’re kind of running low on time now.

[Pete’s mom walks in]

Pete: Oh, okay. Okay mom, Brie Larson said she doesn’t have time for you.

Brie Larson: Oh-okay. Okay, Pete. I didn’t know that your mom was right there. Of course, hi, happy Mother’s Day. Say something.

Pete: Oh. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you.

Brie Larson: It’s so sweet that you brought you mom tonight.

Pete: She comes, um, every show.

[Pete and his mom walks out]

[Kate walks in]

Kate: Hey Brie, can I bring my mom up here?

Brie Larson: Of course.

Kate: Come on, ma.

[Kate’s mom walks in]

Kate: Brie, loved you in the movie ‘Short Term 12. She just wanted to meet you.

Kate’s mom: Well, who doesn’t like a good Brie?

Kate: She wrote that.

Brie Larson: Ha-ha, yeah. [Kate and her mom leave] Oh, it’s my turn. Mom, can you please come up here?

[Brie’s mom walks in]

You’ve been so supportive to me over the years. Endless words of encouragement. And as a token of my appreciation, I got you a front row seat to the hottest show in New York.

Brie’s mom: Hamilton?

Brie Larson: No mom, no. This show. And we’ve got a great one. Alicia Keys is here. So stick around. We will be right back.

Farewell Mr. Bunting

Principal… Bobby Moynihan

Thomas Dultan… Pete Davidson

Rooney… Kyle Mooney

Mr. Bunting… Fred Armisen

Kelaw… Beck Bennett

Jay Pharoah

Jon Rudnitsky

[Starts with Principal entering a classroom angrily]

Principal: Sit down! As you all know, Mr. Bunting will no longer be teaching here at Windermere. His unorthodox methods have done enough damage. As your principal, I’ll be taking over this class until the end of the year. Mr. Dultan, please tell me where you left off in the text book.

[Dultan doesn’t know]

Mr. Rooney, since Mr. Dultan cannot be bothered, where did you leave off?

Rooney: Well sir, we kind of skipped around a bit.

Principal: Fine! Then we will start from the beginning. Mr– [door knocking]

[Mr. Bunting enters]

Mr. Bunting: Excuse me. [Students look at Mr. Bunting] I came to collect my personals. Should I come back after class?

[The students seem upset]

Principal: Get them now, Mr. Bunting. Mr. Kelaw, continue. Please read from page one.

Kelaw: We have ripped out all the pages, sir.

[Kelaw shows the book. There aren’t any pages there.]

Jay: And turned them into hats.

[Jay shows the hat and puts it on his head]

Principal: Although, you can borrow mine. Now, read.

Kelaw: [reading] Poetry should not be fun. It should be oppressive and the reader should hate it. Poems are from hundred years ago. They were written by a bunch of dead men to punish children. [Mr. Bunting is walking with his belongings] The arts in general are for women and homosexuals. When you read a poem, you should never feel… emotion. In summary, poem stink.

[Thomas cannot help himself. He stands up.]

Thomas: Mr. Bunting, we didn’t want you to get fired. They made us sign that paper.

Principal: Sit down, Mr. Dultan.

Mr. Bunting: It’s okay, Thomas. It’s okay.

[Thomas sits down]

Principal: Leave, Mr. Bunting. Right now.

[As Mr. Bunting is walking out, Rooney stands on his desk.]

Rooney: I sing my song for all to hear.

Principal: Sit down this instant.

[Jay also stands on his desk]

Jay: I sing my song for all to hear.

Principal: I will have you both expelled if you do not sit down immediately.

[Jon stands on his desk]

Mr. Bunting, please!

Jon: I sing my song for all to hear.

[Kelaw stands on his desk]

Kelaw: I sing my song for all to hear.

[Mr. Bunting is looking at his students proudly.]

[Thomas also stands on his desk]

Thomas: I sing my song–

[Thomas’s head is chopped off by the ceiling fan.]

[All the students are terrified. There’s blood all over the classroom and everyone.]

[Everyone looks at Mr. Bunting]

Mr. Bunting: Alright, I’m gonna take off. You guys have my email and everything, right?

[No one answers. Mr. Bunting just leaves.]

[The End]